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Glo Baby Glo

Tuesday, April 26th, 2016

You may associate 5Ks with getting up way too early and digging out that activewear you use, well, not as often as you should. No more. The growing popularity of night runs such as The Color Run Night, The Blacklight Run, and The Glo Run are changing the face of fun runs, starting with the timeframe. Morning may be go time, but come nightfall, it’s Glow Time!


Each of these races takes place at night and offers plenty of glowing distractions along the way. The atmosphere at these events is electric and fast paced but you don’t necessarily need to bring your Nike’s to keep up. Participants get very creative with their apparel, decking out tutus with glow sticks, covering themselves in glow bracelets and necklaces, and don’t even think about showing up without a couple pairs of flashing glow stick glasses.


If you really want to stand out, take your outfit to the next level by choosing a specific neon color for your team or creating a character. While making elaborate costumes is not required it certainly adds to the fun. Where else are you going to see a troop of hot pink butterflies racing against a pack of multicolored flashing glow worms.


These races are happening across the country, with events being hosted every weekend throughout the summer.  They are becoming so popular that some cities are opting to host multiple races per year or making a long weekend out of it by hosting multiple days in a row.  While the big race names are successful in gathering the most participants, local communities are quickly catching on and creating their own localized events around the same theme.

Some of these runs give back to charity and some do not.  To add some personal meaning to this event, choose a cause you care about and theme your outfits around raising awareness for your charities’s name or mission.  Use social media and race hashtags to let people know who you are running for.  If you are really ambitious you could even ask local business to make a donation matching the cost of your race participation entry fee.

Because these events are focused more on neon colored fun than on speed, the races are a good fit for every age and ability. Avid runners can enjoy themselves alongside families and park walkers and everyone has an equal opportunity to glow and “get glowed”. Strollers are allowed and for most of the runs, children 5 and under are free with a paying adult participant. While technically the glow powders and paints hurled around during the race are washable, it is recommended runners wear a white or neon shirt that they don’t mind “getting glowed” in.


No need to bring your iPod either. These events come ready with multiple DJs, dance floors and plenty of bass to keep you moving throughout the race course. If dancing is your cardio, this event is for you. Consider the 5K portion of the evening your warm-up because these events are all about the after party. Don’t even thinking about packing it in and heading home once you’ve reached the finish line. Glo runners are invited to stay and party into the early morning hours with food, beats, and blacklight EVERYTHING.

Normal races encourage participants to be courteous and practice basic runner’s etiquette. Not here. At The Color Run Night all of your fellow participants are out to get you. Runners come armed with glow paint and confetti cannons.  It’s all in good fun however, and The Color Run Night has aptly named itself “The Happiest 5K on Earth”.


Each checkpoint lets you celebrate your progress by introducing a different color to attack with. (Ex: 1K is yellow, 2K is blue) Upon finishing, runners are rewarded with a back up supply of color and it’s an every man for himself free for all. Grab some backup ammo for your light up bubble guns because this party will be glowing on for awhile.

One look around the starting line of a Glo Run will have you thinking, what’s going on here? Is it a dance party? A paint fight? A brightly colored parade of weirdos who reject traditional exercise? Yes, it’s all of those. It may not be a serious runner’s cup of tea, but that is kind of the point. Finally, a race for people who hate running, and mornings. So throw some glow in the dark laces in your running shoes, put on half a dozen glow necklaces and hit the course this summer.

12 Creative Ways to Light Up Your Summer Parties

Monday, April 18th, 2016

Summer is almost here!

With the weather getting warmer and kids out of school there is nothing better than having the neighborhood over for a night-time extravaganza. Here are 10 ideas to help make any evening a glowing success!


1. Glow Stick Balloons

This little trick will really help set the mood for any summer night-time party. Before getting balloons filled with helium, toss in one of our fat 1.5” glow sticks. Once the glow sticks are inside the balloons take them to the store and get them filled with helium. Tie these balloons all around your backyard to make for a bright and fun atmosphere. Up to twelve hours of glowing fun!


2. Glow Stick Popsicles

When the summer heat arrives, fight back by cooling off at night with a glow stick popsicle. To make these, replace your popsicle sticks with clear straws. We recommend using white grape juice or Sprite to make a translucent popsicle that really glows. (add in gummy bears for an extra twist) Once the popsicles are frozen and ready to eat, insert one of our 8” bracelet glow sticks into the straw and voila, you have yourself a bright treat to help cool off.

Water Balloons

3. Glowing Water Balloon Fight

There’s nothing more classic than cooling off with a summertime water balloon fight. Light things up this year by adding some of our 1.5” mini glow sticks to the balloons before filling them with water. Separate into teams using red and blue glow necklaces and let the games begin. You can also add a bonus challenge—the team that picks up the most glowsticks from busted balloons gets a special prize!


4. Glowing Ring Toss

This party game is easy and fun for kids of any age. Using our glow necklaces as rings and 10” yardage markers as posts you can make a fun and simple yard game that’s sure to be a summer hit. Divide into teams using the different colored necklaces. Stick the markers into your yard and let the rings fly.

Glow Bubbles

5. Glow in the Dark Bubbles

This trick is sure to add some life to your summer nights. Using a pair of gloves, cut open one of our 12” glow sticks and shake the contents into a bottle of bubbles. Give the bubbles a stir and there you have it, night bubbles that are sure to impress. Once you have the glowing bubbles there are a million different ways to make different sizes and types of glowing bubbles!


6. DIY Lightsabers
All you’ll need for this project is duct tape, black sharpie and a few of our 16” soft flexible foam glow sticks. Wrap the base of the foam glow stick in two strips of duct tape and decorate the handles like a true jedi. We carry five different colors of these so you can choose to be the light side or the dark side. Just bend the foam to activate up to 12 hours of lightsaber fun.

Ceiling Fan

7. Glowing Ceiling Fan

This simple idea adds a spark to any party. All you’ll need to do is tape a few different colored 10” glow sticks to your standard ceiling fan with clear tape and flip the switch. This mesmerizing light show adds a new spin to any summer night. Bonus: Add different colors to different fans and it makes for a completely different look!

Glow ladder

8. Night Ladder Golf

Give one of your favorite yard games a little night-time twist. For this game you’ll need a ladder golf set, some Pro Glow night golf balls, some nylon rope and 10” glow sticks. First, drill a 3/8” hole through each golf ball—offset the hole so the glow stick will still fit. Be very careful on this step to make sure your golf balls are properly secured to a clamp when drilling through them. Cut your nylon rope into 20” sections and run it through the newly drilled holes. Tie a knot on each end of the rope. After bending the 10” glow sticks to activate them, fasten them to your ladder golf set using a few zip ties. You can use a few different colors to mark the different levels. Insert activated glow sticks into each golf ball and you’re ready to play. A simple night-time yard game that is sure to deliver hours upon hours of fun.


9. Capture the Glow Flag

This night-time twist on a classic summer game makes for an incredibly fun evening for the kids. After separating the kids into two teams, simply tie a bandana to one of our 15” light sticks and give each kid a red or a blue glow necklace. Once the glowing flag is activated let the games begin. Make sure you have kids wear glowing necklaces for their different teams so no one runs into each other.


10. Night-Time Wiffle Ball
There’s nothing that screams summer more than a good game of wiffle ball. With this night-time twist you’re sure to have a hit for your next party. Just insert some of our 8” glow bracelets into the center of the wiffle ball and swing for the fences. You can even cut a small hole in the bat and put in one of our 12” glow sticks to make for an extra bright time.


11. Night Bowling
Create your own backyard bowling alley for any time of day! First, put our 4” glow sticks into some partially filled water bottles. Next, line them up and grab one of our massive 36” inflatable beach balls and you’re ready to go. Bowling on any type of yard that’s sure to be a total blast.

Glow Cups

12. Decorate your Dinner

There are so many fun options to make a meal glow. From glow stick straws to light up cups and ice cubes. You can even hide some of our glow sticks in the ice bucket to make for an amazing drink bucket.

With some of these great ideas and the huge variety that we offer of glowing decorations—you’re sure to have some incredible summer nights. If you think of any other creative ways to use our products to add some life to your party let us know in the comments below!