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Light up Necklaces

Huge assortment of light up necklaces, flashing lanyards with drops to patriotic LED necklaces.

Whether your looking for chasing necklaces, lanyards with drops, gold plated dollar sign $ necklaces we got your covered. Most of our light up necklaces have the ability to flash for hours and in many different patterns.

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  1. Flashing Pacifiers
    LED Pacifier Necklaces
    SKU : FN200
  2. Crystal Star Necklace
    Flashing Crystal Star Ball Necklace
    SKU : FN201
  3. American Star Lanyard Necklace
    American Star Lanyard Necklace
    SKU : FN334
  4. Flashing Paw Lanyard Necklaces
    Flashing Paw Lanyard Necklaces
    SKU : FN351
  5. Light Up Hawaiian Leis
    Light Up Hawaiian Leis
    SKU : FN218
  6. Flashing Dolphin Lanyard Necklaces
    Flashing Dolphin Lanyard Necklaces
    SKU : FN223
  7. Flashing Skull and Bone Lanyard Necklaces
    Flashing Skull and Bone Lanyard Necklaces
    SKU : FN303
  8. Flashing Basketball Lanyard Necklaces
    Flashing Basketball Lanyard Necklaces
    SKU : FN330
  9. Flashing Pumpkin Lanyard Necklaces
    Flashing Pumpkin Lanyard Necklaces
    SKU : FN315
  10. Light Up Necklaces (Multi-Color)
    Light Up Necklaces (Multi-Color)
    SKU : FN380
  11. Lightup Cowboy Boot Lanyard Necklaces
    Lightup Cowboy Boot Lanyard Necklaces
    SKU : FN391
  12. Christmas Light Bulb Necklace
    Christmas Light Bulb Necklace
    SKU : FN413