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For everything else LED, hula hoops, beach balls, expanding balls, gloves & more!

Something's can't be classified. For the LED toys that can't be categorized, our selection includes cozy LED gloves, fuzzy mittens, flying disc's, hula hoops, wearable fairy wings, flashing mouthpieces, and more. Still can't find the right LED toy, get in touch!

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  1. Light up pacifiers
    Light up Pacifier Necklace
    SKU : FN200
  2. Light up Mouthpiece
    Light up Mouthpiece
    SKU : FN202
  3. Light up Gloves White
    Lighted Gloves (Pair)
    SKU : FN417
    Special Price $3.75 Regular Price $7.80
  4. Portable LED Neck Fan
    Portable LED Neck Fan
    SKU : FN805
  5. Light up Flying Umbrella
    Light up Flying Umbrella
    SKU : FN531
  6. Flashing Fiber Optic Center Piece
    Flashing Fiber Optic Center Piece
    SKU : FN535-MC
  7. Light up Fairy Wings
    Light up Fairy Wings
    SKU : FN550
  8. Led Pinwheel Gun
    Led Pinwheel Gun
    SKU : FN560
  9. Light up Inflatable Beach Ball (32 in)
    Light up Inflatable Beach Ball (32 in)
    SKU : FN633
  10. Light up Expandable Ball
    Light up Expandable Ball
    SKU : FN704
  11. LED Poi Balls
    LED Poi Balls
    SKU : FN742