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Make Your Birthday Party Delightful Using Glow Sticks

Friday, May 20th, 2011

Everybody wants to make their birthday, an unforgettable occasion. Wouldn’t you like that kind of a birthday party with friends, guests, food, pleasure, fun and entertainment? Certainly yes! For this purpose, there are certain unique and creative ideas with lights that can enhance the fun and entertainment in your birthday party, especially if it is at night. Consider glow sticks the moment you think about lights at night. Glow sticks (or glow products) are refreshingly simple tools to make your birthday party sing. Throwing the party with glow sticks is a great idea making it more delightful. They are great pieces to entertain your guests, kids in particular, during the party.

Not sure where to start and how to use them at your birthday party? Relax! Glow stick can be used just about anywhere. Here are some ideas of using glow sticks in your birthday party to make it a pleasant and memorable event.

Different glow products used in birthday parties

Birthday parties are one of the entertaining events where glow sticks and different glow products are used for adding fun and enjoyment. The choice is unlimited but you can get assorted pieces of your choice form an online store. You can also receive discounts on bulk purchases.

Your friends (especially kids) will love to play with different colored glow sticks. Glow necklaces and bracelets are the common glow stick products used at night parties. They come in different colors like orange, purple, pink, red, blue, green and yellow. You can even get them in assorted colors. Everyone likes to wear colorful glow necklaces either around their necks or as hair bands. Even, matching glow earrings and rings are perfect party favors.

Kids love to wear glow bunny ears and glow eyeglasses for fun. Glow bunny ears are available in different individual colors and also in various combinations of tri-colors. Glow eyeglasses are also the preferred glow items for boys and girls. Special glow products like glow cups and LED light up glasses are novel pieces for serving drinks to your guests.

Best decorative items

Glow sticks serve best for decoration purposes. The party venue can be made more elegant with colorful glow sticks. You can make balloons – commonly used decorative items, more attractive by filling them with desirable colored glow bracelets. Having floating glow balloons around the party adds beauty to the venue. Also, multicolor glow necklaces arranged in a glass vase gives a pleasing effect.

You can even decorate the tables and chairs with garlands made by connecting colorful glow necklaces. Arranging glow necklaces and bracelets on shrubs and trees of your garden is a better way of decoration when you plan the party outdoors. Also, placing glow sticks alongside the path of the garden gives beauty (it can also act as a safety feature). Lighting your pool area with glow sticks and throwing some into the pool gets the attention of your guests.

Games using glow sticks

How good are you with surprises? You can do this for any age group (both for kids and adults) by conducting games. The surprise can be intensified by sending them on a scavenger hunt to pick up hidden glow sticks around the house in dark or in your yard. One who collects the most is the winner. Creating new games and enhancing some existing games with glow sticks brings much enjoyment. Arrange games like ring toss and Frisbee using glow sticks or glow bracelets.

Gives a memorable feel to the party

The theme of a glow party itself includes a new style and design. Enhancing the theme for your birthday party with glow sticks provides a memorable feel and experience to you as well as your guests. It really is exciting to hear cool comments from your guests regarding the party.

Glow sticks are, therefore, the best novel items spicing up your birthday party. Have a blast using colorful glow sticks and glow products in your twilight or night party. Purchasing standard, premium quality glow sticks, necklaces, bracelets or other glow products from a reputed provider is a wise and affordable option to plan and arrange your birthday party.

How to use Glow Sticks as Decorations for Parties

Thursday, May 19th, 2011

Glow sticks are one of the most popular play items. They also add up to be captivating decorative pieces for parties. Especially in night parties, they bring a positive feel and excitement. They are available in various designs, shapes and colors, which make them the best decoration choices for a night party. Let us discuss a few advantages of using glow sticks as decorative pieces in parties.

Give a mesmerizing feel to the party

Light always creates a positive energy in the party. Glow lights enhance the celebration mood in the guests. Any party without appropriate lighting and decoration looks dull and grave. Light doubles the fun and entertainment in the party. Glow sticks provide appealing and attractive light. Various colors and attractive designs of glow sticks (or glow products) spread their charm throughout the party area, giving a mesmerizing feel to the party.

Help in overall decoration of the party

Glow items serve almost all the decorative needs of the party. These glow sticks are available in different designs and colors which actually ease the effort of decoration. Glow products such as light up balloons, glow candles, glow glasses, glow rings and so on, can be used to decorate the overall area of the party. You can add up glow necklaces or glow bracelets to make a long string and decorate the furniture. You can use glow products to decorate the trees or pathways in outdoors parties.

Highlight dance areas

Dance areas are the ones which catch everybody’s attention. They attract people from every age group. Proper attention should be given while decorating this area. Lighting is the most important aspect of decorating a dance area. Glow products like spinning glow balls, flashing cheer sticks, disco ball swords, blinking hand clappers, LED batons can be used to decorate the areas. These can be hung over the dance floor to lift up the spirits of the people partying.

Help in creative display of food areas

Among all the other aspects of the party, it is the food served in the party that is remembered by the guests. Apart from the varieties of foods served, it is also the decoration of food areas that impress the guests. Decoration of food areas is unusual and difficult, but can be made easy and creative using glow items as decorative pieces. The food tables and areas can be decorated using flashing beer mugs, light up shot glasses, light up martini, light up cola cups, light up wine and champagne, light up ice cubes, and many more. These items give a whole new appeal to the food areas and create interest in the guests.

Cost effective means of decoration

Glow sticks are easily available and are very cheap. When compared to the other decorative products these are very effective in setting up the right mood required for the party. One need not juggle with expensive varieties of decorative pieces to bring feel to their party, as glow sticks can cheer up a jubilant mood among guests, all at relatively low cost. There are many online stores which sell these glow products exclusively for the purpose of decoration in parties. They have different party packages at discounted rates.

These days the glow theme parties are becoming more popular, owing to the fun and excitement that these lighting products add. These glow products are uncontrollable in spreading their charm in the party when used as decorative items. Therefore, the very next time you are planning for a party, don’t miss adding them in your decoration check list.

Glow Sticks for Different Purposes

Thursday, May 5th, 2011

Glow sticks have become the best party favors for decades. Nowadays you do not see a party, especially night parties, without glow sticks. These small plastic tubes color the events and also add enjoyment to the parties. Glow sticks are the common pieces of fun being used in rave parties, Halloween parties and night clubs. You are mistaken if you think that they are meant only for parties or recreation purposes. Glow sticks are very helpful as light sources during emergency situations. Here we will discuss as how they are used for different purposes.

Rave parties

Enjoyment in dances, electronic music, and light shows rise to its peak in rave parties. People are crazy about rave parties these days. Apart from different kinds of lighting systems, glow sticks have their own specialty for use in such parties. Different colored glow sticks at the party create an entertaining environment. Also, you find many people wearing unique glow jewelry. Fun and enjoyment can be added to the rave parties by a variety of glow products.

Halloween parties

Adoption of glow sticks for lighting mechanisms, party gearing, and also as clothing is meant to elevate the enjoyment of Halloween parties. Glow sticks of various colors including orange, pink, and others are excellent for Halloween treats. Kids are found wearing different colored glow necklaces, glow bracelets, and other forms of glow products like glow earrings, hairbands, and so on. Glow costumes are the other unique trends of Halloween parties these days.

Night clubs

People like glowing in dark at night parties and sports events. Apart from these places, night clubs are the other common areas where glow sticks are widely in use. The night clubs are made elegant with the lighting arrangements of specific colored glow sticks. It has become trendy for youth to wear colored glow bracelets and glow necklaces these days at night clubs. In addition to adding enjoyment, they also are helpful in finding their friends easily in dark.

Emergency tools

Recreational parties and events are the prominent areas for glow sticks application. However, they have got an important role during emergency situations. They provide light with a specific chemical reaction and do not need any battery chargers. Easy and safe handling features of the glow sticks make them excellent lighting options during emergencies. Here are some situations where glow sticks are the best alternative sources of illumination.

  • Cars during breakdown

    Suppose you are on a long drive at night and your car breaks down suddenly. Glow sticks serve the best sources of lighting at such times. Even if you have spare flash light in your car, it is not efficient as it can last only for a limited time and need to be recharged. However, glow sticks do not need to be recharged. So remember to keep a set of glow sticks in your car once you plan a drive.

  • Homes during blackouts

    Glow sticks are the best emergency tools to be used in homes during blackouts. They are cheap and you can purchase them in bulk at much lesser costs. Keeping a glow stick in your hand when getting on a staircase in dark helps you avoid a fall. You can also hang a bunch of glow sticks in your home during blackouts at places where you spend most of the time.

  • Natural disasters

    Natural calamities like earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, and fire accidents result in severe damages. Various search operations (at dark) undertaken after the occurrence of natural disasters can be made effective by use of glow sticks. Specific industrial standard large glow sticks, especially the green colored ones, are used for such purposes.

The safe and gentle glow of glow sticks makes it more useful for different purposes. They are effective tools for recreational as well as emergency purposes. Therefore glow sticks assure both entertainment and safety.

Are Tri-color glow necklaces created equally?

Wednesday, May 4th, 2011

Tri-color glow necklaces are one of the most popular colors of glow necklaces people purchase. Customers ask us all time what makes our tri-color necklaces different?  Are all tri-color glow necklaces created equal?

No, not all tri-color glow necklaces are created equal.  There are basically three types of tri color glow necklaces on the market:

– Break apart tri-color glow necklaces: This type of glow necklace is typically the least desirable style of three color glow necklace.  The major disadvantage to the break apart necklace is the easy of losing connectors and the possibility of the connectors cracking.  However, the advantage is the colors do not mix together.

– Chinese tri-color glow necklaces: These tri color necklaces are the majority of the product found in the marketplace.  This style is one piece with a connector.  The colors inside are separated by nature (gravity).  The disadvantage is the colors almost instantly bleed when the glow necklace is activated.  When the colors bleed the glow is dulled, and the three colors disappear.

– Premier Glow tri-color glow necklaces: We are the sole distributor of our tri-color necklaces which are made in Taiwan.  Our tri-color glow necklaces are similar to the Chinese necklaces, except ours have an advantage.  We insert internal stoppers between the three colors to help prevent the colors from mixing.  By inserting the stoppers we are able to have a longer brighter lasting glow necklace.

Be sure to check with your supplier to make sure you’re getting the best product at the best price.