Light Up Toys for Kids

Light Up Toys for Holidays – What Everyone Wants For the Holidays, Kids and Adults Included!

 Christmas used to be the one holiday that boasted lights of all types and colors, both inside and outside of homes. Those holiday trees, of course, had either white or a variety of colors hanging on the branches. Green and red are the ‘official’ Christmas colors, but lights in just about any shade can be found today adorning our homes and decorations in those weeks leading up to the holidays. Even light up toys would complete the shining scene as children opened their presents on Christmas morning.

Nowadays, lights are used for just about any occasion or holiday! Not only is lighting used to decorate homes, but light up toys for holidays have become a staple for adults who want their children to experience a holiday in a new way – with glistening, glowing lights.

Celebrate the winter season by buying your child a snowman necklace that flashes lights or one that is made up of lighted Christmas tree bulbs. These types of lighted jewelry do not burn, because they are made up of led lights that never get warm to the touch. Perhaps the biggest and most beloved holiday for children and lights is Halloween. The kids love to go around treat-or-treating with their glowing necklaces, bracelets or glow sticks for safety reasons, but they’re also just fun to wear!  Many Halloween costumes also incorporate lights into them, such as headwear for a princess that lights up or a skeleton mask that glows.  Most children, given a choice, will pick out a Halloween costume that has some sort of lighting so they can stand out in the dark as they collect their treats and maybe try to scare their friends or outdo them with their glowing get-ups.

Adults, too, are finding that light up ‘toys’ can be loads of fun for their own holiday parties. They are discovering that they can add green flashing beer mugs to their St. Patrick’s Day parties and exciting, blinking party hats and necklaces to celebrate the New Year at their New Year’s Eve celebrations.  Even the kids will enjoy New Year’s Eve with the latest blinking eyeglasses spelling out the coming year in numerals.

But Christmas is still the be-all and end-all for holiday lights, for both kids and adults.  There are the toys that light up, some of which are fun and educational, that kids love to receive. The adult holiday parties can include shot glasses that glow and flash and flashing champagne glasses to properly bring in the New Year with a real flourish.

It’s time to get on the lighting craze bandwagon!  Set up your children with lighted toys and accessories for fun and learning. Gear up for your next party with lights galore from drinking glasses to decorations.  Go to and call in your order at 866-661-0145. 


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