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Benefits of Purchasing Glow Products Online

Monday, August 1st, 2011

Buying glow products online is the most convenient and beneficial option. Online shopping offers you a wide choice of vendors and gives you every detail of the product like price, availability, durability, features and shipment charges, helping you take much better purchase decision. It is time saving and also cost-effective way of shopping.

Go through the article to know about various advantages of buying glow products online.

Glow sticks are available at cheaper prices
Unlike a traditional brick and mortar store, an online store does not need any maintenance and hence, the cost of the products offered by online retailers is much less. Thus, you can save money purchasing glow products online. And if you are opting for a bulk purchase, you can even get them at wholesale prices.

Online purchase allows price comparison
In reality, it is very irritating to go to each and every store by yourself to check out the various prices. But, through online purchase, you can search through various vendors, compare their prices and can opt for the most convenient price just by sitting at your home. Hence, by thorough weighing of your needs and prices quoted, you can pick the desired pack of glow products.

Get varied choice
In the process of searching for your desired flashing items, you can go through different sites. Therefore, you can have infinite choice of glow sticks or other glow products of different sizes, colors and specifications. Picking from this wide-ranging choice, gives you much satisfaction.

You can enjoy discount offers
Certain online suppliers offer online coupons or coupon codes. They allow you to get better discount offers. It’s a good idea to save your money by purchasing elegant glow items including glow sticks at discounted prices from online suppliers. Purchasing glow sticks at discount is also a perfect idea for organizing fund-raising events.

Effective home delivery
You can get the glow products directly to your home when you purchase them online. Many online retailers deliver your order within three to four days. However, plan appropriately and decide when you require the items, as there might be some delays in shipment. If you are hosting a party, then it’s much better to plan in advance and get the glow sticks online so that they can get delivered on time.

One more benefit of purchasing glow products online – stores are always open. You can shop for glow products online at the time convenient to you – whether it is day or night.

Online shopping saves time and is reliable. So try online shopping for your next glow product purchase.

Overnight Arrival – Relay for Life Worked Out!

Monday, July 27th, 2009

Relay for Life loves the use glow sticks and novelties at events. We’re happy to oblige providing great products even if that means you’re in a rush! Short term or long term, overnight or weeks in advance, Premier Glow will deliver.

Alison had this to say about her recent experience with overnight shipping. (more…)

Awesome service

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Package arrived today! Imagine my surprise that from order to door was only 48 hours! You rock!!! I will recommend you to all of my entertainer contacts and tell them about how great your service is.

Thanks again. I will be using you in the future for all my glow needs!


Thanks for your fantastic shipping

Thursday, March 12th, 2009

Hi Premier Glow,

I just wanted to say that I did receive my order and I can’t even begin to describe how awesome your service, shipping and quality of your product is! I have tried many other sites and nothing compares to you! I’m glad that I found your website. I will pass the word around because this is the way businesses should be run. I was worried that I wouldn’t get them by next week and I received it within in two days. Wonderful!…..Product is also very bright! I have had some real bad ones from other sites, these are excellent. (more…)

Cheap Prices for Glow Necklaces

Wednesday, March 4th, 2009

Premier Glow has the cheapest priced glow necklaces on the internet. Believe me, I looked for weeks.

I purchased 200 mixed glow necklaces online Monday, 20 minutes later I received an email that they had been shipped…received them on Wednesday. I used the standard in expensive shipping and thanks to the shipping map, I knew I would have them before the weekend. INCREDIBLE website, INCREDIBLE buying experience, SUPER FAST order processing and SUPER FAST shipping!

Premier Glow has earned a customer for life.

No Fire While Camping? Get Glow Sticks

Thursday, February 26th, 2009

Ing recently bought some 6 inch glow sticks from us because he couldn’t have a fire while camping. As he said, “the glow sticks I bought were excellent on our Grand Canyon trip. We went whitewater rafting and you could not have a fire so we all had glow sticks every night. They were perfect. Thanks for shipping so fast. Ing.” (more…)

Mardi Gras Parties Glow Lights!

Monday, February 23rd, 2009

Hi, I’m Sylvania and I would like to to say Awesome! I ordered Glow Necklaces for a Middle School Mardi Grass party, and they came in two days. The delivery was so fast that I didn’t have time to check in the confirmation email that I’d ordered the wrong color, but since the price was excellent I went ahead and order another box of a different color, and again got it two or three days later. This time I emailed a correction on the quantity and it was fixed right before shipping. (more…)

Make Some Extra Cash Vending Glow Sticks

Friday, February 20th, 2009

One of the ways you can earn some extra cash during tough economic times is to resell some glow sticks an outdoor event. Get your shipment today and sell out in minutes! Here’s an example. (more…)

Lightening Fast Shipping for Glow Sticks

Wednesday, January 21st, 2009

All I can say is WOW!!

Thank you so much for the quickest shipping I have ever seen!

I do my research and it paid off here for sure, for the money I could have spent locally I got nearly twice the product !! Not to mention getting shipped straight to my front door!!

Thanks to everyone at PREMIER GLOW for helping to make my 40th birthday one to remember.

Don S – From June 2007.

Flashing Tambourine Toys Customer

Sunday, January 18th, 2009

From January 2008,

Purchased the solid tambourines for a cheer competition and they went so fast that we are placing a second order. My original thought was to have the flashing ones but ordered the solid and could not have been more happy. Our team colors are red and blue so when the parents lit the tambourines up you could see them across the convention center! The only complaint, we didn’t have enough! The parents that already bought one decided they wanted 2 and the parents that didn’t get one (because they went so fast) kept coming up and asking if they could have one and how fast! I actually sold the two I had for myself and even had a parent from another team approach us wanting to buy them! Lightening fast shipping and Jeremy is amazingly accommodating to his customers. Thank you!!