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Use confetti cannons to celebrate a new way

Thursday, August 2nd, 2012

There are many ways to celebrate exciting events. People from all over gather to express excitement for things like grand openings, new children, marriages, going away parties, welcome home parties, and much more. You’ll typically find decorations, presents, cake, and other fun party-related products at these kinds of events. If you’re looking for a more unique way to add some excitement to your next celebration, consider checking out Premier Glow’s confetti cannons. They’re inexpensive and colorful ways to celebrate anything from a wedding to a birthday or a school play.

Confetti cannons are CO2-powered and are safe for use. As long as you don’t aim at a person, aim against the wind, or give them to a child too young to understand these rules, no harm will come of them whatsoever. They come in a variety of sizes, and the larger the cannon, the farther it shoots. Cannon size ranges from eight inches – which can shoot up to ten feet – and forty inches, which shoots up to eighty feet. Blast them off at a critical moment and fill the room with excitement! Give them to a whole group of people for a synchronized confetti celebration.

Premier Glow also sells confetti cannons specifically themed for weddings. These rose petal confetti cannons are great for an after-ceremony celebration and can add some light-hearted fun to one of life’s most touching moments.

Confetti cannons work great in a number of situations. You could even use them in performances to add some fun and some laughs. Check out our assortment of fun confetti cannons and see if they’re right for you!

Use confetti cannons at celebrations

Saturday, July 21st, 2012

There are a number of great ways to celebrate important events in our lives. Weddings, parties, grand openings, sports games, children’s events, reunions, family gatherings, and much more can all benefit from inexpensive and fun products like Premier Glow’s confetti cannons to add some light-hearted fun. They’re an easy way to express excitement and joy and they can add some colorful and memorable moments to your already exciting event. Let’s take a closer look at confetti cannons, how they work, and what you can do with them.

Premier Glow’s confetti cannons come in a wide range of sizes. The smallest ones are eight inches long and shoot eight to ten feet; the largest are forty inches in length and can shoot up to eighty feet! The cannons are CO2-powered and are spring-loaded. They are easy to operate and are completely safe. As long as you follow these three rules, you shouldn’t run into any problems whatsoever:

  • Do not shoot a confetti cannon against the wind
  • Do not shoot a confetti cannon aimed at any person or animal
  • Do not give a confetti cannon to a child under 14 years of age

Confetti cannons are great for events where you’d like to have a synchronized celebration of a special moment. They can be great fun for weddings, sports games, and much more. You can even use them as props in school plays and other performances. They are inexpensive and can be purchased in bulk to distribute to a group of people with ease. Try out Premier Glow’s confetti cannons today!

Make your special event memorable with confetti cannons

Wednesday, July 11th, 2012

Premier Glow primarily specializes in the sale of glow sticks and related products, but we also offer customers a line of premium quality confetti cannons designed to help you celebrate events of nearly any kind. These simple and fun products will make your next party, grand opening, ceremony, celebration, wedding, or other event a memorable one. They’re easy to use, completely safe, and come in a wide variety to meet any and all of your confetti cannon needs.

The cannons come in a range of sizes – the bigger the cannon, the farther it will shoot. The smallest cannons are 8 inches and will shoot 8-10 feet; the largest are a whopping 40 inches and can shoot up to 60-80 feet! It all depends on the size of your venue and the budget you have for the products, but we highly recommend investing in a variety of sizes so people can have fun testing them out.

Ensuring safety with confetti cannons is simple – just don’t shoot against the wind and, of course, never aim directly at a person or animal. We suggest that you only provide confetti cannons to children over 14 years of age to ensure that these rules are followed. The products come with the confetti and CO2 pre-loaded, so there’s no setup or preparation necessary – just point, twist, and hold on.

Confetti cannons make great celebratory items for things like grand openings and weddings. It’s an easy and inexpensive way to show your excitement and add some flash to the event. They can also be used in plays, dances, corporate events, parades, television programs, spots games, and much more. Try them out today!

Celebrate a wedding or other event with confetti cannons

Sunday, July 1st, 2012

Premier Glow specializes in the sale of glow sticks and other glowing and light-up products, but we also sell a line of different celebratory items. Our confetti cannons come in a wide variety of sizes and styles and can be used for any number of events and celebrations. Weddings, birthday parties, graduations, sporting events, grand openings, plays and other performances, and dances are just a few examples of the many places you can use confetti cannons to add some flashy fun.

Confetti cannons are designed to shoot out tons of confetti using a spring-loaded device in the cannon. They’re generally safe as long as you follow a few simple rules: do NOT aim it at any person or pet; do NOT shoot against the wind; and do NOT give confetti cannons to anyone under 14 years of age. Follow these simple guidelines and there won’t be any problems whatsoever.

The cannons come in a variety of sizes; the bigger the confetti cannon, the farther it shoots! They range from eight inches to forty inches, and shooting distance ranges from eight feet all the way up to eighty feet! Choose the ones that are right for you and your next celebratory event.

We also sell a special style of confetti cannons specifically designed for weddings. These wedding confetti cannons shoot little rose petals that can sprinkle them down as the bride walks down the aisle or right after the vows are made. It’s an economical way to celebrate a wedding.

Choose Premier Glow for your confetti needs!

Confetti cannons make your next event memorable

Wednesday, June 20th, 2012

Events of all kinds can benefit from fun and inexpensive products that help add to the celebration. Premier Glow offers customers a wide range of celebratory items that can spice up your next event of any kind, but one of its most exciting and unique line of products is its set of confetti cannons. These products are a great way to show your support and excitement for any kind of celebration and are safe and easy to use.

There are a number of fun events where confetti cannons could make a splash. Grand openings of stores or other businesses, weddings of all kinds, welcome home parties, going away parties, graduation parties, or any other kind of get-together would benefit from some fun confetti cannons in the mix. They’re also great for holidays like the 4th of July or Cinco de Mayo, where celebrations are expected. You could use them at sporting events to celebrate the home team, as well – football games and basketball games are just a couple of examples where you might find confetti cannons making a splash. Plays and other performances may also benefit from these products.

Confetti cannons come in a variety of sizes, from 8-inch cannons all the way up to 40 inches in length. The distance they shoot depends on the size of the cannon – the 40-inch variety can shoot as far as 80 feet! Confetti cannons are safe as long as you remember not to point them at any person and not to shoot against the wind. We suggest that confetti cannons be operated only by those of ages 14 or older.

Get some fun confetti cannons for your next event!

Premier Glow’s Confetti Cannons

Saturday, June 9th, 2012

Premier Glow offers a wide range of toys and products for parties and events of all kinds. One of our most exciting groups of products is the Confetti Cannon section, which offers customers fun toys that shoot out confetti for all manners of celebration. Whether you’re hosting a Welcome Home Party, Going Away Party, Grand Opening, 4th of July event, or any other kind of fun time, confetti cannons can spice up your event with inexpensive and safe excitement.

The products come in a range of sizes, from 8 inches all the way up to 40 inches! The 8 inch products are effective for big events where everyone is intended to have a confetti popper, such as weddings or New Year’s parties. The bigger ones are designed to make more of a “splash” for everyone around. The larger the confetti cannon, the farther the confetti shoots – from the 8-to-10 feet range for 8-inch cannons to a stunning 60-80 feet for the 40-inch products!

Confetti cannons are operated by compressed air and absolutely no fireworks of any kind are used. They are relatively safe products and as long as you follow general instructions, they will remain solely as sources of fun. Simply remember not to shoot against the wind or towards any person. It is also advised that people only of ages 14 and above should operate confetti cannons.

These confetti popper products are  great for celebrations of all kind and can be coordinated to orchestrate an epic “grand finale” for all kinds of events. Get them for your next party now!