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High Intensity Glow Sticks – Ideal Lighting Aids for Parties and Emergencies in Dark

Friday, September 30th, 2011

Compared to normal glow sticks, high intensity glow sticks (also called as light sticks) are better options to enhance the enjoyment or safety at various celebrations during the night time. These high intensity glow sticks are of high quality and have some special features which make them the improved versions of normal glow sticks. In this article, we will discuss about the features of high intensity glow sticks that make them ideal lighting aids in dark. However, before going to them, let’s first understand how glow sticks work.

Glow sticks work on a basic chemical reaction
The basic principle behind the working of glow sticks is chemiluminescence. There are two different types of chemicals in a glow stick, separated by a glass vial. Once you bend the plastic glow stick, the inner glass tube will snap and the chemicals combine with each other. The chemical reaction results in a cool light which is often colored because of fluorescent dye used in the glow sticks.

Features of high intensity glow sticks
Though the basic working principle remains the same for normal glow sticks and light sticks, with certain specific features, the high intensity glow sticks serve best as lighting sources in night parties and emergencies. These features are discussed below:

Standard quality of chemicals
The intensity of light produced by glow sticks is dependent on the quality of its components. High intensity glow sticks make use of chemicals of higher and standard quality which are non-toxic. It’s very easy to mark the light intensity difference between the high intensity glow sticks and other common glow sticks which are often intended for high use in recreational events or night parties.

Higher chemical concentration
It’s a known fact that the amount of chemicals or the chemical concentration varies the intensity of light. The higher the concentration, the brighter the illumination will be. A high intensity glow stick containing higher chemical concentration glows brighter for a long time.

Brighter colors
In general, you find glow sticks in a wide range of colors including white, blue, red, pink, purple, green, yellow and orange. However, high intensity glow sticks are available only in brighter colors like yellow, orange and green. These colors offer much brighter illumination in dark and hence, are more popularly used at various instances, whether for fun or safety.

The major characteristic feature of high intensity glow sticks is brighter illumination. With the above features like standard chemicals of higher concentration and the brighter colors, they emit light of higher intensity.

Ideal light sources for parties and emergencies in dark
High intensity glow sticks accentuate and elongate fun at night parties including birthday parties, Halloween parties, firework celebrations and so on. They even provide best lighting during emergency situations like blackouts, natural disaster evacuations, tornadoes, fire accidents, and so on. This is possible due to their ability to work in varied environmental conditions including extreme windy areas and underwater in dark. They are also preferred while camping, fishing, boating or any other outdoor night activities to provide entertainment as well as safety.

These high intensity glow sticks are more durable and have long life when compared to normal glow sticks.

Premier Glow Offers Glow Sticks at Wholesale Prices on Bulk Purchase

Thursday, September 29th, 2011

Collierville, TN  – Premier Glow, a leading online supplier of glow sticks, party novelties and light up toys is now offering glow sticks and other glow products at wholesale prices on bulk purchases enabling its customers to save significantly on party items.

Planning to arrange a night party, but worried about the costs of the party novelties? How about getting all the party supplies at cheaper prices? Check, which is offering glow sticks and other glow products at wholesale prices (like never before) when purchased in bulk. Now you can make your night celebrations more colorful and eventful with an array of glow products offered by Premier Glow at cheaper prices.

Commenting on the offer, a spokesperson for Premier Glow said, “We believe that no evening or night party is complete without beautiful and exciting glow products and that is why we sell glow products at wholesale prices so that all party hosts can afford these light up products.”

He further said that, “This decision has also been taken considering the growing demand of our products. As more and more buyers are purchasing our products and are generally in large numbers, we decided to reduce our margin so that our customers are comfortable in making bulk purchases, though not compromising on the quality of our products.”

Premier Glow normally sells single six inch glow sticks at a price of $0.86, but when the same are bought in bulk quantities of 25+ or 500+ or 1000+, a single glow stick is available at a price of $0.50, $0.45 and $0.42 respectively, making it cost effective for the customers.

Premier Glow offers wide variety of glow products in different sizes, models and colors. Among its product range, glow sticks are the most popular category. They are available in 9 colors – red, blue, green, purple, orange, white, pink, aqua and yellow and in different sizes of 6 to 12 inches and also mini glow sticks of 1.5 inches.

Apart from glow sticks, other glow products offered by Premier Glow include glow necklaces, rings, bracelets, glow swords, wands, confetti cannons, holiday toys ( for Halloween, 4th of July, St. Patrick’s Day, etc.), light up toys, light up barware, promotional products, LED products and a whole range of night golf material. All these products are available at wholesale prices.

Different Applications of Flashing LED Glow Sticks

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

Nowadays, LED glow sticks are considered as one of the best alternatives to the traditional lighting sources in night-time parties and emergencies. Their unique features and versatile applications make them good options for lighting needs. People generally prefer them because they are reusable, accurate and have less scattering of light when compared to the ordinary lights. In this article, we will discuss about some of the specific features of LED glow sticks and their applications.

LED glow sticks are bright: The technology used in LED glow sticks provides brighter light which is superior to other lighting options. Once they are turned ‘on’, they attain full brightness within seconds. Unlike other sources, these LED glow sticks consume very less amount of energy, thus they help in cutting down the expenses.

Easy to use: LED glow sticks are light in weight compared to the normal chemical ones. They generally have a push button and a wrist strap to make it easy to use and handle them. Generally, these lights glow in several modes – steady on, strobe, left to right, right to left, etc. and can be controlled easily.

As the light in the LEDs is produced due to the movement of electrons, these glow sticks do not get heated up and hence are safe to use. Since the heat generated in LEDs in very less, these glow sticks last longer.

The wind proof, water proof and flame resistant characteristics of LED glow sticks made them perfect lighting sources in severe weather conditions as well as in hazardous environments.

Available in assorted flashing colors: Like all other regular glow products these LED glow sticks are also available in single as well as in various color combinations, so that their color is suitable to the occasion. We can also customize the products by placing special orders when required in bulk from reputed stores. LED glow sticks are generally available in various colors which include green, white, pink, blue, red, yellow, etc. along with various lighting options like blink, solid single color and solid rainbow colors.

LED glow sticks bring fun in night parties: These light sticks are more popular in the glow-in-the-dark themed parties. They add fun and entertainment to these celebrations. Glow sticks are widely used in decorating the night parties and are also distributed as party favors. They are also used in rave parties where people enjoy dancing. They dance holding glow sticks in hand to create a lively and colorful atmosphere in the party.

Work well as safety aids: LED glow sticks are one of the functional accessories in emergency kits at home, office or car. These LED sticks serve as great lighting sources in emergency situations such as natural disasters, blackouts, etc.

People of all ages can use LED glow sticks. You need not even worry about their expiry. As long as they are stored away from the sunlight, in a cool and dry place, they don’t need any maintenance. However, the batteries used in these sticks should be checked regularly.

Light-Up Wands – Popular Night Party Favors

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

We generally focus more on the venue, décor, dinner arrangements and so on when arranging a party. We often neglect one important aspect of a perfect party – choosing party favors. Party favors are a great way to appreciate the guests.

When it comes to a night party, glowing products serve well as party favors. Glow sticks and other glow products like light-up wands are popular night party favors. They enhance the enjoyment at any night event like birthday party, wedding reception, or school sports event.

People of all ages, irrespective of their age like to use colorful and flashing battery-operated light-up wands. Kids, in particular, are more excited to play with the glowing wands. Attractive designs of light-up wands with ball spinners, butterfly wings and flower shaped accents make them more charming. The lovely appeal of the light-up wands with single or multiple assorted flashing colors draw attention of your guests.

Fun with these elegant party favors is unlimited. Some glow wands produce unique, rhythmic and whistling sounds as well. You can delight, surprise, and entertained your guests with these enchanting lighting favors. Light-up wands as favors, will not only be a token of gratitude, but also create a memorable impression of your party in your guests’ mind.

Celebrate Halloween Day Using Glow Products

Monday, September 26th, 2011

Planning to enjoy the scary celebrations this Halloween? Get charged and add glow sticks to your preparations to bring horrifying effect to the events. You can make breathtaking Halloween festive in dark using glow products like glow sticks, LED flashlights, and other elegant light-up novelties.

We all know that ghostly head centerpieces, jack-o-lanterns, etc. serve the best décor for the Halloween. Your own artistic and spooky arrangements in your home and yard can be intensified by colorful glow sticks. Consider the interior décor with orange colored standard glow sticks providing light as well as safety to your Halloween party.

Attract your guests by arranging a glow curtain made of interlinked glow necklaces and longer glow sticks. Colorful light sticks and glow necklaces twined around trees, designed along walkway, hanged over porches and balcony assure charming décor as well as safety in dark. Even, they can be used to lighten the tombstones arranged in dark.

Striking light-up products including devil horns, flashing skull and bone lanyard necklaces, skull flashing glasses, pumpkin sunglasses and flashing eye ball rings are no means an exception to elevate the Halloween entertainment. Special items like flashing skull wands, light-up swords, pumpkin spinning balls, etc. serve the best party favors for these celebrations.

Glow costumes of skeleton bone designs made with colorful glow sticks shows your creativity. Even, elegant glow necklaces and bracelets, ghost light-up necklaces and flashing pumpkin necklaces are perfect additions to your apparel in the late night festive occasion. Hence, consider purchasing glow sticks to add up to the décor, costume and enjoyment, this Halloween.

Different Colors of Glow Sticks and their Uses

Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

Different colored glow sticks not only add color and enjoyment to a party, but also have an extended use as lighting sources and safety items in recreational events and during emergency situations. Colors emitted by glow sticks have a specific purpose in any given situation. In this article, we will discuss about different colors in which glow sticks are available and their uses in various events.

Glow sticks are available in different colors: Depending up on the type of florescent dye used, glow sticks are available in different colors. They are generally available in nine different colors – green, yellow, orange, aqua, blue, pink, red, purple and white.

Individual colors sorted in various combinations are more interesting to watch as they create unique effect. Apart from these individual colors, glow sticks are also available in color combinations like bi-color or tri-color light sticks. Some of the popular assorted glow sticks are red-white-blue, green-purple-red, and green-purple-yellow.

Color brings fun and functionality: Colors are very pleasing to eyes. They are fun and functional when used properly. Colored glow sticks serve the purpose depending on the situation in which they are used.

Sparkling glow sticks used in night parties, raves, Halloweens, etc. add fun and excitement. When used in emergency situations like blackouts, natural disasters, car breakdowns, etc. they act as best alternatives for illumination as they provide bright light. When used in recreational events such as camping, scuba diving, fishing, and night golf they provide safety.

Colors apt for night parties: In night parties or any other celebrations, you can use any colored glow sticks. However, some events prefer specific colors such as orange for Halloweens, pink for Valentine’s Day, white for weddings, red-white-blue combination for 4th of July and so on. Flashing light up toys, necklaces, bracelets, etc., available in wide variety of colors are more catchy and fancy.

Bright colors are used during emergencies: Bright colored glow sticks such as green and yellow are generally used in emergency situations. Green, yellow, orange and red are ranked respectively in terms of their brightness and duration of light. Due to its high wave length, red color can illuminate long distances. Hence red colored glow sticks are commonly used in scuba diving.

Either in emergency situations such as black outs, natural disasters, etc. or in recreational activities like camping, fishing, etc. efficient lighting sources which provide better illumination for longer time are preferred. Hence, glow sticks of various brighter colors suit best for these situations.

Right from matching with the outfit for the party to providing safety in emergencies, different colored glow sticks have diverse and effective applications.

How Glow Sticks Aid in Night Fishing?

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

Fishing in the night involves lot of fun and excitement, but it is difficult and risky due to poor visibility. Proper lighting is necessary to ease fishing in the dark and also to protect ourselves from various mishaps. Glow sticks are one of the popular lighting sources for night fishing. Features like inexpensive, availability in different sizes and colors, light-weight, ease in using, etc. made them ideal accessories for night-time fishing. Apart from these, they have some other unique features which make them perfect for night fishing. Here are few of them:

Glow sticks and their importance in night fishing
One of the major problems associated with night fishing is the inability to observe the movement on the line or at the tip of the rod. Glow sticks remove these barriers of trapping the fish during nights. When glow sticks are attached to the fishing rod, they enable the fisher to observe the movement of the fish. It is also found that variety of fishes including tuna, swordfish, salmon, bass, walleye, panfish, etc. get attracted towards the glowing light. Therefore, you can easily catch them by attaching these light sticks to the lures or bait or fishing lines.

These glow sticks can make your bait visible to the fish from a greater distance. They can illuminate distances ranging from about 10 feet to 100 feet underwater based on their size and standard. They are, therefore, used for freshwater fishing, murky water fishing and even deep sea or beach fishing.

Various sizes of glow sticks that aid in fishing
The size of glow sticks affects the duration and the distance of illumination. The appropriate size can be decided based on the nature of the water, as it affects the intensity of light. For instance, light sticks of about 1-1.5 inch size are sufficient for freshwater fishing. However, when it comes to night fishing in deep seas and oceans, it is better to carry glow sticks of about six inches. Right size coupled with right color, enhances the fishing efficiency.

Various colors that aid in fishing
Of the various colors available, few specific colors aid greatly in night fishing. Majority of the marine life emit green light due to bioluminescence. Hence, green colored glow sticks are preferred and widely used for night fishing to attract fish. However, certain species even emit blue, yellow and red colored light; hence they can also be used. Apart from them, pink and orange are also used sometimes while fishing.

Glow sticks and glow necklaces – safety accessories
Not only do glow sticks help in attracting fish, they also act as safety aids. Multiple sizes and colors of glow sticks can be used to light up the boat. It provides better illumination in dark and also makes it visible to the passersby. Glow necklaces, bracelets and other glow products can be worn to be visible to others. You can also simply hold a glow stick in your hand or clip it to your hat or shirt for safety.

Glow sticks are waterproof. They are one of the important accessories in commercial fishing industry. Due to their dual benefits of providing good fishing experience and safety, their need during night fishing cannot be neglected.

How to Make Your Night Party Memorable

Monday, September 19th, 2011

Night parties are quite different from the regular day parties. Apart from the cool, dark and starry skies, colorful themes, decorations and games in the dark give unique feel to night parties. By conducting a party at night, one can take advantage of all the above said aspects but only when they are taken care of in the right way.

This article gives you few tips on how to make your night party memorable by taking care of various basic aspects.

Pick a proper theme: While choosing a theme for your night party, don’t opt for bizarre themes. Select a theme which is comfortable for you to organize and also for the guests to enjoy. Consider the venue, season, surroundings, guests’ preferences and occasion and pick the proper theme that suits for your party. For many of the night parties, glow theme is the most comfortable and a well-liked option. Since, all the remaining elements of the party such as decoration, music, party favors depend on the theme, choose the right one accordingly.

Catchy decoration: Impress your guests by making your decoration peppy and catchy. Apply few funny and creative ideas while decorating to make your party look different. For instance, if you are opting for a glow theme, you can use these glow sticks in creative ways like as garlands or to highlight the borders of tables and chairs and so on. Also make sure that your decoration is in perfect sync with the theme to keep up the right feel.

Good music: Though played in the backdrop, music has an important role in setting the right mood of the party. Especially for night parties, music acts as soul of the party. Play some soft music at the beginning of the party to make the guests relax, then slowly advance to some catchy and groovy numbers to make your guests participate actively in the party and finally end up again with slow tracks. Changing tracks and pitch with perfect timing makes the party livelier.

Organize games in dark using glow products: Keep the guests engaged by making them participate in various games. Since, it is a night party, organize games with various glow products. This adds fun and provides security. There are many games specifically designed for night parties that make use of glow products like glow sticks, flashing wands, etc. Organize few most enjoyable games in limited time so that there is time for other events too.

Serve best food and drinks: No matter how much care you take on the above mentioned aspects, guests will not be satisfied unless there are some tasty dishes to relish in the party. Delight your guests by serving them the best dishes and drinks. Guests may forget the decoration and theme of the party, but the best food served in the party is always remembered.

Send off with a sense of gratitude: Show your hospitality and sense of gratitude to your guests for attending the party by offering them party favors. Opting for glow sticks and other glow products such as glow bracelets, necklaces, horns, flashing wands, etc. make a sensible choice for the night parties. Offer these favors at the end of the party as this will serve as a good sendoff act, making the guests leave the venue happily.

A party well planned, organized and executed will be remembered by everyone for many days to come. Apart from this, guests remember those parties for life time where they are attended by the party hosts with utmost patience and a sweet smile throughout the party.

Light Sticks – Valuable Light Sources in Emergency Situations

Monday, September 12th, 2011

Light sticks are reliable lighting sources which use chemical reaction to emit bright light. They are widely used as lighting sources during emergencies and outdoor night parties. Earlier, they were used only in military operations. But because of their attractive features, they gained huge popularity and became essential emergency tools in almost every household and organization. Let us know few more things about these little wonders.

Light sticks differ from glow sticks: Many people often get confused between light sticks and glow sticks – they think both are one and the same. But they are different from each other. Light sticks are light sources which emit bright light and are specially designed for emergency situations. Whereas, glow sticks are a cheaper alternatives to light sticks and are popularly used as novelty items in parties and events. As the use of glow sticks increased tremendously, people generalized the term for both the products. Though both of them are great lighting sources, they are used for two different purposes.

Light sticks are ideal for emergency lighting: Light sticks are commonly used during emergency situations, as they glow brighter, longer and have a greater shelf-life than the regular sticks. Many survival experts believe that they are effective sources of light after the occurrence of natural disasters like hurricanes, earth quakes, tornadoes and tsunamis. They are also very useful in smaller emergencies like power outages and sudden car break downs in the dark.

Features of light sticks: Since they are battery free, waterproof, windproof, light-weight, and easily disposable, they are widely used as emergency tools. They last for hours emitting uniform frequency of light all the time. They are generally free from phthalate, which is banned in some states.

Available in different sizes and colors: Though light sticks are available in different colors such as green, blue, pink, yellow, orange, red, white, purple, and aqua, the most common colors used for safety operations are the red, green and yellow. Red sticks are useful for sending emergency signals and green for better lighting. Yellow light can travel longer distances and can be visible from far distances. They are generally available in the sizes of 4,6,12 and 15 inches, which are easy to handle.

Provide light for longer hours: When compared to the normal glow sticks, these light sticks glow brightly for a minimum period of 12 hours, which makes their use more functional. They are very useful during longer power breaks and big natural disasters.

Convenient to use in various environments: Whether it is high pressure environment under water or highly explosive environment in industries, light sticks can be used anywhere. They are 100% percent safe to use in any environment as they provide spark and heat-free illumination. Since they do not produce any kind of heat they are cool to touch and can be easily handled even by the kids.

Light sticks, as discussed above are great sources of light during natural disasters and other emergencies. Having them in hand (in disaster preparedness kits) makes you ready for any kind of situation. Bright light in the dark removes fear, particularly in emergency situations. They create sense of confidence and security. Don’t worry about their expiry. They have longer shelf life. They are easily available online. Some stores even offer them at discounted price if you purchase them in bulk.

Glow Sticks – Best Lighting Tools for Scuba Divers

Sunday, September 11th, 2011

Scuba diving during night-time is thrilling and adventurous, but it is linked with certain safety concerns. Therefore, it needs effective light sources to avoid any kind of mishaps. Scuba divers, both professional and recreational, often prefer glow sticks for their lighting needs, identifying co-divers and signaling dangers in the deep waters. This is because glow sticks have some specific features which make them the best lighting tools for scuba diving. Read on further to know about these specific features of glow sticks.

Glow sticks are light-weight and water-proof
Glow sticks are light in weight and hence, they can be easily carried by scuba divers. They can be simply held in hands or attached to the diver’s tank. These light-weight colorful glow sticks help the divers concentrate more on diving and exploring; which is not possible carrying heavy lighting equipment. Moreover, they are also water-proof and can even tolerate high pressures underwater, making them perfect light sources for scuba diving.

Provide bright illumination for longer time
Glow sticks offer brighter illumination even in water. Though the amount of chemicals and their quality determines the brightness of light, the standard glow sticks (with good quality chemicals) work well for diving at night. Good quality ones glow for as long as twelve hours.

Different colors of glow sticks can be used by scuba divers, but most preferred ones are green and yellow as they are the brightest colors among others. Apart from the chemical light sticks, special high intensity LED glow sticks with rechargeable batteries serve well for lighting under water.

Act as great marking tools
Light sticks can be used to mark different locations under water. While diving in dim light or in dark, scuba divers use them to mark trails in underwater subterranean locations. This enables them to trace out the right path without getting misled by the vastness of the water body. They also illuminate areas under water like caves and crevices in dark and show you interesting marine life and their awesome environment.

Allow communication and coordination among divers
Communication underwater, particularly in the dark, is very difficult. However, it is made easy for the divers with colorful glow sticks as they promote better communication and coordination. A group of divers underwater can carry unique colored light sticks to identify each other inside the deep-sea. In situations like scuba diving training, the dive master and the followers can use two different colored glow sticks. This way the students can identify and follow the master’s instructions underwater.

Divers can also make different signals in various situations such as suggesting to follow a particular direction, signaling a danger, etc., with the help of these glow sticks.

In addition, glow sticks provide lighting for on-deck emergency situations also. On the whole, glow sticks are the inexpensive, strong, tough, durable and colorful products that make night diving fun and safe.