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Planning Your Wedding Reception Party? – Include Glow Sticks to Add Excitement

Friday, August 12th, 2011

An evening wedding party can be made unique and exciting using glow sticks and other flow products. Apart from providing illumination to the venue, they also add fun. They can be used as the novel and delightful wedding favors. Your guests will love to wear glow accessories like rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings during night time wedding events.

You can make glowing garlands by connecting glow sticks and glow necklaces. Decorate tables and chairs in the venue by placing these lighting garlands along the edges of the tables. Elegant glow balls made by linking colorful glow bracelets and necklaces serve as the attractive décor centerpieces. Glow balloons hanged all over the venue adds up to the beauty of the venue.

The wedding receptions, when arranged outdoors, give more space for decoration. At outdoor locations, stringed glow sticks and glow garlands can be hanged along the larger trees to create a beautiful appeal. Decorating the smaller herbs and shrubs with bright colored glow sticks (preferably mini glow sticks) bring a sparkling effect to the greenery. The walkways of the area can be lightened to ensure décor and safety. If there is pool at the venue, you can through some glow sticks into it or place them along its border to enhance its beauty. It also ensures safety.

Various glow products can be used to spice up the food and dining sections of the wedding reception. Light-up ice cubes, flashing barware and other glow items can make dining area fascinating and interesting. Wedding receptions in dark can be made more exciting with unique and creative use of glow sticks.

Enjoy Your Boating Trip with Glow Sticks

Tuesday, July 19th, 2011

Planning to go for a boating trip in your vacation? Then, grab a bunch of glow sticks to make your trip more enjoyable and safe. Generally used for entertainment, these novel items can also be used in recreational activities. Read on to know how you can use them for an amusing boating trip.

It’s a pleasing experience to enjoy the natural water environment in dark or twilight times. You can make it more memorable using colorful glow sticks. Decorate the boat with glow sticks of different sizes for aesthetic appeal. Join glow necklaces and larger glow sticks to form glow garlands and arrange them along the sides of the boat.

One of the most entertaining activities you can do while boating is fishing. It’s a great experience to sit along the edge of the boat and have fun by fishing. Attach a glow stick (preferably green colored one) to your fishing rod to attract fishes. Also, wear different colored glow necklaces and bracelets to make yourself visible to others. This acts as a best safety measure.

More commonly glow sticks serve the safety purposes by marking the positioning of the boats in dark. Bright colored ones including green, red and yellow can be used for signaling the port. In general, running lights on a boat require much battery power. Better try using the glow sticks as running lights on your boat. They are, indeed, used as emergency lighting tools. Do you have your own personal floatation devices in your boat? If yes, attach glow sticks to them for use in emergency situations. Hurry up to get glow sticks and assure safety and amusement in your boating trip.

Beach Parties Using Glow Sticks

Sunday, July 17th, 2011

Parties organized along the beach bring more fun and enjoyment. Like any other late night party, a beach party in dark can be made more amazing by novel light-up products like glow sticks.

A colorful glow theme for your beach-side party attracts your guests’ attention. Elegant supplies of glow sticks and other glow products like necklaces and bracelets can be used in different ways to make the beach party interesting and attractive.

Glow sticks of various sizes ranging from 1.5 inch to 22 inch serve as the best beach party decorative items. They are the best lighting sources at beach parties as bringing in the power to such places is difficult.

Glow garlands along the table edges and chairs make the venue more charming and beautiful. Decorate the party area with balloons filled with bright colored mini glow sticks and bracelets. Glow sticks are fascinating additions at the side of the pathways making them more pleasant. They also help as markers for the path in dark. You can join colorful glow necklaces or small glow sticks to make glow balls and hang them over the entrance.

Special dishes arranged in the beach parties can be decorated by colorful light-up products. Arrange LED-lighted barware products including flashing glasses and cups to lighten up your dining décor.

Arranging different interesting games using glow sticks brings amusement in kids. Games with glow beach ball, LED light-up basketball, volley ball etc. entertain your guests.

Include glow products in your beach party to make it memorable to you and your guests.