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Have a fun and safe Night Golf experience with Premier Glow

Sunday, July 22nd, 2012

Premier Glow is dedicated to providing customers of all ages with fun and inexpensive products to light up the night and enjoy quality time. One of our most exciting lines of products is the set of tools we have for Night Golf events and tournaments. Night Golf is a fun way of adding a special twist to an already enjoyable hobby, and it provides golf courses with a way to have some business at the night time. People who play night golf will be able to take advantage of fun and useful products like glowing LED balls, light-up tees, flashing fairway markers, and much more.

If you want to have a Night Golf event with your friends or if you’re the owner or operator of a golf course, consider visiting Premier Glow’s page to develop your own customized Night Golf package. By choosing the level of quality you want – economy or premium – and then adding in the number of players and the number of holes, you can effectively create a bundled package that includes everything you need. Glow badges and glow bracelets can be used to identify the players; glow balls can be provided to each player; fairway markers will be available for each hole; and you can even buy fun extraneous accessories like light-up cups for drinks and silly head wear.

Using Premier Glow products for your Night Golf fun is an inexpensive and safe way of enjoying the evening with a tried and true past-time. Invest in our Night Golf packages right away!

Engage in Night Golf fun with Premier Glow

Saturday, July 14th, 2012

Premier Glow sells glow sticks, necklaces, bracelets, and light-up toys of all kinds to provide people with fun and inexpensive ways of lighting up their night time events. One of our special lines of products is the Night Golf package, which provides people with specialized items that can turn a golf course into a night time venue for fun and sportsmanship. Using Premier Glow’s page, you can develop your own customized Night Golf set and purchase it right away. It will include everything you need to have a fun round of golf in the evening time.

Using glow sticks, glowing golf balls, light-up tees, and so on, will provide you with safety during the night time and with the vision you need to make the right shot. You can develop your own Night Golf package based on simple parameters: first, choose whether you want the “economy” or “premium” package. This will depend on your budget. Second, you have to identify the number of players participating in the event. Finally, determine the number of holes you’ll be playing. With this information in mind, Premier Glow’s system will be able to come up with a package that includes all of the tools you need.

You’ll get markers for the fairway, glowing and LED golf balls, glow badges for players, light-up tees, and glow necklaces for players to identify themselves by color. You can even add fun items like light-up barware and silly headgear like bunny ears or a viking hat. Your Night Golf package will include everything you need to have a great time. Try it out today!

Configure your own Night Golf package

Friday, July 6th, 2012

Premier Glow is proud to offer customers an exclusive and thorough system that allows you to develop your own customized Night Golf package. Night Golf is a fun twist on an already enjoyable sport – playing golf at night time is a great opportunity to spend time with friends and family during the hours that more people are generally free, and it also adds a new level of challenge to the competitive nature of the game. Premier Glow products help light up the players, the fairway, the holes, the balls, and more. They are absolutely essential for a safe and enjoyable bout of Night Golf. Let’s take a look at the ways in which you can customize your package to get the most out of your Night Golf event.

First, you can choose the level of quality or pricing that you would like to select. There’s the “economy” package, which is best for people working on a budget, and there’s also the “premium” glow level, for people who want the complete Premier Glow Night Golf experience. After that, the decisions you make are a bit simpler – just decide how many holes you are playing and how many players will be involved.

Each player will need a Glow Badge for identification, a glow ball or two to play with, and probably some sort of light-up or glowing tee. Each hole will need to be clearly marked and the fairway should be lit up at regular intervals. Premier Glow has packages prepared for all of these necessities and they are easy to handle. Setup is simple and won’t take long – you’ll be having fun in no time! Invest in Premier Glow’s Night Golf products today.

Premier Glow’s Night Golf Packages

Thursday, June 14th, 2012

Premier Glow is a leading vendor of glow sticks and light-up products of all kinds. Our items are sold at wholesale prices and can be used for everything from party favors and accessories to emergency sources of light and more. They’re fun, useful, inexpensive, and completely safe. One of the most interesting line of products in Premier Glow’s arsenal is the set of Night Golf products. If you’re preparing for a Night Golf event or tournament, consider checking out Premier Glow’s page to hand-select your custom glow product package to light up the fairways and have some fun.

The site lets you choose your package in three simple steps. You first can choose whether you want the “economy” or “premium” package, depending on the budget you have for these products. Second, you can select the number of holes to determine the appropriate amount of products that you will need. Finally, enter the number of players for the same purpose. With these simple bits of information, Premier Glow is able to develop a package that includes all of your Night Golf needs. From light-up tees to hole markers, player badges, and glowing or LED balls, Premier Glow has all of the products that you will need.

Night Golf can be an extremely fun event and it’s a great way to put a twist on a tried and true classic. Keeping things lit up in the night time is important for safety and ease of play, so Premier Glow offers products that do just that. Invest in them for your own events today!