Flashing Unicorn Toys

Show your inner unicorn with light up unicorn wands and headbands!

Are unicorns your favorite fantasy animal? Ours too! Their magical horn and colorful markings inspired Premier Glow's line of unicorn LED toys, including headbands, bubble wands, swords and solid and fiber optic wands.

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  1. LED Unicorn Fiberoptic Wand
    Fiberoptic LED Unicorn Wand
    SKU : FN748
  2. LED Unicorn Headband
    LED Plush Unicorn Headband
    SKU : FN762
  3. LED Unicorn Sword
    LED Unicorn Sword
    SKU : FN757
  4. LED Unicorn Wand (16 inch)
    LED Unicorn Wand (16 inch)
    SKU : FN748-S
  5. Light up Pegasus Sword
    Light up Pegasus Sword
    SKU : FN806
  6. Light up Unicorn Bubble Gun
    Light up Unicorn Bubble Gun*
    SKU : FN736
    Special Price $3.50 Regular Price $8.14
  7. Light up Unicorn Bubble Wand
    Light up Unicorn Bubble Wand
    SKU : FN733-UNI
  8. Flashing Unicorn wand with light-up ball
    Light up Unicorn Wand /w Ball
    SKU : FN781
  9. Light Up Unicorn Windmill Wand
    Light Up Unicorn Windmill Wand
    SKU : FN818
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