Light up Stars

View our entire selection of light up stars, from necklace to wands, swords and more. Your sure to find the right LED star shaped toy for your event.

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  1. Crystal Star Necklace
    Flashing Crystal Star Ball Necklace
    SKU : FN201
  2. Light up Spike Jelly Rings
    Light up Spike Jelly Rings
    SKU : FN209
  3. Crystal Star Bead Necklace
    Crystal Star Bead Necklace
    SKU : FN331
  4. Flashing Star Wand /w Ball
    Flashing Star Wand /w Ball
    SKU : FN489
  5. Light up Mini Star Sword
    Light up Mini Star Sword
    SKU : FN526
  6. RWB Flashing Star Necklace
    RWB Flashing Star Necklace
    SKU : FN696
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