Light up Medieval Toys

Your knight in shining armor has arrived with all the medieval toys your party needs!

Ready to go jousting? Grab one of our flashing crusader swords or choose from our wide selection of light up axes. It is time to turn your event from a themed dress up party to a full, light up reenactment.

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  1. Flashing Pirate Sword
    Pirate Sword
    SKU : FN453
  2. 42" Light-up Double Saber Sword with Sound
    42" Light-up Double Pirate Sword
    SKU : FN580
  3. Flashing Double Skull-Faced Saber
    Flashing Skull Faced Pirate Sword
    SKU : FN584
  4. Flashing Pirate Hat
    Flashing Pirate Hat
    SKU : FN621
    $4.59 As low as $3.06
  5. LED Pixel Axe
    LED Pixel Axe
    SKU : FN743
  6. Flashing Pixel Dagger Sword
    Flashing Pixel Dagger Sword
    SKU : FN821
  7. Flashing Ninja Knife Sword
    Flashing Ninja Knife Sword
    SKU : FN832
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