Premier Glow is the wholesale provider of glow products such as glow sticks and light up toys, glow toys that light-up the night. We offer a wide section of quality glow sticks, flashing novelties, and all led toys at affordable prices. Our glow light toys include night golf balls, light up necklaces, Glow lights, light up hats and more.

This blog is packed with the latest product release information and fund raising suggestions to benefit individuals or groups looking to accent their next social or event with glow and party products. Consumers can also learn about our latest products, specialty sales, as well as get party tips and suggestions in this blog. The blog is updated several times a week with useful information on parties and glow products.

It answers all the questions that frequently come to your mind on glow products such as, what are glow sticks with tinted casings; can you stop glow sticks once activated; how long do glow sticks and products last; are children at risk using glow sticks, what is the shelf life of glow products, etc. Written by industry experts within Premier Glow, articles are focused on educating readers on various topics including glow products, arranging parties and events, different practical and recreational applications of glow sticks, etc.

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