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How We Got Glow Sticks and Glow Toys

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009

Have you ever wondered where glow sticks first got their start? They may have been inspired by nature’s unique light shows. In nature, we’ve seen animals, insects, and micro organisms that literally light up the world around them. The most familiar bioluminescent creatures are glow worms and fireflies, who through biochemical means, produce light. The creatures use bioluminescence to attract prey, repulse predators, and for camouflage. Illumination is used for everything from eating and mating, to basic survival. (more…)

Safety First: the practical uses of glow sticks

Monday, May 18th, 2009

Safety First, Never last, Have a Future, Not a Past!

Glow sticks are not just for parties and fun, they are also practical solutions in emergencies, and are great ideas for bicycle safety, hiking, camping, and for children. Black outs, chemical spills, or any other issue that results in loss of power or the inability to leave one

Premier Glow Now on Twitter! Tweet!

Thursday, May 14th, 2009

Part of our push to connect with as many customers as possible so we can inform them about the latest Premier Glow products an deals means getting connected with new networks. One such tool is Twitter. If you have a twitter account then please follow us for updated information on product discounts, coupon codes, and new product releases. Follow us @premierglow. (more…)

Tournaments and Corporations Note Night Golf

Tuesday, May 5th, 2009

A Unique Approach for Your Next Golf Tourney
A relatively new trend is growing in golf. Usually the summer time sport shuts down before dusk. But what if you could play into the night? Would you be interested? Would your corporate event benefit from a unique and fun approach to golf’s lighter side called night golf?

Here at Premier Glow we specialize in offering not only night golf supplies, but customized night golf supplies too!

Wouldn’t you like to have something for your next corporate fundraiser? How about a night golf event with your brand printed on all your items? All of these options are possible. Or, heck, maybe you just want to try something different on the course next time you play with friends!

Many corporations, non-profit organizations, and even groups of friends and clubs are trying their swing on the course at night. You can lead one of these initiatives with some simple supplies. If you don’t know quite what to expect here is a brief introduction.

So how is night golf played exactly? Well put simply it’s regular golf but in the dark. In fact, many people say they can spot their ball better in the dark because the glow in the dark golf ball is easily seen in the rough (assuming you wind up in the rough more often than not).

Here is a neat image to show you what types of supplies you’d need in addition to your regular golf bag. Chances are, you’re not going to play 18 holes (although if you want to be ambitious and among the first, try a complete 18 hole event.)

Essentially it’s the same thing, but rather than seeing the picturesque course, you’ll see silhouettes. What you’ll notice instead are the glow stick markers on the fairways and hazards. Hopefully you’ll have shorter courses and you’ll note the green and flag stick as well since you need to know where you’re hitting.

It may be a good idea to start off on a par 3 course and the shorter holes on a 18-hole course. This will reduce the amount of supplies required and also enable players to view the entire hole.

You’ll probably want to add some light sources to your event as well; be sure to have a number of flashlights on hand to recharge the glow in the dark balls. The large glow sticks will last for hours, so your fairways and hazards will be marked. However, your balls will typically fade after 15-20 minutes so they will require a ‘charge’.

Demand increases in the Summer months as companies look for supplies so be sure to get your orders in. Give us a call if you are not sure how much of a particular product you’re looking for. Visit our Night Golf page for night golf supplies. Wholesale discounts available.