Gender Reveal Parties With a Bang!

Having a gender reveal party to reveal the sex of your baby is a fun way of sharing the news! Gender reveal parties are all about the guessing.  Is it A BOY OR GIRL?  There are many ways to reveal the gender of your baby, from cakes, to voting cards, balloons in a box, bakery cakes, scratch tickets, and more. If you are looking for a exciting reveal with a bang you should consider…..


 Confetti is flexible which allows it to be integrated into most events when planning the big reveal.  There are many types of biodegradable confetti paper or metallic confetti in baby blue or pink that can be used.


 Choosing the right size cannon can be overwhelming for soon to be mothers, but it doesn’t have to be.  When deciding on the size, think about: - Will the reveal be outside or indoors? - Do you want the guests in on the action?  If you want the guests in on the action, it’s best to choose a smaller cannon so everyone can reveal the big surprise.


 Practice makes perfect, you only get one chance for the big reveal.  If you’re new to using confetti cannons, always buy a couple extra.  Don’t forget to invite the party planners over so they can practice and provide any feedback.


No one wants to spoil a surprise, and it’s no different when planning a gender reveal party!  You need to determine whether the soon to be mother wants to know the baby’s gender, or be surprised. Make sure as few people as possible are in on the secret to avoid spilling the beans.  It’s wise to ship all the gender reveal party supplies to the party planner, just in case some of the goodies are shipped with revealing details.


 So you’ve decided to celebrate the big moment with confetti cannons, now it’s time to strategically pre-distribute the cannons to the guests or designated launchers.  Just think now your just moments away from showering the mom-to-be with blue or pink confetti raining down from above.


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