Get Premier Glow barware to add some fun to your night

If you’re planning on hosting or being a part of a party with drinks and general fun, you’re probably looking for ways to add to the event and provide both entertainment and functionality to all of the guests. There are few ways better to do this than by investing in some light-up barware products from Premier Glow. Our wide selection of cups, glasses, mugs, shakers, and accessories will add some light-hearted fun to your event and it will provide people with a memorable experience with a new way of enjoying some drinks.

Our light-up drinking cups come in a wide range of styles and colors. There are regular drinking cups, beer mugs, shot glasses, margarita glasses, martini glasses, tumblers, and more. All of them include LED lights that flash between different colors (usually red, blue, and green). You can also get cocktail shakers that light up to make your favorite mixed drinks for the party.

The cups are dishwasher-safe and they’re simple and fun to use. They go with almost any kind of drink and can, of course, also be used for non-alcoholic beverages. You can give them out as party favors or keep them in your own home for the next time you have people over.

If you’re looking for other fun items to add to the mix, consider getting some flashing ice cubes. You can also browse Premier Glow’s other sections to find fun little toys and accessories like light-up swords or silly headwear. Visit Premier Glow for all of your party needs!

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