How to Throw an Awesome New Year’s Eve Party

November 1st, 2018

If you’re used to hanging out with your family or a few friends on New Year’s Eve and not doing anything crazier than order three pizza pies and three boxes of chicken wings instead of two, then you probably don’t have to worry about preparation too much.

However, if you’re the CEO or manager of a major corporation or startup and planning a celebration for the whole company, then you have to put in a little more prep work. This is also required if you’re in charge of a fraternity or social events committee, as you’ll want to be able to provide a fun time and retain and recruit members.

There are party gadgets that an NYE fest just can’t go without. Read on for some literally luminous ideas about how to light up the night and celebrate Auld Lang Syne.

Confetti Blasters

Confetti is a standard part of many celebrations, but when it comes to New Year’s Eve, the best kind of confetti is the kind flying through the air! That’s where blasters come in: they can shoot out confetti to make you feel like you are in Time Square, even if you’re in a cubicle. It’s best to buy in bulk so that you don’t leave any of your staff out. Blasters can launch confetti as far as 10 to 15 feet, so be sure that the ones you get have the appropriate reach.

It also helps to have different color options for your blasters. Buying a bunch of blasters that come in one or two colors may make your search at the store easier, but the more colors you have, the more colors you’ll see in the air at the end of the countdown. If you have only red, white, and blue blasters or red and green blasters, then your staff is going to think that you brought leftovers from your Fourth of July or Christmas parties. Having more colors also adds to the excitement of the situation.

Glow Sticks

The hour or two before the ball drops is just as important for a New Year’s Eve party as the countdown itself. Having music and the right lights for a dance party helps create a fun environment for everyone, and the right dance toys will make that experience even better. In this case, having glow sticks is a good way to show off your rave skills, as well as make others feel comfortable enough to share their own moves and surprise the whole group. If the stores in your town are putting a heavier price on their collections because of the approaching holiday, then see what deals are available online.

As with those confetti cannons, having different colors for your glow sticks is a must. Staff members should be able to pick out their favorite colors, and the cool lights will make for great videos and photos to share on Facebook and Instagram. Flexible sticks can make great bracelets, necklaces, and even headbands, all of which can create quite a site on the dance floor.

LED Golf Balls

It’s important to have games at any party, and, at New Year’s Eve, you’ll want to be sure that your activities keep your guests entertained and occupied from activities that could be harmful, especially after a few drinks. One game that works well for corporations and startups is miniature golf in the office! You can take plastic cups from near the water jug and create obstacles throughout the office to try to get amazing holes-in-one. If you want to take that game to the next level, get LED golf balls. Just dim or turn the lights off, and you’ll see circular lights flying across the floor and into the cups.

If you plan to start your party a little early, then take the staff to the local mini-golf center and see if you can use these balls for a quick game. Even if there’s still a bit of daylight, it will make for an amazing site. Take a video! It will look like shooting stars!

LED Eyeglasses

What you wear to a party affects how much you’re able to get into the mood, and New Year’s Eve parties require the wackiest of options. Go with some LED eyeglasses, which will fit right in with the dance party you have. You can buy tons of different colors to pass out to all the guests.

Certain glasses light up and produce one color, while others can produce multiple colors at once. Some options even create patterns of which parts of the glasses light up and what colors appear first. Be sure that you take advantage of online deals so that you get every option!

Mix The Right Drinks

As much fun as booze can be, providing the right alcoholic beverages at a party will affect your guests’ ability to stay sober and get home safe, especially if certain people have an easier time drinking responsibility than others.

Provide light liquors, since dark liquors tend to have more toxins that can affect drinkers more quickly. Water and carbonated fruit juice are also better alternatives for mixing drinks than soda when it comes to avoiding getting drunk. It’s also important to make water easily accessible so that your guests can stay hydrated after consuming alcohol.

Consider Additional Locations

Being in the same location for a long period of time can cause boredom and fatigue, and a lot of jobs require workers to be in this situation. However, the same can be said for parties, as playing the same games for long enough can eventually get a little stale. If you want to keep your co-workers entertained for your New Year’s Eve party, then it might help to take them to different locations to have fun, especially if you start early enough.

Make it a traveling party! You can take everyone to the mini-golf center in the late evening before going back to the office for food, drinks and dance-offs. Then, you can all head over to the park or beach in the area that is letting people celebrate the occasion. Be sure that everyone brings their confetti blasters, glow sticks, and LED accessories!.

Mastering the Mardi Gras Office Party

November 1st, 2018

Picture this: it’s the last day before the quarter closes. Everybody has been working themselves to exhaustion to meet that previously unattainable sales goal, to push that crazy product, to launch the latest app. Just hours before the deadline closes, the last team members spring up from their chairs. It’s finished! High fives all around! Maybe a VP busts out a secret bottle of champagne. People are delirious with joy and exhaustion. Everybody agrees that the team deserves something special, to keep morale up and to show them that they are appreciated.

As the community manager, that job falls to you. A week’s time is decided. The team has earned a party, and they look to you with giddy anticipation. The week rolls around, and… through the door come a couple of pizzas and sodas. Maybe you got a few party hats. Everybody gets a few hours to gossip about who keeps eating the yogurts in the fridge, and by the next week, this little mini-party, this puny fiesta, has already been forgotten about.

Wait a second, this doesn’t sound like you! You’re a master party-planner. Why else would they hire you as the community manager? If you have a budget to throw a party, you are going to throw something that blows people’s mind. So when you throw your next office party, what is the theme going to be? Let us make a humble suggestion: Mardi Gras. What better way to celebrate a weight being lifted off your team’s shoulders than a party themed after Fat Tuesday? Summon the spirit of New Orleans to your office with these three Mardi Gras office party ideas. By implementing a little bit of light-up LED magic, we can guarantee that your party will be… lit.

Hold a Mardi Gras Float and Costume Contest

Mardi Gras is famous for its masks and costumes, a tradition that is linked to the ancient Venetian commedia dell’arte carnival masks, and dates back to the early 1800s in the United States. The colors associated with Mardi Gras, purple, green, and gold, are associated with the “Krewe of the Rex.” The krewes are the social clubs that organize Mardi Gras in New Orleans, and those three colors are associated with that particular krewe, with purple symbolizing justice, green representing faith, and gold representing power.

To re-create this in your office, you can have your team members organize themselves into krewes, and each pick a theme, color scheme, and a krewe name. You then provide base costume and construction materials (like funky flashing eyeglasses), and let their imaginations run wild. They can pre-plan, come in with costumes, and then spend an afternoon building floats in accordance with their themes. During Mardi Gras, everybody is a winner (obviously!), but, in accordance with Mardi Gras tradition, you can then have everybody in your office vote on a carnival king or queen. If you’re really ambitious, you can hold a Mardi Gras parade — they can even toss out glow necklaces! It’s a party nobody will forget.

Fatten Up on Fat Tuesday

Mardi Gras is the day before Lent, which means the day before religious folk traditionally give up a food that they otherwise enjoyed. Hence the reason for the party: After Mardi Gras, it’s 40 days of austerity. That idea may not be too popular in the workplace, but Mardi Gras is now a bona-fide hallmark of American culture, and hey, the point here is that your team has already put in a couple months worth of hard work and delayed gratification. One of the best ways to reward yourself is with a good old-fashioned feast, and Mardi Gras, springing as it does from the succulent melting pot of Louisiana creole culture, offers a plethora of delicious dishes with which to bedeck your table.

Lots of easy-peasy recipes associated with Mardi Gras in general, and Louisiana creole culture in particular. Etouffe, beignets, King Cake (of baby-hiding fame)can be prepared in a kitchen, or, perhaps better for you and your officemates, in a small-group cooking class. Culinary-focused team-building activities have become especially popular in recent years. You get a meal at the end of it, you don’t have to do the dishes, and the setting gives you a low-stakes familial atmosphere in which to sit back and enjoy each other’s company. What’s not to like? If you want to go from being a good community manager to a great one, you can even design a custom cocktail, poured in a branded, light-up glass, to remind you of your cooking class. If you have worked hard together, you should kick back and indulge yourselves. Just be sure you find the baby hidden in the King Cake — it’s bad luck if you don’t!

Get Your Game On

Mardi Gras is traditionally when you let the good times roll. To implement this, we suggest an in-office, light-up golf game. No, really! These funky golf balls are tremendous fun, especially when you clear a section of floor, turn off the lights, and inflate some interactive targets. The very best parties, no matter how witty the host, how delicious the food, or how elaborate the costumes, have an interactive element. Combined with America’s favorite holiday, and in your able hands, this golf game could be tremendous fun. Alternatively, you can hold a “baby hunt,” where the King Cake baby has been hidden somewhere in the office, and somebody has to find it. This twist on the classic scavenger hunt is sure to get your team in the Mardi Gras mood and let them be human again, after their hard work, for one sure-to-be-memorable afternoon.

An Event Planner’s How-To: Throwing the Rave of the Century

November 1st, 2018

Party planners, get ready to through most monumental rave party the rave scene has seen. This guide will lock in a great party and an unforgettable night.

Food and Beverages

What do people eat at a rave? Is there even rave-themed food? This might be the toughest part of a rave. Raves and food aren’t things people usually place together, but your guests have to eat. When you think of rave-inspired music festivals, there are always local food trucks serving food. It is a cool idea to hire some food trucks to set up booths at the event serving a variety of food. Guests can eat when they feel hungry and get the whole rave experience. The best idea is to keep it simple and casual.

For drinks, sparkling lemonade and colorful cocktails are the move. Of course, have a lot of water for people to drink while dancing. Serve drinks in thematic or even glowing containers, so that the party never stops, even while taking a sip! Have some tubs of water bottles around the venue so that there is no shortage of hydration for your raving guests!

Party Favors: The Do’s and the Don’ts

Party favors are a must at a rave, but you don’t want it to feel too much like a kid’s birthday party. It is a good idea to pick party favors that can be used at the rave and make sense. Naturally, raves have a lot of flashing lights, so cool glasses are a must. It is doubtful that the guests remember to bring their rave glasses, so stock up on some cool light up frames and you already have one great party favor ready to go.

You know what makes almost any party a good time and memorable? Confetti cannons to end the night! This is a way to make people aware that the party is ending but on an exciting note. Also, confetti can be vacuumed easily, so don’t sweat the mess. The excitement they bring is worth it.

Party favors that aren’t such a great idea are things that the guests have to hold onto. Nobody wants to carry around items at a rave that they aren’t using. This means these favors will probably get left on a table and forgotten. This is why it is important to not go overboard on favors. Pick ones that are useful, and call it a day.

Location, Location, Location

The key to picking the right location is to find a space that makes it feel like a destination rave and not a rave being thrown in an event space. Many event planners go wrong by picking a space they like and then decorating it accordingly. You want to feel like the space was made for a rave.

There are a few spots that make for a great club atmosphere. Warehouses are great because their high-ceiling, industrial feel goes with the whole “underground rave” scene idea. Look for warehouse event spaces that are ideal for the rave scene in your area.

Rave pool parties are also a hit. The mix of neon and the reflection on the water feels glamorous and Hollywood-esque. This idea is best if you can find a pool event space that allows for glow sticks and other glowing decorations.


Every great party has activities that leave guests talking about it for months. But what kind of activities are there to be had at a rave-themed party besides dancing? Well, everyone loves a photo booth. Get some glow sticks and make a glowing photo booth where guests can print out their pictures for posterity!

Photo booths kind of count as an activity, but maybe you want some more movement or game.  An idea that could be fun for a break from dancing is light-up mini golf. Sounds fun, right? This game is sure to be a hit, especially for rave attendees who aren’t big on dancing. To make this game work, buy some light up mini golf balls and some mini golf sticks. Line some courses with glow sticks and name the course something on-theme.

Potential Staff Working the Event

Staffing is always one of the trickiest parts of event planning. How many people will you need working the event? Does the event space provide people, or will you have to find workers through a third party source? Keep in mind that you will need more workers when the party has food. You also don’t want to go overboard and have a bunch of workers taking up space if their help isn’t needed. It’s best to hire a small and efficient group. It is best to have a nice and outgoing group of workers at your rave! Maybe even hire one to pass out glow sticks and other favors, since that is as important as serving food!

With these tips, your rave can’t go wrong. Plan away and keep the rave culture and style in mind. This party is sure to be a blast.

Throwing the Perfect Halloween Party

November 1st, 2018

Who said Halloween was only for the younger crowd? This year, get into the October spirit and liven up your office with a Halloween party that will get even Karen from finance doing the Monster Mash. Whether you’re holding a costume contest with prizes for the spookiest get-ups or you’ve decided on a potluck complete with a few chilling cocktails, office Halloween parties are an excellent way to boost morale and strengthen team bonds. If you’re looking to treat your office to some thrills and chills, here’s how to throw the perfect Halloween party.


Depending on the size of your company (and your budget) you’ll want to put some time and care into your invitations. Don’t leave this step up to word of mouth. If you’ve ever played a game of telephone, you know how easy it is for information to get lost in the shuffle. Invitations make it so nobody in the office is accidentally left out.

While handcrafted paper invitations are a superb choice for smaller offices, the costs skyrocket when you’re working at a corporate company. Fear not! You can find great ways to create cute and crafty invitations that are less of a trick and more of a treat. Plenty of sites offer free online invitation makers that let you whip up some ghastly RSVPs in a snap.

Don’t forget special information on the invite. If you’re throwing a potluck, tell your co-workers to sign up for a dish. That way, there won’t be too much overlap. The one guy who always brings chips to every party will likely still bring chips, but hopefully the other attendees will be a bit more creative with their food offerings.

Don’t skimp on decor

Nobody wants to go to an office party and feel like they’re back at work. Even if you’re not working with the largest budget on the planet, a tastefully decorated conference room is often enough to get your co-workers in the right mood. Whether you’re hanging neon glow sticks in cubicles or tacking up pumpkin banners on the walls, you don’t have to exhaust your budget to get your office party-ready.

If you’re really looking to amp up the creative, challenge individual departments to a Halloween design challenge. Offering prizes for the winners encourages participation as well as teamwork. You can either delegate an amount of the budget to each department or let them craft their own decorations. Make sure that if you set up decorations in advance, they don’t distract from productivity. That means strobe lights, confetti cannons, and creepy soundtracks should be kept to a minimum until the night of your event.

Campy costumes

Costumes make everything a little more exciting. It’s also the fastest way to spread the holiday spirit around your office. Depending on your company, costumes can be a free-for-all or you can set a theme like “famous celebrities.” The latter option is a great choice if you’re in a more reserved workspace and don’t want to risk offending any of your colleagues. Letting departments choose their theme is a great idea too. From members of the Justice League to iconic video game characters, you never know what each department will choose.

If you want to add another challenge to your party, provide some basic materials and see who comes up with the most unique costume. Provide a rack of old clothes, some light-up accessories, and a handful of masks. For an even zanier experience, give everyone a set time limit to come up with a costume. Then just sit back and watch the creativity flow! It’s a sure way to get everyone in the office laughing and interacting.

Food and drink

Catering your Halloween party is always a valid option. However, why spend hundreds of dollars to feed the masses when you could challenge your staff to whip up their creepiest concoctions for an office potluck? While any and all food is always welcome at an office event, recommend that your co-workers bring foods that are easy-to-eat and don’t require much space. When it comes to plates, heavy-duty paper plates are your best bet. They’re sturdier, which means there’s far less of chance of any unsightly stains and spills.

A good way to include everyone in the office is by offering low-calorie options that aren’t loaded with sugar. This includes fruit and vegetable trays alongside the heartier fare. That way, our more health-conscious co-workers won’t feel left out.

When it comes to beverages for the office, make sure you mark what is alcoholic and what isn’t. Also, buying a few packs of disposable cups is a much better choice than risking the office’s drinkware getting broken by a tipsy Frankenstein monster. Make sure there’s plenty of water available for everyone at the party as well. You don’t want anyone pushing their luck with your special graveyard punch.

Have a good time

No matter how you set up your office’s Halloween party, you’re sure to have an excellent time mingling with your co-workers and enjoying some nosh. Make sure that you’re considering every employee during the planning stage and that plenty of food is available to go around. So whether you’re holding a festive costume contest or watching spooky films in the break room, everyone will feel involved and engaged. Don’t forget: For all of your Halloween party lighting needs, the party experts at Premier Glow are here to help make your office gathering a magical, colorful night.


Hottest New Toy! LED Fidget Spinners, Use Between Your Fingers or Hand

April 20th, 2017

LED Fidget Spinners!

You’ve seen the non-glowing fidget spinners, now you can experience the LED fidget spinner truly the hottest new toy to hit the market. Each spinner features 9 multi colored lights that create psychedelic lighting effects that are truly are memorizing. FN721-MODELWith a flick of your finger you can achieve up to 2 minutes of quiet spin time utilizing the ceramic ball bearings.
Measuring approximately 3 inches in diameter, each fidget spinner can easily fit inside your pocket and travel easily anywhere you go. In addition to the awesome LED lights these finger toys can help attention-deficit sufferers from anxiety and environmental distractions.

Great Sensory Toy

It’s known that a large percentage of our youth suffer from attention-deficit disorders that distract them from learning.  Fidgeting is known as uncontrollable nervousness, boredom, or agitation.  Fidget toys are recommended as a sensory toy to help reduce the uncontrollable activities of fidgeting.   In addition to controlling fidgeting activities sensory toys can also reduce stress and actively promote concentration.

Watch the LED Fidget Spinner in Action!

Ultra Quiet

Each fidget spinner uses tiny skateboard type ball bearings that are super quiet allowing their use in environments like libraries where loud noises are not allowed.

 Get started spinning today, and order some awesome flashing hand spinners!

Glow necklaces and bracelets can be vended at high speed

August 20th, 2012

Premier Glow sells a line of glow necklaces and bracelets that include a number of features that make them the best on the market. Unlike some of the cheaper Chinese products you’re likely to find at most vendors, Premier Glow necklaces and bracelets are made of 100% non-recycled quality material. All products are made in Taiwan and stored in climate-controlled warehouses to ensure that their quality remains intact. Careful packaging is used to protect them from being activated accidentally at any  point in the shipment process.

The necklaces and bracelets come in a wide range of colors. You can get single color necklaces and bracelets in green, blue, pink, yellow, orange, red, and purple. You can also order tri-color glow necklaces, which come in: red/white/blue, blue/green/red, and purple/green/yellow. Premier Glow’s tri-color necklaces and bracelets use anti-bleeding technology to ensure that the colors do not get muddied up and leave you with a dull glow stick. Separators placed inside the products ensure that colors stay separated and provide you with a cool and long-lasting tri-color product.

Premier Glow’s glow necklaces and bracelets all come with pre-attached connectors to make vending a fast and simple process. You never want to have to spend time sorting out each necklace and bracelet and finding a connector to give to someone. Instead, give them out quickly and painlessly as they come out of the box. It’s great for distributing them at events like concerts, parties, and other night-time get togethers.

Get some glow necklaces and bracelets for your next event!

Play Night Golf with glow products

August 17th, 2012

If you’re a fan of the great sport of golf but are looking for ways to spice up your game, there are a number of options to consider. One of the most exciting and unique ways to play golf is to do so at night. Golf courses generally don’t have scheduled events at the night time and you and your friends should be able to coordinate with them provided that you have the right materials to stay safe and play well. Premier Glow sells a line of Night Golf products that make your experience seamless and enjoyable.

Our Night Golf packages range from economy to premium sized and come with all of the tools you need to play golf in the dark. You’ll be able to get fairway markers, hazards, glow badges for the holes, bracelets and necklaces for players, light-up tees, and of course, glowing golf balls. If you want, you can even add some flashing drinking cups to the mix to have some drinks while you tee off. Get creative and wear fun accessories like light-up bunny ears or devil horn hats.

To create your own Night Golf package, simply visit our Night Golf page and choose the preferred type of package, the number of players, and the number of holes. Our system will automatically measure out how many of each product you need and will create a package for you and your friends. What are you waiting for? Get your Night Golf accessories today and enjoy the sport in a whole new way!

Unique ways to use glow sticks

August 16th, 2012

Glow sticks are diverse products that can be applied to a variety of situations and events. Let’s take a look at a couple of unique ways in which you can use glow sticks in your daily life.

First, glow sticks are a great teaching aid for younger children. Teachers can teach the ideas of chemical reactions, chemiluminescence, and even stretch the lesson out to discuss bioluminescence and how some animals use glowing to scare away predators. Children will enjoy the fun and colorful products while learning new information in a practical and hands-on environment.

There are a number of ways to increase the lighting power of glow sticks, too. One of the best ways is to put an activated glow stick inside a balloon and then blow it up. The entire balloon will be lit up and you can use it at outdoor events of all kinds. THey will float in pools, too, so they can be fun and functional toys for night time swimming.

Glow sticks can be used in many sporting events, too. Bring some to celebrate the home team or use some to light up an area if you are playing a sport at night. Some fishermen even use glow sticks with their bait to attract fish. Divers also use them to help see better in the deep ocean when they are exploring.

They also make great decorations for parties and other events. Set up a string of glow sticks to surround an outside area or place them inside your home at night time. You can also make paper lanterns that act like lamp shades for your glow sticks.

Get some of Premier Glow’s glow sticks and use them any way you like!

Celebrate holidays with Premier Glow toys

August 15th, 2012

The holidays are a great time for everyone to regroup and take some time off from our stressful schedules. Families and friends are able to get together to celebrate important events of all kinds. Children are off from school and can join in the fun as well. If you are looking for ways to spice up your next holiday get-together, look no further than Premier Glow’s impressive assortment of holiday toys. These light-up products of all kinds are inexpensive, high-quality, and perfect for adding some light-hearted fun to a holiday event.

One of the most popular holidays for Premier Glow toys is Haloween. The use of light-up items is great for dark places and night time traveling, which are both very common for the specific holiday. You can buy fun Halloween-themed accessories like eyeball rings, skull necklaces, pumpkin spinners, ghost necklaces, flashing eyeball headbands, and much more. You can also purchase some accessories for costumes, like glowing devil horns or a light-up medieval ax. Choose from over 20 Halloween-themed items on Premier Glow’s site and get some fun and functional toys for the coming October.

There are, of course, a number of other holidays that can be celebrated with Premier Glow toys. We have a variety of Christmas-themed products, including red and green-themed glow necklaces and bracelets, a Jingle ball spinner, Christmas light bulb necklaces, snowflake wands, and more. They’re great for stocking stuffers and they can be used to have some fun on Christmas Eve as well.

Other holidays supported by Premier Glow toys include the 4th of July, Cinco de Mayo, Mardi Gras, and New Year’s Eve. Get some fun light-up toys for your next holiday event right away!

Use glow sticks at night

August 14th, 2012

If you are traveling in the dark or at night time for any reason, you should definitely be concerned with finding a proper source of light to guide your way and keep yourself visible to everyone and everything around you. Instead of carrying a bulky battery-powered flashlight with you, consider investing in glow sticks from Premier Glow. They come in a variety of sizes and colors and they are of premium quality. Our glow sticks will give you the source of light you need without hassle of any kind.

Premier Glow glow sticks are made in Taiwan and are composed of 100% non-recycled material. They are made up of two chemical solutions – a chemical dye and an activator. Breaking the separator tube in between them by bending the glow stick causes the chemical dye to light up and emit a strong source of light without emitting heat. All glow sticks are carefully packaged and are stored in climate-controlled warehouses to ensure that their quality remains intact all the way until they are delivered to the customer. You can purchase them in bulk at wholesale prices and keep a heavy stock of them in your home for any and all needs.

It’s a great idea to take a glow stick out with you even if you’re just going out for a minute to walk the dog or take out the trash. Keeping yourself well-lit works for both helping you see and helping others see you. It can prevent accidents of all kinds. Glow sticks are also great to keep around in case of a power outage or other emergency situation. Get some today!

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