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Are Tri-color glow necklaces created equally?

Wednesday, May 4th, 2011

Tri-color glow necklaces are one of the most popular colors of glow necklaces people purchase. Customers ask us all time what makes our tri-color necklaces different?  Are all tri-color glow necklaces created equal?

No, not all tri-color glow necklaces are created equal.  There are basically three types of tri color glow necklaces on the market:

– Break apart tri-color glow necklaces: This type of glow necklace is typically the least desirable style of three color glow necklace.  The major disadvantage to the break apart necklace is the easy of losing connectors and the possibility of the connectors cracking.  However, the advantage is the colors do not mix together.

– Chinese tri-color glow necklaces: These tri color necklaces are the majority of the product found in the marketplace.  This style is one piece with a connector.  The colors inside are separated by nature (gravity).  The disadvantage is the colors almost instantly bleed when the glow necklace is activated.  When the colors bleed the glow is dulled, and the three colors disappear.

– Premier Glow tri-color glow necklaces: We are the sole distributor of our tri-color necklaces which are made in Taiwan.  Our tri-color glow necklaces are similar to the Chinese necklaces, except ours have an advantage.  We insert internal stoppers between the three colors to help prevent the colors from mixing.  By inserting the stoppers we are able to have a longer brighter lasting glow necklace.

Be sure to check with your supplier to make sure you’re getting the best product at the best price.

How Long Do Glow Sticks and Products Last?

Monday, May 12th, 2008

Did you know….One of the most frequently asked questions from customers is about the product life. How long do glow sticks and other glow light products last? Well that really depends on quality and size. Our glow lights are made from new materials and are expected to last from 4 to 12 hours, or longer after being activated.

This is based on the size and type of product. Some products, such as the hi-intensity emergency sticks are designed to be effective for only 30 minutes after activation, but produce a higher intensity of light during that time.

You can use some tricks to extend the life cycle of glow products so your kids can play, or parties can last, a little longer. Try freezing the glow product so the chemical reaction slows within the tubing. This will elongate the life of your favorite novelty glow toy!


What is the shelf life of glow products?

Thursday, May 1st, 2008

How to Keep Unused Glow Toys Longer
Have you wondered before how long your glow sticks will last? The old trick is to slow the chemical reaction within the glow product by freezing it. But, some people have asked another question: how long will the unused glow toy last in the package? Did you know that studies have shown that if the original outer foil wrapper has not been damaged or the product removed from the wrapper, the products have a shelf life of one to four years, depending on the product. All industrial glow light sticks are expiration date stamped. Some novelty products are also date stamped.

Keep this in mind when you’re purchasing the high-quality products at