LED Rockstar Toys

Party like a Rockstar with Premier Glow's punk inspired light ups!

Embrace your inner rockstar and throw on a light up mohawk hat or punk headband that suits your personality. Next, throw on a flashing microphone lanyard and put on your guitar glasses. Final step - ROCK ON and have some fun at your party!

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  1. Flashing Guitar Lanyard Necklaces
    Flashing Guitar Lanyard Necklaces
    SKU : FN320
  2. LED Gangsta Neckalce
    LED Gangsta Neckalce
    SKU : FN773
    Special Price $2.50 Regular Price $5.73
  3. Gold LED Flashing Chain Necklace
    LED Gold Chain Necklace
    SKU : FN783-Y
  4. Light up Fiber Optic Mohawk
    Light up Fiber Optic Mohawk
    SKU : FN442
  5. Light up Microphone Lanyard Necklace
    Light up Microphone Lanyard Necklace
    SKU : FN520
  6. Light up spike Mohawk
    Light up Punk Mohawk
    SKU : FN496
  7. Blinking Mardi Gras Chain Necklace
    Purple Green Gold Flashing Chain Necklace
    SKU : FN783-PUGY3
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