LED Pirate Toys

Ahoy matey! Walk the plank and explore our variety of light up pirate toys.

From Swashbuckler pirate swords to LED skull mugs perfect for drinking your loot out of, we have the perfect favors to elevate your party. You will be sure to get a Shiver me timbers reaction from party gatherers as they see your flashing cutlass.

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  1. Flashing Skull and Bone Lanyard Necklaces
    Flashing Skull and Bone Lanyard Necklaces
    SKU : FN303
  2. Flashing Skull Lanyard Necklaces
    Flashing Skull Lanyard Necklaces
    SKU : FN319
  3. Flashing Pirate Sword
    Pirate Sword
    SKU : FN453
  4. LED Skull Cup
    LED Skull Cup
    SKU : FN562
  5. 42" Light-up Double Saber Sword with Sound
    42" Light-up Double Pirate Sword with Sound
    SKU : FN580
  6. Flashing Double Skull-Faced Saber
    Flashing Skull Faced Pirate Sword
    SKU : FN584
  7. Flashing Pirate Hat
    Flashing Pirate Hat
    SKU : FN621
  8. Light Skull and Bone Sword
    Light up Skull and Bone Sword
    SKU : FN670
  9. Light up Mask
    Light up Skull Mask
    SKU : FN674
  10. LED Skeleton Skull Head Necklace
    LED Skeleton Skull Head Necklace
    SKU : FN413-GH
  11. Flashing Skull Bubble Wand
    Flashing Skull Bubble Wand
    SKU : FN733-SK