Father’s Day: The Golfer’s Gift Guide

Father’s Day is right around the corner. If your Dad is spending time on the golf course this summer, get him the latest and greatest golf gear to bring out on his next round or take him on a memorable golf outing that the two of you can share.

1. Light-Up Golf Balls
Has your Dad tried every golf ball under the sun? What about under the moon? The Night Eagle Golf Ball from Premier Glow is the best LED ball on the market. Sold as a 3 pack or individually, these timerless LED balls come in a variety of colors including green, white, red, pink, and blue. Unlike some previous versions of a glowing golf ball, The Night Eagle is a real golf ball designed with the professional golfer in mind. This means you can expect the same function, distance, and play ability as a normal golf ball with a glowing bonus.  Individual balls are around $5 a ball.


2. An Afternoon at TopGolf

If you haven’t heard of Top Golf yet, it’s time to check it out and get Dad to the nearest location this Father’s Day.  Make a road trip if you have to because this place was made for family friendly competition for all levels of golfers.  Upon entry the club looks similar to an indoor driving range, but the bays come equipped with couches and bar tables and can host 2 to 10 golfers per bay.

Once you step up to the tee, you can choose a variety of team or individual games such as TopScramble, TopChip, or TopShot.  Automatic scoring keeps track of your points and presents bonus opportunities as you go along.  Clubs and gloves are provided at your bay so you do not need to bring any of your own equipment, although it is permitted.

No need to go out for lunch ahead of time either because TopGolf has a full menu and full bar complete with Father’s Day brunch and ManMosas.  Times, prices, and menu offering vary by location.


3. A Round with a Pro

If your Dad could experience a round of golf with any golfer in the world (besides you of course) who would he choose? If he is a fan of Gary Woodland, Jason Bohn, Zach Johnson, or Justin Rose you can help him make that dream a reality this Father’s Day while supporting a great cause through placing a bid in a live auction through Caddies for a Cure.  Through placing and winning a bid on their auction site, anyone can have the opportunity to caddy for some of the world’s best golfers at an official PGA tour or LPGA tournament event.  For current events on offer and more information about the bidding process visit their live auction page.


4. A Nike Dri-Fit

These NCAA Nike Transition Men’s Golf Polos kill two birdies with one stone.  Dad gets a vented hem, breathable Dri-Fit to keep him looking and feeling cool on the course while representing his favorite NCAA team.  Polos start at $85.  If your Dad is really a fanatic, look into the bags, hats, and shoes as well.  This may be a set you could build upon for future gift giving occasions.  For a full list of available NCAA teams click here.NCAA_Men_2016_hd_1600-e1463491655860

5. A Round of Night Golf

If yours or Dad’s days are all booked up, or if you want to play golf but beat the heat, plan to take Dad out for a round of night golf this Father’s Day. Different courses offer different hours and formats but the thrill of watching your glowing LED golf ball soar through the night sky is the same memorable experience.  Weather you are looking for a new challenge for seasoned golfers or just looking for a fun take on Dad’s favorite pastime, there are plenty or reasons to try night golf this summer.
nightgolf4 (1)

6. A Golf Optimized Workout

Is your Dad looking for a way improve his drive distance without spending more time at the driving range?  The SKLZ Golf Strong Workout Program is a 6 week, at home system that is focused on improving distance, flexibility, and accuracy.  While exercises, books, and videos to improve one’s golf fitness have been around for years, SKLZ has combined it into one package with all necessary equipment.  The workouts progress in 2 week increments on a schedule of three 45 minute sessions per week.  Cost is $164.99.  Read the full product review on The Hacker’s Paradise.

golf strong 2 golf strong

7. A New Driver

If Dad has his eye on a new Driver this year, check out the Cobra Fly – Z series by Cobra Golf.  This series offers 3 unique driver heads for top of the line, midrange, and high handicap golfers.  Available in 6 colors with 4 different shaft flex options, this club can be customized to fit your Dad’s personal style and swing type.  Prices range from $200 t0 $400 per club for the Driver series.  Fly-Z also ha a Fairway series and a full line of accessories.  For a comprehensive product review on the Cobra Fly-Z Driver click here.


8. Words of Wisdom

Is Dad in need of a little light reading off the course? The book How to Break 80 by Jack Moorehouse is a small instructional resource that has the potential to yield big results.  For $37.00 you get the hardback, audio CD, and an immediate download so Dad can continue to work on his game in the car, at home, or on the go.


9. A Personal Performance Tracker

If you have ever accused dear old Dad of being a tech junkie or heard hime use the phrase “The numbers don’t lie”, then CaddieOn is a spot on gift this Father’s Day.  The wristwatch style device tracks each shot automatically and even links up to your smartphone so you can review, store, and share data after a round.  It has a GPS based rangefinder and aerial maps for over 30,000 courses worldwide.  The realtime data gives you feedback during the round as well as full game history and statistics afterwards.  $340 – includes the CaddieOn wristwatch, a USB charger, protective case, carrying pouch, 15 club tags, and 7 free course downloads.


10. A New Kind of Golf Club

Does your Dad have a baseball grip?  Why not play it as an advantage by giving FlingStick a try?  This lightweight carbon fiber stick puts a new spin on the game by giving you only one stick to master from tee to green. It’s fun, easy to use and will keep the round ,and the golf bag, light.  FlingSticks range from $129 for basic designs to $149 for premium designs like the American Flag club shown below.fling usafling

11. An In-Home Adventure

Full Swing Golf delivers the ultimate indoor golf experience using the same technology the pros do to shape their shots.  With up to 93 professional course options and connections for Xbox, Play Station, Wii, Apple TV, and more, their S4 simulator is perfect for Dad’s man cave or basement.  Let him have the first crack at it but with multi-player options, he may be willing to let the rest of the family in on the fun.


12.  An Out of Town Adventure

Is your Dad ready to take on the world  this Father’s Day?  Or at least some of the world’s most beautiful golf courses?  Check out golfescapes.com to see a comprehensive list of courses and vacation packages across more than 20 countries.  Courses are listed by geographical location, difficulty, and price which makes it easy to scout deals across the globe.

golf holiday

13. Some Pep in his Step

If Dad is due for a new pair of shoes this year, skip the traditional spikes and give him the benefit of the newest BOOST technology from Adidas.  Adidas Adipower Boost Boa Men’s Golf Shoes enhance comfort and performance by giving the wearer better balance and negating that tired feet feeling after a long 18 holes.  While the BOOST technology itself is not new, it is new to golf gear.  The science behind it is pretty cool even gives an explanation for replacing shoelaces.  Prices range from $180 – $230 per pair.


14.  A Leg Up

The Footwedge Pro is admittedly a novelty golf gift, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be the most used club in the bag, even if it’s just for the bottle opener on the bottom.  The grooved toe jam on the 52 degree angle club allows Dad to do what (lets face it) he was going to do anyway and just punt the ball onto the green.  Clubs are $79.99 each.


15.  The “Father” of all Koozies

This YETI  Colster has made it into more gift guides than Gary Player has Masters Tournaments for a reason.  It’s just that awesome.  Don’t let Dad be the guy in the golf cart with the warmest beer.  Although not scientifically proven, it’s likely that warm beer leads to more bogeys than topped shots.



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