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Spinning Ball Flashing Necklace

Friday, October 3rd, 2008

Spinning Ball Necklaces

Did you know that we’re always releasing new products for our customers. The latest in flashing necklace ideas and glow sticks are always coming into the shop and we’ll let you know details here in the glow stick blog.

The latest flashing necklaces comes pre-installed with three batteries ready for use. That also means that this crazy ball will be reusable–that’s good for the environment right? Check out the dedicated page for the flashing necklaces because you can review some pictures of the product, multi-product discount, and also information if you want to put a logo on the ball itself.

Flashing Spinning Ball necklace page here.

Flashing LED Necklaces Arrive

Monday, September 29th, 2008

Flashing LED Necklaces

Premier Glow is happy to release new product information to our happy customers on our blog. Just an update regarding our latest glow necklaces, this time with flashing capabilities. The Flashing LED Necklaces do more than glow, in fact they flash. OK so you knew they already by the title. However, what you didn’t know is that these necklaces are re-usable.

You can in fact keep these necklaces for another event because they are battery operated. Check it out and think about picking up a few for your next function. You can also give them away as prizes, we’ll put your logo on them and ship them out.

Flashing LED Necklaces for more details.