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Promote your business or event with Premier Glow products

Wednesday, August 8th, 2012

Premier Glow is one of the world’s leading suppliers of premium quality glow sticks and related products. Our glow sticks, glow bracelets, glow necklaces, light-up toys, and other products are great for parties, celebrations, and many other events. They also provide a strong source of light at night time or in dark areas. Because of their fun and functional nature, Premier Glow products are also great ways to subtly and effectively advertise. We offer a Promotional Products service that puts your business or event information on our products so that you can provide people in your area with a physical product that includes the information you want to spread.

You can choose to include text, graphics, or both when you are creating your own promotional products. We can put information on any of our various flashing drinking cups and beer mugs, as well as on our glow sticks, glow necklaces, glow bracelets, glow badges, glowing golf balls, and much more. Choose from a variety of fonts and styles and customize the color of your information to match the color of the product as best as possible. You can order in bulk with ease in order to spread the word as far and wide as possible.

Promotional Products are great for getting the word out about a new business, an upcoming concert or event, and much more. They’re easy to make and they cost quite little. People will remember your topic whenever they see their cup, glow stick, or other item – it’s a good way to get people to check it out. Try for yourself today!

Advertise with Promotional Products from Premier Glow

Thursday, July 26th, 2012

One of the most unique services we offer at Premier Glow is the chance to develop your own Promotional Products. When you are looking to advertise for a business, event, band, or any other important part of your life, you’re going to want to investigate new outlets for getting the word out. People will have trouble remembering things they only see or hear for a brief moment. Giving out a physical object that has the information you want to spread on it will help  people remember it and they will come to associate your information with that product. With Premier Glow’s Promotional Products generator, you can put your own text and graphics onto a wide range of our glow sticks and related items. It’s a great way to get the word out and it gives you a chance to have your own customized glow products, glasses, and more!

Consider putting the name of your business, band, event, or other subject on a flashing beer mug. It’s a reusable product with distinct functionality and every time someone goes to take a swig, they’ll see that information right there. You can select the font, size, styling, color, and more of whatever text you want to put out there. You might also consider putting your information on more easily distributed items, like glow sticks, glow necklaces, and glow bracelets. Hand them out at concerts or other events and give awide range of people a simple and fun product that has your information right on it!

Advertise the smart way and use  Premier Glow Promotional Products to get the word out – you’ll be happy you did!

Make your own promotional products with Premier Glow

Sunday, July 15th, 2012

One of the best ways you can advertise for a business or event of any kind is through pursuing more unique means of reaching out to potentially interested parties. Instead of focusing solely on advertisement through flyers, newspaper ads, the Internet, and word of mouth, consider developing some products with your own branding on them that you can distribute to people of all kinds. Giving people a physical object with the information you want to get out there is a great way of keeping your business or event fresh in their minds. Premier Glow offers an excellent Promotional Products service that allows you to create your own custom glow sticks, light-up cups and barware, and much more for the most effective advertising possible.

Premier Glow’s website includes a sophisticated Promotional Products application that lets you create an interactive preview of your product before confirming your purchase. You first choose the item you want to print on – the selections range from barware of all kinds to glow sticks, glow necklaces, glow badges, and even glowing golf balls. Next, decide the text and/or graphics you want to put on the products. You can select from a long list of fonts, change size and style, and much more. You can choose how you want the text to be aligned as well as what color you’d like the text to have. Uploading a graphic will allow you to place it strategically on the item of choice – this is best for bigger items like the cups and mugs.

Finally, just select your quantity and confirm your purchase. Get unique promotional products from Premier Glow for the best advertising possible.

Design your own Promotional Products with Premier Glow

Sunday, July 8th, 2012

One of the best ways to get your message out there is to offer people a tangible product that includes the information you want to spread. Instead of focusing your advertising energy and money solely on places like newspapers and the Internet, consider investing in a more unique and lasting approach to getting the name of your business or other subject out into the world. Premier Glow offers you the ability to develop your own customized Promotional Products by adding your own text and/or graphics to Premier Glow’s line of glow sticks and light-up products. You can distribute them at events and give people a lasting product that will continually remind them of your business or other topic.

You can put the name of your company or event on any number of products. Some of the best for this type of advertisement would be items that have lasting utility, like cups, mugs, and so on. You can select from a wide variety of fonts and colors to advertise your subject in any way that you prefer. The more products you buy with your promotional information on them, the more money you will save – buy in bulk and distribute them at your next event or just gradually over a period of time and get the word out the right way!

Promotional products are a great idea for up-and-coming businesses or for advertising an event for which you want a big turnout. Include contact information so people can reach you with any questions or concerns. Choose Premier Glow for yoru Promotional Product needs today!

Premier Glow’s diverse products

Monday, June 25th, 2012

Premier Glow is proud to be able to provide customers with a wide range of glow stick products and related merchandise. Our inventory is stocked with a variety of products designed to provide an efficient and inexpensive source of light as well as a source of entertainment and utility. Let’s take a quick look at the breakdown of Premier Glow’s various products.

The glow sticks are Premier Glow’s main attraction. They come in a number of lengths, widths, colors, and styles, and can be used for everything from parties and concerts to emergency situations and power outages. They are made out of completely non-recycled material and are 100% safe for use. Each glow stick comes individually wrapped in foil, but they can be purchased in bulk at wholesale prices to meet the needs of any event.

We also sell an array of glow necklaces and bracelets. These fun accessories are great for concerts and can be distributed quickly because they include pre-attached connectors. These also come in a variety of styles and colors – you can even get some red, white, and blue ones for the upcoming 4th of July celebrations!

Premier Glow also specializes in a wide range of light-up toys. These include products such as barware – flashing shot glasses, beer mugs, and martini glasses – and toy accessories and weapons. Children will enjoy products like the light-up swords and wands. Light-up toys also come in holiday-themed varieties – we have products for every holiday from New Year’s to Halloween and Christmas.

You can also use Premier Glow to develop your own promotional products. You can add custom text and/or graphics to any of Premier Glow’s products to customize them for your next event. Visit our site and see what Premier Glow has for you!

Use Premier Glow Promotional Products to advertise

Sunday, June 24th, 2012

People remember things in funny ways. If you’re looking to advertise your business, upcoming event, fundraiser, or anything else, you’ll need to look into some creative ways to get the word out there and to keep your topic of interest fresh in people’s minds. While it’s always good to pursue common mediums for advertisement such as the newspaper, internet, radio, or even television, you may experience success using more individualized and creative approaches. Premier Glow offers customers the opportunity to develop their own promotional products by applying custom text and graphics to Premier Glow glow sticks, necklaces, bracelets, cups, and other products. Put your business’s name on products and distribute them at your next party, meeting, or event. Give them out as gifts, leave them around town, and generally spread the word.

Offering people physical products that have their own uses with your desired text and/or graphics will keep your topic fresh in people’s minds. Whenever they go to get their glow product for use as a source of light, toy, or other function (such as a flashing cup for drinking out of), they will see your desired text/image and remember the topic. Then, if they realize at any point in time that they could use your products or services, they will go back to that object and find the information they need to contact you.

Promotional products can be made out of glow sticks, glowing and/or flashing cups, and even glowing golf balls and glow badges. Use them to your advantage and advertise in a creative and effective way!

Premier Glow’s Promotional Product Services

Thursday, June 7th, 2012

If you’re trying to promote a business or cater an event with a theme, sponsor, or related party, you may be looking into ways to advertise, organize, and prepare for success. There are a number of ways to get the word out about your business or other important institution, but one of the best is through the use of promotional products. The ability to give people a physical object that includes information about your desired company  or other subject will keep the topic fresh in their minds. Premier Glow offers a Promotional Products service that develops custom-made products using text and graphics provided by you.

If you want to get a look at what your desired promotional product might look like, you can use Premier Glow’s page to develop a hypothetical image. You can insert text and even upload graphics to see how they might look on various products. A wide range of fonts can be used and you can also choose to bold, underline, or italicize text. Promotional products include nearly all of Premier Glow’s vast assortment – flashing drinking cups, flashing beer mugs, flashing shot glasses, glow bracelets and glow necklaces, glow sticks of all lengths and sizes, and much more. You can put text and/or a graphic on nearly any of these exciting products and have them handed out at an event or sold for a fundraiser or other purpose. Glow products are inexpensive but useful and will keep your desired text and/or image for the duration of their use.

If you’re looking for a unique and effective way of advertising, then consider using Premier Glow’s Promotional Products!