Bubble Guns

From small light up bubble guns to giant LED bubble blowers bubble madness is on.

Our bubble blowers utilize led lights to illuminate the endless stream of mesmerizing bubbles that flow from the gun. Choose from unique shapes including nemos, whales, dinosaurs, characters, big mouths, medium mouths, and our standard bubble gun.

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  1. LED Bubble Gun
    Bubble Gun
    SKU : FN353
  2. Bubble Gun Bubble Refill
    Bubble Gun Refill
    SKU : FN409
  3. Fish Flashing Bubble Gun
    Fish Flashing Bubble Gun
    SKU : FN449
    Special Price $2.40 Regular Price $4.63
  4. Nemo Flashing Bubble Blower
    Nemo Flashing Bubble Gun
    SKU : FN460
    Special Price $2.70 Regular Price $4.56
  5. Flashing Minecraft Bubble Gun
    Flashing Minecraft Bubble Gun
    SKU : FN769
  6. LED Giraffe Bubble Wand
    LED Giraffe Bubble Wand
    SKU : FN733-GRF
  7. LED Cat Bubble Wand
    LED Cat Bubble Wand
    SKU : FN733-CAT
  8. Flashing Duck Bubble Gun
    Flashing Dinosaur Bubble Gun
    SKU : FN549
  9. Flashing Character Bubble Gun
    Flashing Character Bubble Gun
    SKU : FN568
  10. Flashing Duck Bubble Gun
    Flashing Duck Bubble Gun
    SKU : FN615