LED Halloween Toys

Surprise your trick or treators this Halloween with fun Halloween themed light up toys.

Our selection of spooky flashing led necklaces, fun light up pumpkin wands, and festive orange glow necklaces will put a smile on any child's face. On the more adventurous side, checkout our skulls, pirates, cross bones, ghost themed light ups

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  1. Light up Mask
    Light up Skull Mask
    SKU : FN674
  2. RWB Light up Mask
    Light up RWB Skull Mask
    SKU : FN674-RWB
  3. Light up Hulk Mask
    Light up Hulk Mask
    SKU : FN674-H
  4. Light up Spider-man Mask
    Light up Spidy Man Mask
    SKU : FN674-S
  5. Halloween Light up Pixel
    Halloween Light up Pixel Sword
    SKU : FN712-OBW
    Special Price $2.75 Regular Price $4.63
  6. Flashing Skull Bubble Wand
    Flashing Skull Bubble Wand
    SKU : FN733-SK
  7. Flashing Pirate Sword
    Pirate Sword
    SKU : FN453
  8. Light up Devil Horns
    Light up Devil Horns
    SKU : FN204
  9. Flashing Skull and Bone Lanyard Necklaces
    Flashing Skull and Bone Lanyard Necklaces
    SKU : FN303
  10. Flashing Skull Lanyard Necklaces
    Flashing Skull Lanyard Necklaces
    SKU : FN319