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Light up Swords

Light up swords are a HUGE party hit! As seen at festivals and carnivals our light saber swords can be bought individually or in bulk. Choose from many styles of LED swords & sizes, ones that flash, blink, including skulls, unicorns, outer space, holiday varieties. For the adventurous checkout our 56 inch connecting light up sword or the ultimate 36 inch sword.
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  1. Dueling Light Saber Sword (Multi-Color)
    Dueling Light Saber Sword (Multi-Color)
    SKU : FN338
  2. Color Changing Light Saber Swords
    Color Changing Light Saber Swords
    SKU : FN346
  3. Multi Function Saber Sword
    Multi Function Saber Sword
    SKU : FN337
  4. Light Saber Sword R/B/G
    Light Saber Sword R/B/G
    SKU : FN388
  5. LightSaber Swords
    LightSaber Swords
    SKU : FN225
  6. Light Saber Multi-Color
    Light Saber Multi-Color
    SKU : FN411
  7. Expandable Lightup Sword /w Ball
    Expandable Lightup Sword
    SKU : FN429
  8. Flashing Pirate Sword
    Pirate Sword
    SKU : FN453
  9. Flashing Foam Wand
    Flashing Foam Wand
    SKU : FN462
  10. LED Flashing Bubble Sword
    LED Flashing Bubble Sword
    SKU : FN776
  11. LED Double Unicorn Sword
    Flashing Double Unicorn Sword
    SKU : FN782