Little Golfer, Big Win

April 15th was a fun filled night in Georgia for a group the junior night golfers at Atlanta Athletic Club in John’s Creek.  The course puts on two night golf tournament events per year for its juniors, one in the fall and one in the spring.  The format is a scramble and junior golfers can enter for $15 per child.  

Families make a night of it by coming to the club early for dinner and getting decked out in glow necklaces once the sun goes down.  Christopher Moore, the Junior Golf Leader at the club, said a handful of the junior have actually been prepping for the tournament for months by taking extra lessons to prepare for the big event.

Though a good time was had by all, one junior golfer in particular will be talking about this event for years to come.  Jack Wright, pictured below, scored a Hole-in-One on a par 3 effectively winning the tournament for this team and making a life long memory.  Jack is the one in the blue giving the big thumbs up.  Good job Jack.  He is pictured with the other 3 members of his junior team: Spencer Schoenberg, Michael Mele, and Jack Hobgood.

Spencer Schoenberg - Michael Mele - Jack Wright - Jack Hobgood

We caught up with Jack to congratulate him on his accomplishment and ask him what he loves about night golf.

Jack, what is your favorite thing about Night Golf?

Probably just the whole environment of just getting to play at night in the dark only being able to see the ball and the hole.

How did it feel making a Hole-in-One during Night Golf?

It is an incredible feeling just hitting a winning chip in or a putt, but a Hole in One is not something you see every day and it was the coolest feeling ever.

What was your reaction to making the Hole-in-One?

Well before I even hit it when we were on the hole before, the sprinklers started turning on, so we started running to the next tee and my partner yelled “all we need is a hole in one” to win the tournament. I sprinted up grabbed a club and just hit it. When I was watching the ball it started off as a fade and then it started drawing back in and at first I thought it was a dead ball but when it started coming back in and I said “oh that is looking good.” As you know it was at night so all you could see were the ball and the hole, and I just saw it hit, bounce, and drop. I stood there for about 2 seconds trying to comprehend what just happened, and then we all just started sprinting to the hole screaming and yelling.

You have had 7 Holes-in-One on the Par 3 Course, where does the Night Golf Hole-in-One rank? 

Night golf is 1st by far. It is probably the coolest thing I have ever done.

Spring Collage

Atlanta Athletic Club will host another junior night golf tournament in the fall.  Jack and his teammates will be practicing with the hope of coming out on top again, even if lightning doesn’t strike twice with the Hole-in-One.  

Do you have stories to share about night golf events at your club?  If so we’d love to hear from you.

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