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Perfect Party Lighting – Tips to Make Your Party Sparkle

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

Party lighting has great significance in decoration of the venue, especially during evenings. Whether it is a small birthday celebration or a big wedding event, perfect lighting can enhance the beauty of the venue significantly. Good knowledge of lighting with a simple touch of creativity is what all required to make an impressive party lighting. Below are few tips that may help you while setting up the party lighting.

Match the color of lighting with the party theme: Many of the parties organized these days are based on a specific theme. In contrary to regular parties, these themed parties follow a similar pattern in every aspect, be it decoration, costumes, food or party favors. Hence, lighting in these parties should be in accordance with the theme. To make the party more attractive, pick the prominent colors of the theme (it can be a single or a combination of colors) and use them in lighting various areas of the venue.

Proper combinations for dance floor: The dancing area in the party needs high attention while decorating the venue. Differential lighting which uses various colors in proper combination is the perfect option for highlighting the dance floor. Few lighting objects like disco balls, strobe lights, back lights and glow strings can be used to illuminate the dance floor. These kinds of lighting items create a disco inspired atmosphere, which lifts-up the mood of the dancers.

Special attention to center piece lighting: Center piece is the most highlighted area of a party. It can be a table to place the cake or can be a buffet table. Since, these pieces are the center of everyone’s attraction, they need special illumination. The intensity of light used in lighting these pieces should be more and the colors used should be different from the remaining area. Use battery-powered lights, LEDs or glow sticks to add elegance to the center piece. You can also highlight this area with candles to give an ethnic look.

Sparkling lights on trees and bushes: If you are celebrating the event outdoors, use natural things like trees and bushes in making up the lighting. Use long glow sticks to wrap around the trees to make them look beautiful. You can also use small glow sticks or glow necklaces to make trees or bushes look beautiful.

Glowing barware: You don’t need any extra decoration for your food court, if you use glow barware. Just get a couple of varieties like glowing jars, glasses, straws, stirrers, trays, ice cubes, wine glasses, beer mugs, etc. and make sure that the light they emit matches the color of your entire decoration. Food and drinks when served in glow barware looks special and attractive.

Proper selection of lighting sources not only matches well with the party theme, but also helps in cutting down the party expenses. With some innovative ideas and inexpensive lighting sources, such as glow sticks, you can definitely create a special environment in your party.

Tips to Decorate Your Outdoor Night Parties

Tuesday, August 9th, 2011

Organizing a night party outdoors in a garden or a backyard or on a beach is a great idea. Decorating the party venue is one of the important things you need to keep in mind while planning to host a night party. Unique decorative ideas upgrade the appeal of parties arranged in open air, that too in dark. Read further to know some tips to decorate your outdoor night parties.

Select a cool party theme
A cool and refreshing theme is perfect for outdoor night events. Each feature of the party, including the decoration, reflects the theme. A theme pulls all the aspects of the party together. More often, celebrations in dark use glow theme to make the event delightful and fascinating. Elegant glow products, throughout the outdoor venue, not only illuminate the party but also make it attractive.

Highlight the entry and walkways
An attractive entrance is the focus point for any occasion. Its striking appearance with creative decoration impresses your guests. Beautiful and colorful balloons, flowers, etc. are the prominent decorative means for an entrance. Popular balloon twisters of different shapes and glow balloons are the popular decorative items for twilight and dark night parties.

Colorful lighting units including glow sticks, string lights and strobe lights can highlight the entryway. Also, other creative fixtures like glow balls, mirror pieces, etc. can be installed to further beautify the entrance. LED candles or glow sticks of different sizes placed along the walkway brings it an attractive appeal. They also assure the path visibility and allow you to walk safely in dark.

Decorate tables and chairs according to party theme
Each and every element of the venue should reflect the party theme. Even pieces of furniture including chairs and tables can be enhanced to attract the attention of your guests. For instance, longer glow sticks and glow necklaces wrapped around staircases, coat stands or chair legs and arms upgrade your party decor. Your guests will be fascinated to occupy the chairs and tables decorated with glow necklaces along the edges.

Light up the dance floor
Dance floors can be illuminated using lighting fixtures such as LED and disco lights to set perfect mood that keeps the guests dancing. However, unique ideas of hanging flashing items and light-up wands raise the interest and enjoyment at night parties.

Make use of trees for hanging lights
Use the elements of nature including trees and shrubs for decoration in an outdoor party held at night. Hanging colorful lighting fixtures, paper lanterns, etc. over trees brighten the areas below them. They also give a striking appearance to the greenery. Be innovative and hang glow sticks over them for a glowing charm. Smaller shrubs and Christmas trees decorated with glow sticks, bracelets and necklaces look very attractive in the dark.

Use the space properly
An outdoor party venue provides a larger space for decoration. Be creative and make effective use of the space. Spreading the party over the available space, makes the guests feel comfortable and free. Consider adding attractive features for decks, porches, patios, garden, etc., when arranging a party in your front yard. Open areas of the lawn, garden and additive features like trellises, garden arches, etc. can be decorated when your party venue is a garden.

Excellent décor with right theme creates a memorable and long-lasting impression of your party in your guests. Remember to implement the above mentioned tips to decorate your outdoor night party to make it memorable.

Choosing Party Favors for Different Occasions

Saturday, August 6th, 2011

One of the most important decisions you will have to make to ensure a successful celebration is to choose the right party favor. Unique party favors make parties and events exciting. This article gives you an idea on choosing them for different occasions.

Favor selection depends on the party theme
Theme of the party acts like a guide for selecting party favors and confines the range of your choices. Picking up the right favors that blend well with the theme enhances the identity and character of the party. A favor and its use should match with the theme. For instance, a glow-themed night party should include various light-up items like flashing toys, glow sticks, and other glow products as party favors.

Choose favors to reflect the occasion
Party favors should reflect the occasion or represent the purpose of celebration. Among many other things, the type of event is the important aspect to be considered while choosing party favors. The favor options therefore vary for different occasions such as weddings, baby showers, graduations, retirements, birthday parties, holiday parties, etc. So, when planning to host a party, it’s recommended to focus on the purpose of the party that eases your favor selection.

Party favors for various parties
As said, party favors vary with theme as well as occasion. Have a look at certain party favor ideas for different occasions.

  • Kids love to have fun at birthday parties. Candies, paper hats, flashing toys, glow sticks, bouncing balls, pens and crayons, and spinning tops are best birthday party favors.
  • The wedding favors are given by the bride and groom to guests to show appreciation and regards for their presence at that special moment. Attractive photographs, personalized candles, shot glasses, gift boxes, etc. include some of the elegant favors at wedding parties.
  • A Halloween party can be fantastic and entertaining with ‘scary’ favors like miniature pumpkins, Dracula teeth, flashing mouthpieces, devil horns, skull and bone necklaces, etc.
  • Miniature American flags or wind socks serve as the best patriotic party favors at Labor Day and 4th of July celebrations.
  • Anything from baby bottles, cute ceramics, teddy bears, scented candles, flower pots or vases, and fortune cookies can be given as party favors at baby shower.

However, the list of favors for any occasion is endless and it even depends on your desire and creativity.

Party favors show a sense of gratitude
It’s fun to give away party favors during the celebrations. As a host, it’s your responsibility to make your guest happy by offering party favors. They encourage your guests to get involved in the party. They entertain and please your guests. They also represent your appreciation and gratitude for the guests. Offering party favors not only reflects your interest in party arrangement, but also shows your personality and spirit.

Choose elegant party favors for your party and impress your guests. However, use creative and imaginary ideas, and personalize them to create unique effect.

Understanding Different Glow Items

Monday, June 13th, 2011

Want to glow in the dark and be special in nighttime events and celebrations? Then, go for elegant glow products. They bring more fun and entertainment to events. People of all ages including kids, teens and adults love to use various glow items. Let us have a look at some of the most popular glow items, ranging from simple toys to outstanding glow jewelry.

Glow jewelry

Special jewelry with bright colors is ideal for both male as well as female party goers. Glowing jewelry, especially glow necklaces, bracelets and rings have become popular accessories in different occasions like birthday parties, holiday events, festivals etc. Glow necklaces and bracelets with assorted colors of green, blue, orange, yellow, red, pink and purple accentuate your look at late night celebrations.

Glow toys

Light-up toys are exciting items for kids. They love to use the attractive colored fun-giving glow toys like flashing mouthpieces, puffer balls and light-up gloves. You can play many games in the dark using glow-in-the-dark Frisbee discs, basket balls and footballs. Special glow toys make your holiday events like Christmas, July 4th celebrations, Halloween parties, etc. more enjoyable.

Glow balloons and balls

Variety of glow items like glow balloons and balls bring excitement to your party events. Just fill the balloons with colorful mini glow sticks or glow bracelets and decorate your home, birthday or wedding reception venue.

Glow balls made by connecting glow necklaces and bracelets also serve as amazing decorative items for table centerpieces. Smaller glow balls thrown in your pool give a cool and pleasing effect to pool parties. Furthermore, night golf glow balls, LED-lighted volley ball and basketballs enhance the enjoyment of night games.

Glow costumes

Glow costumes offer an appealing and unique appearance at rave parties, concerts, Halloween celebrations and school events. Be creative to form various designs attaching colorful mini glow sticks, glow bracelets and glow necklaces to the costume.

Glow flowers and candles

Late night parties can be made more elegant with light up decorations like glow flowers and LED candles. Blossom your party place with glow flowers giving an attractive colorful glow in the dark for a long time. Glow candles are the ideal decorative pieces for parties and outdoor events. They are the best alternatives for traditional candles as they don’t produce any heat or fire.

Glow mugs and glasses

Glowing barware looks beautiful and grabs the attention of the guests at night clubs and special party events. Glow mugs, cups, wine glasses, margarita glasses, martini glasses will surely be an amazing hit in your night parties. Your favorite drinks are made more attractive with the flashing colored mugs and glasses. Even glowing straws, stir sticks and serving trays make attractive night party supplies.

Glow guns and swords

It is lovely to have fun with special flashing novelty items like glow guns and swords, available in different sizes and colors. Glow guns with flashing LED lights are the ideal gift items for your kids. Glow swords having glow sticks stuck in their handle are amusing party favors.

Glow sunglasses and horns

It is exciting to have unique accessories like glow sunglasses and glow horns, which are generally available in various colors. Teens and kids love to use glow sunglasses for night clubs, beach-side parties and other events. Glow horns and flashing bunny ears are the other familiar light-up products for kids to use at school dances, birthday parties and other events.

Got an idea or interesting features of various glow items? Then, hurry up!! It’s time to add them to the checklist for your next party. Have a blast with glow sticks and special glow items.

How to use Glow Sticks as Decorations for Parties

Thursday, May 19th, 2011

Glow sticks are one of the most popular play items. They also add up to be captivating decorative pieces for parties. Especially in night parties, they bring a positive feel and excitement. They are available in various designs, shapes and colors, which make them the best decoration choices for a night party. Let us discuss a few advantages of using glow sticks as decorative pieces in parties.

Give a mesmerizing feel to the party

Light always creates a positive energy in the party. Glow lights enhance the celebration mood in the guests. Any party without appropriate lighting and decoration looks dull and grave. Light doubles the fun and entertainment in the party. Glow sticks provide appealing and attractive light. Various colors and attractive designs of glow sticks (or glow products) spread their charm throughout the party area, giving a mesmerizing feel to the party.

Help in overall decoration of the party

Glow items serve almost all the decorative needs of the party. These glow sticks are available in different designs and colors which actually ease the effort of decoration. Glow products such as light up balloons, glow candles, glow glasses, glow rings and so on, can be used to decorate the overall area of the party. You can add up glow necklaces or glow bracelets to make a long string and decorate the furniture. You can use glow products to decorate the trees or pathways in outdoors parties.

Highlight dance areas

Dance areas are the ones which catch everybody’s attention. They attract people from every age group. Proper attention should be given while decorating this area. Lighting is the most important aspect of decorating a dance area. Glow products like spinning glow balls, flashing cheer sticks, disco ball swords, blinking hand clappers, LED batons can be used to decorate the areas. These can be hung over the dance floor to lift up the spirits of the people partying.

Help in creative display of food areas

Among all the other aspects of the party, it is the food served in the party that is remembered by the guests. Apart from the varieties of foods served, it is also the decoration of food areas that impress the guests. Decoration of food areas is unusual and difficult, but can be made easy and creative using glow items as decorative pieces. The food tables and areas can be decorated using flashing beer mugs, light up shot glasses, light up martini, light up cola cups, light up wine and champagne, light up ice cubes, and many more. These items give a whole new appeal to the food areas and create interest in the guests.

Cost effective means of decoration

Glow sticks are easily available and are very cheap. When compared to the other decorative products these are very effective in setting up the right mood required for the party. One need not juggle with expensive varieties of decorative pieces to bring feel to their party, as glow sticks can cheer up a jubilant mood among guests, all at relatively low cost. There are many online stores which sell these glow products exclusively for the purpose of decoration in parties. They have different party packages at discounted rates.

These days the glow theme parties are becoming more popular, owing to the fun and excitement that these lighting products add. These glow products are uncontrollable in spreading their charm in the party when used as decorative items. Therefore, the very next time you are planning for a party, don’t miss adding them in your decoration check list.

Theme Party Ideas: Use Novelties and Glow Items

Monday, June 8th, 2009

“The best party is one with a theme,”

If you’ve ever been to a few theme parties then you’ll agree from experience. Personally I have yet be proven wrong! Here’s a short list on how to prepare for some of the most common costume parties. Be sure to accessorize with some “glowing” additions that will really make you shine!

Toga Party: Ok, this one really isn’t that difficult. You need a sheet, you wrap it around, and then you tie it. Done. But what else? Have a few fun Olympic-style games to give your guests something to enjoy. As for setting the mood with decorations, use white and gold decorations, columns, sheer white fabric draped over tables and the ceiling. Candles are a definite must for a toga party, but traditional candles could make your party too warm, and they are also a fire hazard. Using LED candles will put your mind at ease, and let you relax and enjoy the festivities!

Halloween Party: Halloween parties are always a good time, but this year try ramping up the fun by including flashing drinking glasses, devil horns, and glowing pumpkin head bands. Fun additions to your outfit could be a glowing light sabre, flashing wands, and finger lights. The dim light from glow sticks are perfect for a creepy Halloween get-together.

Girls Night In: Girls love to party together, laugh, talk, and drink something classy. So this time around, why not add some dazzle to a girls night in with flashing champagne, margarita, and martini glasses? Adding some flashing pins for everyone will definitely get the party started!

Disco: Can you imagine a Disco Party without flashing body lights? Everyone will love the body lights, and the glow necklaces and bracelets will certainly light up the dance floor for someone to do their best John Travolta impression. Tight pants are an absolute must!

Ideas for the “Big Game“: The next time your house is crowded with loud sports fans, make sure you have flashing beer mugs. When it’s the period or half time, run outside and divide into teams based on glow-necklace color, and play a quick game as a tribute! Delicious snacks, a comfy couch, great friends and family, and some fun novelty items will make your celebration memorable