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Play Different Games Using Glow Products

Monday, June 27th, 2011

Playing games is an activity which no one can resist. Both kids and adults equally love to play games. For many adults, games are recreational activities, which help them get out of work stress. But for kids, they are complete fun; they just relish themselves playing games.

Day time is always filled with fun as the environment is convenient to play any type of games, especially outdoor games. But during nights, it is unsafe to play due to poor visibility. Nighttime too can be made entertaining and joyful by playing routine games using glow products. Let us know about few interesting games which can be played in the dark by using glow products.

Night golf

Golf is a favorite sport for many people. It is generally played during the day time. Today, you can get glow products that are specially designed for this game to help golf enthusiasts play even in the dark. This led to the evolution of the sport called ‘Night Golf’. The night golf equipment consists of all the golf accessories like tees, fairways, hazards, night golf balls, holes, night golf wear (includes, necklaces, badges) and flags. All these accessories make it easy to play golf in the dark.

Glow stick scavenger hunt

Glow stick scavenger hunt is an adventurous and exciting game. To play this game, all you need to do is to select a dark (extremely dark) room. Now hide several glow sticks in different corners of the room and let every person start hunting them. While you are hiding these sticks, make sure that only a little part of it is visible. You can even hide them completely to create more excitement.

Give each player a bag and let them hunt these light ups. The player who collects maximum glow sticks stands as a winner. To give a twist to the game, you can also add star to one of the sticks and hide it in extreme corner of the room, making it truly hard for players to find it. Whoever finds this special one will win the game.

Glow stick nighttime tag

Tag is a favorite game for most of the kids, which is played in open ground during day light. It can also be played at night using glow products. Let us know how to play this game with the help of glow sticks.

This game is played like a regular tag, in which one person of the team will be ‘it’ and he will tag any of the remaining persons in the team who are supposed to escape from being tagged. However, every person in the team will be carrying a glow stick of any color except red. The person who is ‘it’ will carry a red one. Once the ‘it’ person tags the other member in the team, then he becomes ‘it’ and exchanges his glow stick with red one. The real excitement in the game lies in identifying each other in the dark with the help of glowing sticks.

Glow stick flying disc throw

Disc throw is surely everyone’s favorite and it can be made more impressive by adding glow sticks to the disc. Tape glow sticks to all the flying discs. Also outline the play area using various colored glow sticks. Now mark the standing line and make every player line up with their flying discs. Each player will have three chances to throw the disc as far as he can. Mark each player’s longest distance and the one who throws farthest wins the game.

Glow stick volley ball

Volley ball and glow sticks are exciting combination. You can play glow stick volley ball by just placing an activated glow stick inside a white balloon. The rules of the game are same, having two teams and a volley ball net. Keep a target of few points, such as 15 or 20, and the team which scores the target points first wins the game.

Playing games in the night is safe and exciting with these light ups. Glow products make the overall gaming experience different and memorable.

Tournaments and Corporations Note Night Golf

Tuesday, May 5th, 2009

A Unique Approach for Your Next Golf Tourney
A relatively new trend is growing in golf. Usually the summer time sport shuts down before dusk. But what if you could play into the night? Would you be interested? Would your corporate event benefit from a unique and fun approach to golf’s lighter side called night golf?

Here at Premier Glow we specialize in offering not only night golf supplies, but customized night golf supplies too!

Wouldn’t you like to have something for your next corporate fundraiser? How about a night golf event with your brand printed on all your items? All of these options are possible. Or, heck, maybe you just want to try something different on the course next time you play with friends!

Many corporations, non-profit organizations, and even groups of friends and clubs are trying their swing on the course at night. You can lead one of these initiatives with some simple supplies. If you don’t know quite what to expect here is a brief introduction.

So how is night golf played exactly? Well put simply it’s regular golf but in the dark. In fact, many people say they can spot their ball better in the dark because the glow in the dark golf ball is easily seen in the rough (assuming you wind up in the rough more often than not).

Here is a neat image to show you what types of supplies you’d need in addition to your regular golf bag. Chances are, you’re not going to play 18 holes (although if you want to be ambitious and among the first, try a complete 18 hole event.)

Essentially it’s the same thing, but rather than seeing the picturesque course, you’ll see silhouettes. What you’ll notice instead are the glow stick markers on the fairways and hazards. Hopefully you’ll have shorter courses and you’ll note the green and flag stick as well since you need to know where you’re hitting.

It may be a good idea to start off on a par 3 course and the shorter holes on a 18-hole course. This will reduce the amount of supplies required and also enable players to view the entire hole.

You’ll probably want to add some light sources to your event as well; be sure to have a number of flashlights on hand to recharge the glow in the dark balls. The large glow sticks will last for hours, so your fairways and hazards will be marked. However, your balls will typically fade after 15-20 minutes so they will require a ‘charge’.

Demand increases in the Summer months as companies look for supplies so be sure to get your orders in. Give us a call if you are not sure how much of a particular product you’re looking for. Visit our Night Golf page for night golf supplies. Wholesale discounts available.

How to Play and Setup Night Golf

Thursday, September 27th, 2007

The days are getting shorter which means less tee time. But fear not fellow golfers, night golf will keep your appetite fulfilled. Wait, did you say night golf?! You heard right, the latest craze on the course is golf played at night. But how you ask?! It’s one of the most unique versions of the sport.

So what does night golf entail? Good question, quite simply, it’s no different than regular golf, but you play in the dark (obviously). Night golf is perhaps misleading since in many places around the world nighttime is still day time. What you need for night golf is the darkness that comes with the night and strategically placed glow sticks to help you see.

You may not think the sticks are bright enough but look to the left for an actual shot of the hole and the glow golf ball used in night golf events. Read on for tips on how to set up your own course!

Add a little excitement to your next golf tournie or just play with some friends (if the course let’s you play late. Here are suggestions on how you can construct your own course or night golf tournament.

Suggestions to Setup a Night Golf Course
First off, you’ll need a box of 6″ glow lights, one green and one orange. Depending on the length of your course and number of hazards will dictate how many you’ll need for each hole.

This guide will begin at the start of each tee and work down towards the pin. Obviously the first step is to illuminate the players and their clubs at the clubhouse before heading out. Players can wear a glow necklaces and two glow bracelets on both wrists. This will ensure you can view players from long distances and avoid beaning someone in the head with your brand new night golf balls.

Next up, give some light to the tools. First off, attach a 4 to 6″ glow stick to your bag to illuminate the clubs. You can attach the stick easily to your towel holder (see right).

If you’re going to drive in the dark at least use lights–that is glow lights. Decorate the golf cart with glow lights and motor around the course in glowing style.

Simple enough so far? Sounds pretty fund? So what’s next? Of course, the balls! The nite golf game is not complete without the balls, perhaps the brightest piece of equipment in your night golf course setup. Get a few glow golf balls for your participants, be sure to remind them to avoid water hazards though! You don’t want to be without a glow ball during a night golf event.

Now you have all the pieces of equipment to start playing. Players are visible, balls are glowing, only thing left to do is chart the course. Let’s start at the beginning. (You may want to drive the course well before your participants arrive to set up, but not too early before the nighttime arrives.)

Illuminate the tee box with 6″ glow sticks to outline the driving area.

If you’re teeing off from 300 yards out you’ll want to gauge the fairway especially if you’re not on your home golf course. Fairways need to be marked and can be done ideally with the use of green glow stick markers.

We recommend 6″ sticks placed every 75 yards or so on both sides. On holes with winding fairways you may have to mark out each bend and directionally place the glow sticks to point the way to the pin.

Green means go, orange means DANGER! Mark your hazards with 6″ orange glow sticks. These are visible from long distances and when done correctly provide a clear outline of what’s ahead.

With fairway and hazards marked off all that’s left is the green. You could mark the green the same way you marked the fairway. Make the game a bit more challenging and only illuminate the flag and pin. The picture on the right depicts the flag with glow sticks, glow necklace coil in the hole, and even the night golf ball ready to drop in the hole.

So how are you supposed to see the pin from afar? As already mentioned use a 22″ glow necklaces and coil it within the hole (see the picture at the right). Decorate the flag stick with glow badges and lights as seen on the right. Heck, you could even use body lights to help identify the hole and the flag.

So that’s it, all the steps necessary to launch your own night golf event. Your very own night golf course guide for your next social. Enjoy a good laugh, raise money for charity, or challenge a few friends with a night golf tournament. Happy swinging and be sure to pick up some novelty beer mugs for the course!

Premier Glow carries all the supplies needed to play night golf. View all the products needed to play night golf here.

Charity night golf scramble

Friday, September 14th, 2007

Another great fund raiser that is often overlooked is holding a night golf event. Instead of having the traditional charity golf event, you should consider holding a night golf scramble. Night golf is played after dark, using glow sticks as boundary markers. Specially made night golf balls using glow sticks are used in replacement of traditional golf balls. Some organizers place 6″ or 12″ glow sticks every 25-75 yards depending on their budget. Illuminating the green is simple using a 12″ glow stick for the flag stick and either a glow badge or glow necklace coiled up for the cup itself. Check out more details on setting up a night golf scramble by visiting our dedicated section for night golf supplies.