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  • Premier Glow
    Whether you’re having a late-night party or a corporate holiday celebration, when you want a fun way to light up the night, look no further than Premier Glow. Our large catalog of lighted products includes all kinds of wholesale glow toys from glow necklaces to night golf supplies.

    Party Experts

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    Glow necklaces and glow bracelets are available in a huge assortment of colors. Choose from green, blue, yellow, orange, pink, red, and purple. All glow necklaces have the connectors pre-attached for high speed vending at concerts and festivals.  Both glow necklaces and glow bracelets are huge birthday party hits with children and adults of all ages.

    Glow Necklaces
    & Bracelets

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    It's our goal to supply only premium quality glow sticks that are 100% safe, sold at wholesale prices. Finding a spark or learning about glow sticks for your next special occasion, event or party is easy by browsing our large selection. Partys, campouts, emergency situations, power outages, entertaining, bowling alleys, no worries we carry glowsticks for all occasions. Need a logo, or text printed, no problem, we are your go to source for promotional custom printed sticks, printed and delivered in 7 days!

    Glow Sticks

  • Leading the Glow-In-The-Dark Market Since 2001
    Founded in 2001, Premier Glow is the industry’s leading low-cost provider of light-up products for individuals and corporations. What began as a small collection of traditional lighted products has grown into a company offering innovative LED products, confetti cannons and other novelties.

    Contact Us

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    Night Golf Glow Products and Accessories There probably isn’t a serious golfer out there who hasn’t wished he or she didn’t have to call it quits when the sun went down, and there are probably a great many casual golfers who would like to see the old game put through a new twist. With glowing golf products from Premier Glow, both of those groups can get what they want and play a round of night golf. Now, a round of golf can go on long after the sun goes down and everyone can enjoy a fresh and exciting variation on the classic favorite. Whether you’re organizing a full-scale night golf tournament for charity or just looking for an easy and fun way to keep chipping in your backyard after dark, Premier Glow’s night golf products make it possible to enjoy golf without daylight. Golf courses can extend their revenue-generating hours by adding illuminated night golf to their offerings, as well as introduce new fans to the game by giving them a unique nighttime experience. With Premier Glow’s night golf supplies, you have fewer reasons to stay off the links and work on your short game.

    Night Golf

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    Light up your next party or function with lighted barware products. Choose from flashing pilsner, champagne, margarita, martini, beer mug, wine, yard, shot glasses and cups. Feeling creative add some themed light up ice cubes and create your favorite party drink for an amazing party.


  • Glow Products Customized to You
    Get your company noticed with branded lighted cups or branded glow bracelets. Not only will these products be useful at your event, but they’ll reinforce your name to attendees for weeks and months to come. We can customize everything from our flashing shot glasses to our glowing golf balls.

    Promotional Products

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    Flashing eye glasses also known as light up sunglasses are the perfect addition for a hot summer evening. Light up glasses available in a variety of styles: sunglasses, shutter shades, and even new years eve light up glasses. You can even be the next rock star with our crazy guitar flashing glasses

    Eye Glasses

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    Pick your style of light up headwear! Choose from light up bunny ears, flashing devil horns, glowing tiaras, crazy light up dreadlocks and more. Browse our endless collection of light up led headgear, and create your led fashion accessory statement.


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    Confetti Cannons of your choice Has anyone ever had a bad time when surrounded by showers of confetti? Of course not. Confetti is one of the best indicators that something awesome is happening, and everyone wants to be in the middle of it when it does. The next time you need an event to feature a big, showy shower of confetti, look to Premier Glow, where we have everything you need to turn any event into one where magic and good cheer rains down on guests and attendees. Our confetti cannons and powder cannons can bring a colorful burst of excitement to any type of event. We offer confetti and powder in multiple colors to ensure that no matter what kind of event you’re having for whatever reason, you can bring a flurry of fluttering festivity that matches the mood.

    Confetti Cannons

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    From small light up bubble guns to giant LED bubble blowers bubble madness is on. Our selection of bubble blowers utilize led lights to illuminate the endless stream of mesmerizing bubbles that flow from the gun. Choose from uniquely shaped guns including nemos, whales, dinosaurs, characters, big mouths, medium mouths, and our standard bubble gun.

    Bubble Guns

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    Experience glow in the dark golf like never before with our patent pendingNight Eagle Continuous Visibility LED golf balls. Our new innovative LED balls are designed to illuminate (light up) brightly until turned off by the golfer, while achieving the performance you are accustom to playing golf during the daytime. Whether you choose the LED or glow ball a variety of different colors are available: green, blue, red, pink and white, perfect for 4-man golf scrambles.

    Light up Golf Balls

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    LED jewelry jazzes up your girls night out! Our selection includes a huge assortment of fun flashing necklaces, rings, earrings that complement any party, celebration, and outfit!

    LED Jewelry

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    LED toys put a smile on your child's face with mesmerizing flashing patterns from anyone of our amazing toys. Our selection of affordable novelty toys is unsurpassed and sure to bring enjoyment to the young at heart. Swords, wands, and toy guns make wonderful gifts and party favors. LED toys are sure to excite children at any age, check back often to see our ever growing selection.

    LED Toys

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    Browse our great selection of EL Wire items from rope, hats, to rockin eye glasses!

    EL Wire Items

Night Eagle CV LED Golf Ball - Green

Light Saber Chrome Handle /w 3 inch Ball

Confetti Blaster (12 inches)

All About Premier Glow

At Premier Glow, we specialize in the sale of premium quality glow sticks and related products at wholesale prices. We pride ourselves in the fact that our glow sticks are some of the most reliable on the market, and you can get them at competitive prices either on a small shipment level or in bulk. [...]

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