Replacement Batteries

Give your novelty toys a new life with some affordable replacement batteries

We carry most major types of batteries needed for replacement including AG3, AG4, AG10, AG13, CR927, CR2016, CR2032, AA, and AA batteries. Got a question about a specific battery? Give us a call

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  1. AA Batteries (60 pcs)
    AA Batteries
    SKU : FN401
  2. AAA Batteries (60 pcs)
    AAA Batteries
    SKU : FN400
  3. AG13 Batteries (50 pcs)
    AG13 Batteries
    SKU : BLAG13
  4. AG3 Batteries (50 pcs)
    AG3 Batteries
    SKU : FN403
  5. CR2016 Batteries (50 pcs)
    CR2016 Batteries
    SKU : CR2016
  6. CR2032 Batteries (50 pcs)
    CR2032 3volt lithium battery
    SKU : FN402
  7. CR927 Batteries (50 pcs)
    CR927 Batteries
    SKU : BLCR927
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