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Father’s Day: The Golfer’s Gift Guide

Tuesday, May 24th, 2016

Father’s Day is right around the corner. If your Dad is spending time on the golf course this summer, get him the latest and greatest golf gear to bring out on his next round or take him on a memorable golf outing that the two of you can share.

1. Light-Up Golf Balls
Has your Dad tried every golf ball under the sun? What about under the moon? The Night Eagle Golf Ball from Premier Glow is the best LED ball on the market. Sold as a 3 pack or individually, these timerless LED balls come in a variety of colors including green, white, red, pink, and blue. Unlike some previous versions of a glowing golf ball, The Night Eagle is a real golf ball designed with the professional golfer in mind. This means you can expect the same function, distance, and play ability as a normal golf ball with a glowing bonus.  Individual balls are around $5 a ball.


2. An Afternoon at TopGolf

If you haven’t heard of Top Golf yet, it’s time to check it out and get Dad to the nearest location this Father’s Day.  Make a road trip if you have to because this place was made for family friendly competition for all levels of golfers.  Upon entry the club looks similar to an indoor driving range, but the bays come equipped with couches and bar tables and can host 2 to 10 golfers per bay.

Once you step up to the tee, you can choose a variety of team or individual games such as TopScramble, TopChip, or TopShot.  Automatic scoring keeps track of your points and presents bonus opportunities as you go along.  Clubs and gloves are provided at your bay so you do not need to bring any of your own equipment, although it is permitted.

No need to go out for lunch ahead of time either because TopGolf has a full menu and full bar complete with Father’s Day brunch and ManMosas.  Times, prices, and menu offering vary by location.


3. A Round with a Pro

If your Dad could experience a round of golf with any golfer in the world (besides you of course) who would he choose? If he is a fan of Gary Woodland, Jason Bohn, Zach Johnson, or Justin Rose you can help him make that dream a reality this Father’s Day while supporting a great cause through placing a bid in a live auction through Caddies for a Cure.  Through placing and winning a bid on their auction site, anyone can have the opportunity to caddy for some of the world’s best golfers at an official PGA tour or LPGA tournament event.  For current events on offer and more information about the bidding process visit their live auction page.


4. A Nike Dri-Fit

These NCAA Nike Transition Men’s Golf Polos kill two birdies with one stone.  Dad gets a vented hem, breathable Dri-Fit to keep him looking and feeling cool on the course while representing his favorite NCAA team.  Polos start at $85.  If your Dad is really a fanatic, look into the bags, hats, and shoes as well.  This may be a set you could build upon for future gift giving occasions.  For a full list of available NCAA teams click here.NCAA_Men_2016_hd_1600-e1463491655860

5. A Round of Night Golf

If yours or Dad’s days are all booked up, or if you want to play golf but beat the heat, plan to take Dad out for a round of night golf this Father’s Day. Different courses offer different hours and formats but the thrill of watching your glowing LED golf ball soar through the night sky is the same memorable experience.  Weather you are looking for a new challenge for seasoned golfers or just looking for a fun take on Dad’s favorite pastime, there are plenty or reasons to try night golf this summer.
nightgolf4 (1)

6. A Golf Optimized Workout

Is your Dad looking for a way improve his drive distance without spending more time at the driving range?  The SKLZ Golf Strong Workout Program is a 6 week, at home system that is focused on improving distance, flexibility, and accuracy.  While exercises, books, and videos to improve one’s golf fitness have been around for years, SKLZ has combined it into one package with all necessary equipment.  The workouts progress in 2 week increments on a schedule of three 45 minute sessions per week.  Cost is $164.99.  Read the full product review on The Hacker’s Paradise.

golf strong 2 golf strong

7. A New Driver

If Dad has his eye on a new Driver this year, check out the Cobra Fly – Z series by Cobra Golf.  This series offers 3 unique driver heads for top of the line, midrange, and high handicap golfers.  Available in 6 colors with 4 different shaft flex options, this club can be customized to fit your Dad’s personal style and swing type.  Prices range from $200 t0 $400 per club for the Driver series.  Fly-Z also ha a Fairway series and a full line of accessories.  For a comprehensive product review on the Cobra Fly-Z Driver click here.


8. Words of Wisdom

Is Dad in need of a little light reading off the course? The book How to Break 80 by Jack Moorehouse is a small instructional resource that has the potential to yield big results.  For $37.00 you get the hardback, audio CD, and an immediate download so Dad can continue to work on his game in the car, at home, or on the go.


9. A Personal Performance Tracker

If you have ever accused dear old Dad of being a tech junkie or heard hime use the phrase “The numbers don’t lie”, then CaddieOn is a spot on gift this Father’s Day.  The wristwatch style device tracks each shot automatically and even links up to your smartphone so you can review, store, and share data after a round.  It has a GPS based rangefinder and aerial maps for over 30,000 courses worldwide.  The realtime data gives you feedback during the round as well as full game history and statistics afterwards.  $340 – includes the CaddieOn wristwatch, a USB charger, protective case, carrying pouch, 15 club tags, and 7 free course downloads.


10. A New Kind of Golf Club

Does your Dad have a baseball grip?  Why not play it as an advantage by giving FlingStick a try?  This lightweight carbon fiber stick puts a new spin on the game by giving you only one stick to master from tee to green. It’s fun, easy to use and will keep the round ,and the golf bag, light.  FlingSticks range from $129 for basic designs to $149 for premium designs like the American Flag club shown below.fling usafling

11. An In-Home Adventure

Full Swing Golf delivers the ultimate indoor golf experience using the same technology the pros do to shape their shots.  With up to 93 professional course options and connections for Xbox, Play Station, Wii, Apple TV, and more, their S4 simulator is perfect for Dad’s man cave or basement.  Let him have the first crack at it but with multi-player options, he may be willing to let the rest of the family in on the fun.


12.  An Out of Town Adventure

Is your Dad ready to take on the world  this Father’s Day?  Or at least some of the world’s most beautiful golf courses?  Check out to see a comprehensive list of courses and vacation packages across more than 20 countries.  Courses are listed by geographical location, difficulty, and price which makes it easy to scout deals across the globe.

golf holiday

13. Some Pep in his Step

If Dad is due for a new pair of shoes this year, skip the traditional spikes and give him the benefit of the newest BOOST technology from Adidas.  Adidas Adipower Boost Boa Men’s Golf Shoes enhance comfort and performance by giving the wearer better balance and negating that tired feet feeling after a long 18 holes.  While the BOOST technology itself is not new, it is new to golf gear.  The science behind it is pretty cool even gives an explanation for replacing shoelaces.  Prices range from $180 – $230 per pair.


14.  A Leg Up

The Footwedge Pro is admittedly a novelty golf gift, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be the most used club in the bag, even if it’s just for the bottle opener on the bottom.  The grooved toe jam on the 52 degree angle club allows Dad to do what (lets face it) he was going to do anyway and just punt the ball onto the green.  Clubs are $79.99 each.


15.  The “Father” of all Koozies

This YETI  Colster has made it into more gift guides than Gary Player has Masters Tournaments for a reason.  It’s just that awesome.  Don’t let Dad be the guy in the golf cart with the warmest beer.  Although not scientifically proven, it’s likely that warm beer leads to more bogeys than topped shots.



Summer Party Potions……Pick Your Poison.

Friday, May 20th, 2016

Whatever you are celebrating this summer, the most important aspect of any party is who you share it with. Some of our celebrations, like graduation, revolve around an accomplishment of a friend or family member, others like bachelorette and wedding showers celebrate a new phase of life. And sometimes we are just out to celebrate sunny weather and irreplaceable friends with a summer pool or cocktail party.

It’s likely the reason for the party itself and the people you share it with will be enough to make the day memorable, but it never hurts to include elements that will add to the fun and compliment the spirit of the day. Sometimes nothing helps you get into the spirit, like spirits themselves, so let’s start with drinks.

Regardless of the time of day or party theme, a good cocktail selection can start any party off on the right foot and keep people talking about the night’s events for years to come. What goes in the cup is important but even the cup itself can add to the fun and even serve as a take home party favor for your guests. If you are looking for a cup that can also serve as a party favor for your event, try these flashing insulated mason jars.


Mason jars have become a summer staple in the past couple years and this version is a new twist on a classic. Colors of lids are assorted and each jar comes with a matching straw. These are perfect to take in the pool because they are plastic and have a lid. You can see them clearly if they are sitting on the edge of the pool so there is less of a chance of them getting knocked over and you can keep track of whose is whose by using the different color lids and straws.

For larger parties, it may be easier to use something smaller as guests may go through several cups and variety of cocktails in an evening. The flashing disco cups are small enough for cocktails but offer the same flashing fun as the mason jars with seven flashing sequences and amazing lighting effects. For non alcoholic drinks, tumblers or coke glasses can give you the same visual effect in a larger glass.

If your party is themed around a certain type of cuisine or drink, barware can be a great way to continue that theme throughout the party. Are you having a fiesta? Go for the margarita glasses. What about a girls night or bachelorette where wine, champagne and martinis are the main event? Lighted Wine glasses, champagne flutes and brightly colored martini glasses all add to the fun and festivities while making sure your party stands out.


Choosing one color or one type of drink to serve as the theme of your evening may help to guide the rest of your plans for you and the party posse. A step further may be introducing an official drink recipe for the party or even teaching guests how to make it using this light up cocktail shaker.

If you are ready to kick things up a notch at a pool party or bachelorette weekend getaway, why not try The Glo Shot. It’s a glow in the dark jello shot that is easy to prep ahead of time for a full night of partying. This party trick combines the traditional jello shot syringe design with a crack to activate glow stick that will glow for hours on end. Half the fun of jello shots are the bright colors. If your party is at night or in a dark bar, The Glo Shot will illuminate those colors so you can’t miss them even in dimly lit areas.

The Glo Shot is 1.5oz and comes in 9 different colors to keep the party glowing. Unlike past versions of similar jello shot syringes, The Glo Shot dispenses easily with less mess and is refillable. Unlike plastic disposable shot glasses, The Glo Shot does not have to sit flat in the fridge for hours or be carefully transported on a level surface. The liquid is self contained within the syringe during cooling so it won’t leak or spill. Once the liquid has set, you can throw them in an ice bucket or cooler without going through the careful packing that jello shot cups require or wincing every time you turn a corner in the car on the way to the party.


The design of The Glo Shot also allows you to layer jello shots if you want to combine multiple flavors into one syringe. Here are a few of our favorite jello shot recipes paired with the appropriate color of syringe. A good rule of thumb to get the right ratio and consistency to your jello shot is sticking to one flavor of jello, one alcohol, and one mixer. One packet of Jello will make about 15 Glo Shot syringes. For the best consistency and setting time, make sure the alcohol and the mixer are as cold as possible before you combine them with the gelatin powder and boiling water.

Blue – Make a Blue Hawaiian perfect for pool parties, lake trips, or luau themed bashes. Use blueberry jello, pineapple juice, and blue curacao.

Pink – Pink lemonade is a crowd pleaser at any girl’s night or bachelorette. Use pink jello, regular lemonade, and vodka.

Purple – Grape bombs start smooth and finish strong by combining a beloved flavor with a burst of energy. Use grape jello, redbull, and vodka.

Orange – Peach bellinis are a good compliment to an afternoon graduation party or family picnic. Use peach jello, mango juice, and champagne.

Yellow – Malibu pineapple is a light liquor option that is big on flavor. Use pineapple jello, coconut water, and Malibu rum.

So when picking your poison for your next summer party, think about setting the cocktail table or the shot selection a-glow. It gives your party goers something to talk about the next day…..and possibly something to blame their bad decisions on.

Little Golfer, Big Win

Wednesday, May 18th, 2016

April 15th was a fun filled night in Georgia for a group the junior night golfers at Atlanta Athletic Club in John’s Creek.  The course puts on two night golf tournament events per year for its juniors, one in the fall and one in the spring.  The format is a scramble and junior golfers can enter for $15 per child.  

Families make a night of it by coming to the club early for dinner and getting decked out in glow necklaces once the sun goes down.  Christopher Moore, the Junior Golf Leader at the club, said a handful of the junior have actually been prepping for the tournament for months by taking extra lessons to prepare for the big event.

Though a good time was had by all, one junior golfer in particular will be talking about this event for years to come.  Jack Wright, pictured below, scored a Hole-in-One on a par 3 effectively winning the tournament for this team and making a life long memory.  Jack is the one in the blue giving the big thumbs up.  Good job Jack.  He is pictured with the other 3 members of his junior team: Spencer Schoenberg, Michael Mele, and Jack Hobgood.

Spencer Schoenberg - Michael Mele - Jack Wright - Jack Hobgood

We caught up with Jack to congratulate him on his accomplishment and ask him what he loves about night golf.

Jack, what is your favorite thing about Night Golf?

Probably just the whole environment of just getting to play at night in the dark only being able to see the ball and the hole.

How did it feel making a Hole-in-One during Night Golf?

It is an incredible feeling just hitting a winning chip in or a putt, but a Hole in One is not something you see every day and it was the coolest feeling ever.

What was your reaction to making the Hole-in-One?

Well before I even hit it when we were on the hole before, the sprinklers started turning on, so we started running to the next tee and my partner yelled “all we need is a hole in one” to win the tournament. I sprinted up grabbed a club and just hit it. When I was watching the ball it started off as a fade and then it started drawing back in and at first I thought it was a dead ball but when it started coming back in and I said “oh that is looking good.” As you know it was at night so all you could see were the ball and the hole, and I just saw it hit, bounce, and drop. I stood there for about 2 seconds trying to comprehend what just happened, and then we all just started sprinting to the hole screaming and yelling.

You have had 7 Holes-in-One on the Par 3 Course, where does the Night Golf Hole-in-One rank? 

Night golf is 1st by far. It is probably the coolest thing I have ever done.

Spring Collage

Atlanta Athletic Club will host another junior night golf tournament in the fall.  Jack and his teammates will be practicing with the hope of coming out on top again, even if lightning doesn’t strike twice with the Hole-in-One.  

Do you have stories to share about night golf events at your club?  If so we’d love to hear from you.

Glow Across The Sunflower State

Friday, May 13th, 2016

By now you may have heard of “The Happiest 5K on Earth” The Color Run. This year it has become the single largest event series in the world, taking place in over 225 cities across 40 countries this year. It may only be 5K, but with that kind of participation, those kilometers add up fast. A fun fact from their website: “Color Runners have run over 15,500,000 miles. That is 71.6 trips to the moon or 622 times around the world!”

While The Color Run has expanded this year to offer night races (The Color Run Night), it is only coming to three cities in the US during summer 2016. Not to worry though, you don’t have to miss out on any of the after dark action because The Blacklight Run and Foam Glow are stepping in to take it’s place. And good news, both are coming to Kansas this summer!

Foam Glow is first up and hits Bonner Springs on Saturday May 14th. Registration for this event is already 91% sold out. Pre-registration ended yesterday and was $20 per participant. If you are just hearing about this race, it’s not too late. You can still register today or tomorrow but the price goes up to $50 per runner. Likewise for VIP registration, tickets were $45 through the 12th then go up to $60 for last minute entries. If you are going to miss out on this weekends event, no worries because you will get another chance to glow in August when The Blacklight Run returns to Kansas on the 20th.

Sunflower 1

Just like the Foam Glow, The Blacklight Run Kansas has two tiers of registration, standard race entry and VIP entry. This summer they are also offering a “Girls Night Out” package to cater to small or large groups of parties wanting to register as a team. Included in every type of entry is a blacklight run T-shirt, a glow in the dark tattoo, race bib, glow pack and admission to the after party. The VIP registration is $45 and throws in extra glowing goodies like LED shutter shades, extra glow packs, a VIP shirt and access to the front lines via the VIP chute. Girls Night Out has similar perks to the VIP with a curated set of goodies to fit the theme.

Aside from the time frame, there are several points of differentiation between night races and your traditional daytime fun run. One look around the starting line of a The Blacklight Run will have you thinking, what’s going on here? Is it a dance party? A paint fight? A brightly colored parade of weirdos who reject traditional exercise? Yes, it’s all of those. It may not be a serious runner’s cup of tea, but that is kind of the point. Finally, a race for people who hate running, and mornings.

No need to bring your iPod either. These events come ready with multiple DJs, dance floors and plenty of bass to keep you moving throughout the race course. If dancing is your cardio, this event is for you. Consider the 5K portion of the evening your warm-up because these events are all about the after party. Don’t even thinking about packing it in and heading home once you’ve reached the finish line. Foam Glow and Blacklight runners are invited to stay and party into the early morning hours with food, beats, and blacklight EVERYTHING.

Sunflower 2

Normal races encourage participants to be courteous and practice basic runner’s etiquette. Not here. At Foam Glow and The Blacklight Run all of your fellow participants as well as a long line of volunteers are out to get you. Runners come armed with glow paint and bubble guns and volunteers introduce a new color of foam or UV glow paint at each kilometer marker. It’s all in good fun however, and you’ll be sure to hit the finish line glowing from head to toe and grinning from ear to ear.

Each of these races has a particular interest in giving back to children’s cancer research and sets aside a portion of your entry fee to be used as a donation to a children’s hospital charity. Some of their larger partners include St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, The Ronald McDonald House, Make-a-Wish Foundation, and The Special Olympics. However, Foam Glow Corporation allows each city to be involved in choosing its own charitable foundation and Kansas has selected Children’s Hospital as this year’s race beneficiary for both events. For more information on making donations, charitable giving, or how to submit your charity as a candidate to receive support click here.

Sunflower 3

If you are running for a cancer awareness cause of your own or to honor a specific patient, customizing your t-shirt is a great way to get your cause out there and make the race personal and memorable to you. If you really want to stand out, take your outfit to the next level by choosing a specific neon color for your team or creating a character. While making elaborate costumes is not required it certainly adds to the fun. Where else are you going to see a troop of hot pink butterflies racing against a pack of multicolored flashing glow worms.

Sunflower 4

Do you want to get in on the action but skip that run part? That’s ok too because Foam Glow and Blacklight Run are both looking for volunteers. The race requires that people be standing by at each mileage check point to douse the runners in a new color of neon foam and hand out more glow packs so that runners have a chance to attack each other as well. High school students ages 16 – 18 can even get credit for community service if their volunteer time is supervised by a parent, teacher, or club sponsor. If you would like to participate as a volunteer but also run the race, you are welcome to do that too. Set-up and registration starts as early as 4:30pm, so it’s completely feasible to be both a volunteer and a runner. For more information on sign up times and stations for the August 20th Kansas race at Bonner Springs click here.

Both the Foam Glow and The Blacklight Run are focused on fun over time, so come early, stay late and be prepared to make a memorable night out of this event. Anxious runners can start arriving as early as 6;00 pm, registration and pre-party begin at dusk (8:30 central time). The race kicks off at 9:00pm, and the after party glows on well into the night. So throw some glow in the dark laces in those nikes and grab a red bull. This is going to be a late one.

Baby Boom

Friday, May 13th, 2016

May is upon us and while things at school and work may be winding down for a bit, the summer social season is picking up. Everyone has shaken off their winter blues and people’s party calendars are getting packed.  Graduation season, followed by wedding season, followed by family vacations, and now……gender reveal parties.

box closed

For years, people have been welcoming Baby New Year with confetti, balloons and party poppers, but now that trend is extending to welcoming babies across the country.  Although this party idea is relatively new, Pinterest and social media have had a hand in fueling the fire and ideas for elaborate party themes and reveals can be found all over the internet.  It may have started with photos of knit baby booties or handprints on t-shirts but now couples are making the announcement an event in and of itself.

If you have not heard of or been to this type of party, you may be thinking, How is this different than a baby shower?  Is it instead of a baby shower?  Does this mean I have to get two gifts?  The answers to those questions may vary by couple but the the “surprise” element of each event is the same. The premise of a gender reveal hinges on the fact that the sex of the baby is a mystery not only to the guests of the party but to the expectant parents as well.  A party takes the place of sending a card or placing a phone call because mom and dad are finding out the sex of their baby at the same time as their friends and family.

Now this doesn’t mean that you bring 30 people to your 20 week sonogram appointment and party in the doctor’s waiting room.  If a couple decides to have this type of party what they will normally do is ask their doctor to seal their sonogram in an envelope and they will choose not to look at the results.  They will pass off that information to one or two people involved in planning the party to ensure that the correct color (pink or blue) is revealed the day of the event.

The first part of the party is themed around guests guessing the sex of the baby.  This means most parties are decked out with bows and bowties, lips and mustaches, and of course pink and blue.  Many hosts like to keep a tally of who votes for which sex and they do this in a variety of ways.  One way would be to set out both pink and blue disco cups with coordinating light up straws and ask guests to fill their glass based on their guess.  This makes it clear what sex each guest is voting for and also eliminates the hassle of asking people to pin something on their outfit or using stickers.  Plus cups and straws are something you’ll need to get for the party anyway so it ties the “what’s it going to be” theme into some of the functional elements in a fun way.

As the party goes on, the battle of the sexes continues with boy girl themed games, photo booths, and more.  Why not continue the voting theme in the photo booth by stocking the prop basket with pink and blue shutter shades, necklaces, bows, and bracelets.  Bring the team blue team pink battle to the dessert table by using these light up pacifiers as cupcake toppers and creating two punch bowls, one with blue light up ice cubes and one with pink.

When it is time for the big reveal, one of the more popular methods involves a large box of colored balloons.  Prior to the party, the person who holds the top secret boy / girl info will fill a box with balloons and the parents will open the box at the end of the party to see a large bouquet of pink or blue balloons float out the top.  If you are having your party outdoors, the color will be easy to see but if you are doing it indoors, adding pink or blue glow sticks to the insides of the balloons will make sure the color really pops.  Just make sure the box you use is dark enough to hide the glow or cover the balloons in dark tissue paper to keep it a secret until the big moment.

box opened

As the trend goes, where there are balloons, confetti is never far.  The host of the party can come prepared for all guests to join in the big announcement by setting the tables with custom filled confetti cannons.  Once the balloons come out, party guests will have a blast (no pun intended) using these jumbo party poppers to immediately fill the space with pink or blue confetti.  

With a variety of sizes available (8, 12, 16, 24, 32, 40) it may be fun to give the expectant parents the 40 inch cannons and hand out smaller sizes to individual guests.  The larger cannons can shoot up to 80 feet.  This is a great add on to the balloon box because the confetti can fly sky high right along with the balloons.  If you trust your guests, you can even pre-set the tables with color appropriate 8 or 10 inch cannons.  The outside of each cannon looks the same, so nothing with be revealed until they are popper but, in the hands of an anxious partygoer, that may be asking for a spoiler.

If you don’t want to make your guests wait to get in on the confetti flying action or are worried about someone ruining the surprise, make the cannons part of the voting process.  Provide both blue and pink poppers on each table and let people choose.  Each cannon can have up to two colors of confetti, so another option would be to include blue and pink in every confetti cannon so that the poppers may be used at any point in the party without spilling the baby gender beans.
Baby New Year may have been the original trendsetter but balloons and confetti for baby have gone mainstream now. If you have pictures or ideas to share from your own gender reveal party or one you’ve attended as a guest, we’d love to hear about it.  

box opened 2

3…2…RUN! San Jose Summer Races

Thursday, May 5th, 2016

You may associate 5Ks with getting up way too early and digging out that activewear you use, well, not as often as you should. No more. The growing popularity of themed runs such as The Color Run, Foam Glow, Run With Zombies, Rock n’ Roll Marathon, and Color in Motion are coming to San Jose and are changing the face of fun runs.

Each of these races puts fun first and run second by offering plenty of distractions and attractions throughout the race course. The atmosphere at these events is electric and fast paced but you don’t necessarily need to bring your Nike’s to keep up. The Color Run, coming to San Jose on May 28th, for example does not post race times. It’s focus is on happiness, health, and individuality. That theme must be resonating with runners and fun runners alike because according to its website, The Color Run is now the single largest event series in the world, offering races in over 35 countries in 2015 and growing in 2016. Click here to register for The Color Run San Jose.

Color Run

Normal races encourage participants to be courteous and practice basic runner’s etiquette. Not the case with some of these fun runs. At The Color Run (May 28th) and Foam Glow (Oct 15th) all of your fellow participants are out to get you. Each checkpoint lets you celebrate your progress by introducing a different color to attack with. (Ex: 1K is yellow, 2K is blue)

Runners come armed with colored powder, glow paint and confetti cannons. Foam Glow even has actual cannons that shoot neon foam at runners as they trek through the course. Upon finishing, runners are rewarded with a backup supply of color and it’s an every man for himself free for all. Grab some ammo for your light up bubble guns because this party will be glowing on for awhile. It’s all in good fun however, and The Color Run has aptly named itself “the happiest 5K on earth” while Foam Glows website boasts “The best race after party in the world”.

It stands to reason that if you are going to act a little crazy at these events, you should have the crazy outfit to match. For the Foam Glow, happening in San Jose on October 15th, participants get very creative with their apparel, decking out tutus with glow sticks, covering themselves in glow bracelets and necklaces and don’t even think about showing up without a couple pairs of flashing glow stick glasses.

If you really want to stand out, take your outfit to the next level by choosing a specific neon color for your team or creating a character. While making elaborate costumes is not required it certainly adds to the fun. Where else are you going to see a troop of hot pink butterflies racing against a pack of multicolored flashing glow worms. Click here to register for Foam Glow San Jose.

Blacklight Run Photographer FR-0651

No need to bring your iPod either. These events come ready with multiple DJs, dance floors and plenty of bass to keep you moving throughout the race course. If dancing is your cardio, these themed runs are for you.

Consider the 5K portion of the course your warm-up because these events are all about the before and after party. Don’t even thinking about packing it in and heading home once you’ve reached the finish line. Runners are invited to stay and party into the early morning hours with food, beats, and at Foam Glow, blacklight EVERYTHING.

Because these runs are focused more on their individual themes than on speed, the races are a good fit for every age and ability. Avid runners can enjoy themselves alongside families and park walkers. Strollers are allowed and for most of the runs, and some offer free entry to children under 5 with a paying adult participant.

While technically the paints, powders, and bubbles hurled around during the race are washable, it is recommended runners wear something they don’t mind leaving a few colorful souvenirs on, or in the case of Run With Zombies, coming to San Jose on October 29th, fake blood. Click here to register for Run With Zombies San Jose.

These themed fun run races are happening across the country, with events being hosted every weekend throughout the summer and fall. In San Jose alone there are over 10 themed races from May to November. They are becoming so popular that some cities are opting to host multiple races per year or making a long weekend out of it by hosting multiple days in a row. The Rock n’ Roll Marathon series is a 2 day event to benefit St. Judes that will hit San Jose October 1st and 2nd. Click here to register for Rock n’ Roll Marathon San Jose.

2013 Chicago Rock n Roll Half Marathon Chicago, IL July 21, 2013 Photo: Victah Sailer@Photo Run 631-741-1865 www.photorun.NET

While the big race names are successful in gathering the most participants, local communities are quickly catching on and creating their own localized events around the same theme. Some of these runs give back to charity and some do not.

To add some personal meaning to this event, choose a cause you care about and theme your outfits or T-shirts around raising awareness for your charity’s name or mission. Use social media and race hashtags to let people know who you are running for. If you are really ambitious you could even ask local business to make a donation matching the cost of your race participation entry fee.

One look around the starting line of a themed race will have you thinking, what’s going on here? Is it a dance party? A paint fight? A zombie apocalypse? A brightly colored parade of weirdos who reject traditional exercise? Yes, the races are all of those things. It may not be a serious runner’s cup of tea, but that is kind of the point. Finally, a race for people who hate running, but love fun. So throw some glow in the dark laces in your running shoes, throw on your best superhero cape and hit the course in San Jose this summer and fall. See a complete listing of runs and registration links below or visit our Events Calendar.

Willow Glen 5K, May 14th

Color Run May 28th

Bubble Run June 11

Costume Party Run, June 11

Lantern Run July 16th

Color In Motion Run, September 10th

Rock n Roll Half Marathon, October 1 and 2

Foam Glow, October 15th

Run with the Zombies, October 29th

Turkey Trot, November 24th

Tivo Santa Run Silicon Valley