Summer Party Potions……Pick Your Poison.

Whatever you are celebrating this summer, the most important aspect of any party is who you share it with. Some of our celebrations, like graduation, revolve around an accomplishment of a friend or family member, others like bachelorette and wedding showers celebrate a new phase of life. And sometimes we are just out to celebrate sunny weather and irreplaceable friends with a summer pool or cocktail party.

It’s likely the reason for the party itself and the people you share it with will be enough to make the day memorable, but it never hurts to include elements that will add to the fun and compliment the spirit of the day. Sometimes nothing helps you get into the spirit, like spirits themselves, so let’s start with drinks.

Regardless of the time of day or party theme, a good cocktail selection can start any party off on the right foot and keep people talking about the night’s events for years to come. What goes in the cup is important but even the cup itself can add to the fun and even serve as a take home party favor for your guests. If you are looking for a cup that can also serve as a party favor for your event, try these flashing insulated mason jars.


Mason jars have become a summer staple in the past couple years and this version is a new twist on a classic. Colors of lids are assorted and each jar comes with a matching straw. These are perfect to take in the pool because they are plastic and have a lid. You can see them clearly if they are sitting on the edge of the pool so there is less of a chance of them getting knocked over and you can keep track of whose is whose by using the different color lids and straws.

For larger parties, it may be easier to use something smaller as guests may go through several cups and variety of cocktails in an evening. The flashing disco cups are small enough for cocktails but offer the same flashing fun as the mason jars with seven flashing sequences and amazing lighting effects. For non alcoholic drinks, tumblers or coke glasses can give you the same visual effect in a larger glass.

If your party is themed around a certain type of cuisine or drink, barware can be a great way to continue that theme throughout the party. Are you having a fiesta? Go for the margarita glasses. What about a girls night or bachelorette where wine, champagne and martinis are the main event? Lighted Wine glasses, champagne flutes and brightly colored martini glasses all add to the fun and festivities while making sure your party stands out.


Choosing one color or one type of drink to serve as the theme of your evening may help to guide the rest of your plans for you and the party posse. A step further may be introducing an official drink recipe for the party or even teaching guests how to make it using this light up cocktail shaker.

If you are ready to kick things up a notch at a pool party or bachelorette weekend getaway, why not try The Glo Shot. It’s a glow in the dark jello shot that is easy to prep ahead of time for a full night of partying. This party trick combines the traditional jello shot syringe design with a crack to activate glow stick that will glow for hours on end. Half the fun of jello shots are the bright colors. If your party is at night or in a dark bar, The Glo Shot will illuminate those colors so you can’t miss them even in dimly lit areas.

The Glo Shot is 1.5oz and comes in 9 different colors to keep the party glowing. Unlike past versions of similar jello shot syringes, The Glo Shot dispenses easily with less mess and is refillable. Unlike plastic disposable shot glasses, The Glo Shot does not have to sit flat in the fridge for hours or be carefully transported on a level surface. The liquid is self contained within the syringe during cooling so it won’t leak or spill. Once the liquid has set, you can throw them in an ice bucket or cooler without going through the careful packing that jello shot cups require or wincing every time you turn a corner in the car on the way to the party.


The design of The Glo Shot also allows you to layer jello shots if you want to combine multiple flavors into one syringe. Here are a few of our favorite jello shot recipes paired with the appropriate color of syringe. A good rule of thumb to get the right ratio and consistency to your jello shot is sticking to one flavor of jello, one alcohol, and one mixer. One packet of Jello will make about 15 Glo Shot syringes. For the best consistency and setting time, make sure the alcohol and the mixer are as cold as possible before you combine them with the gelatin powder and boiling water.

Blue – Make a Blue Hawaiian perfect for pool parties, lake trips, or luau themed bashes. Use blueberry jello, pineapple juice, and blue curacao.

Pink – Pink lemonade is a crowd pleaser at any girl’s night or bachelorette. Use pink jello, regular lemonade, and vodka.

Purple – Grape bombs start smooth and finish strong by combining a beloved flavor with a burst of energy. Use grape jello, redbull, and vodka.

Orange – Peach bellinis are a good compliment to an afternoon graduation party or family picnic. Use peach jello, mango juice, and champagne.

Yellow – Malibu pineapple is a light liquor option that is big on flavor. Use pineapple jello, coconut water, and Malibu rum.

So when picking your poison for your next summer party, think about setting the cocktail table or the shot selection a-glow. It gives your party goers something to talk about the next day…..and possibly something to blame their bad decisions on.

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