Glow sticks or light sticks, which is it?

A lot of customers ask us what’s the different between light sticks and glow sticks. Are glow sticks the same thing as light sticks? The simple answer is yes, the complex answer is no. Let’s take a look at the difference between light sticks and glow sticks.

Glow Sticks

The general term glow sticks is often used to represent all forms of glow products, including glow necklaces, glow glasses, glow cups, bracelets, golf balls and more. Glow sticks were developed as a cheaper alternative to light sticks for the growing demand as a novelty item for parties. Businesses quickly recognized the consumer fascination with glow sticks and started to resell glow sticks at large public festivals. From the growing demand glow sticks developed into novelty toys. Novelty glow sticks are made for use in birthday parties, glow parties, carnivals, and festivals. Novelty glow sticks are often sold in wholesale quantities to festivals, carnivals, and other special events around the country for fun raising opportunities. 

Light Sticks

Light sticks are often confused with glow sticks, since the term glow sticks has been generalized by consumers. The term light sticks is most commonly used to refer to the use of non heat producing light for emergency situations.  Individual foil packaging is used for light sticks, which give directions to activate and for proper use in life threatening events.  Hurricanes, power outages, earthquakes, tornadoes, ice storms, tsunamis, are just a few emergency situations in which light sticks are great sources of light.  All of our 4", 6", 12", and 15" glow sticks are individually packaged, and labeled as light sticks for use in emergency situations.

Back to the original question, although both light sticks and glow sticks are often used interchangeably they are in used in two entirely different markets. Both glow sticks and light sticks provide reliable and safe sources of light for many hours.

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