Light up Holiday Toys

Light up your holiday with our themed holiday flashing toys.

We carry a large selection of light up toys for 4th of July, Christmas, St Patrick's Day, Valentines, Mardi Gras, Halloween, & New Years Eve! If your purchase is for resale, or personal use using our special occasion holiday light ups will add a fun flashing dynamic.

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  1. fleur de lis bead necklace
    Fleur De Lis Bead Necklace
    SKU : FN422
  2. flashing red white blue star wand
    Star Wand (R/W/B)
    SKU : FN432
  3. Light up Medieval Ax
    Light up Medieval Ax
    SKU : FN463
  4. Flashing New Years Eve Tiara
    Flashing New Years Eve Tiara
    SKU : FN470
  5. Ball Spinners (USA R/W/B)
    Ball Spinners (USA R/W/B)
    SKU : FN339
  6. Pumpkin Spinning Ball
    Pumpkin Spinning Ball
    SKU : FN566
  7. Light Up Mardi Gra Necklaces (Pu/G/Y)
    Light Up Necklaces (Pu/G/Y)
    SKU : FN485
  8. Light-up Dreadlocks
    Light-up Dreadlocks (R/W/B)
    SKU : FN374-RWB
  9. Flashing Happy New Year Headband
    Flashing Happy New Year Headband
    SKU : FN557
  10. LED Crystal Devil Horns
    LED Crystal Devil Horns
    SKU : FN563