Kids Flashing Light Toys

When your child's invited to an occasion featuring fancy dress – a birthday celebration or Halloween event, perhaps – coming up with a costume can be difficult. Whether your child has his or her own ideas, or you're all struggling to create something unique and fun, consider putting an outfit together with some bright kids' flashing light toys ! There is a huge selection of toys and accessories available now to bring an amazing new element to any costume or clothing – all in gorgeous colours to light up any room!

So, what ideas could you try?



This is a favourite of little boys and girls the world over at Halloween – it's simple, it's fun, and it's fairly easy to pull off. All you need to do is go for the classic white face paint, the smudges of fake blood beside the lips, and some dark shadow under the eyes. Combine it with a high-collared cape and it's a win. But how can you make all this better with flashing toys or glowing accessories? Well, light-up fangs can add a real touch of brilliance! Just slip them in place, wait for the lights to go down, and grin – everyone will love it.

Christmas Characters


Has your child been invited to a little Christmas celebration with a few friends, or do they just want to go to school with a little festive touch to their outfit? There's a great selection of flashing Christmas pieces, whether your little one wants to become Rudolph with a blinking reindeer headband or wear a lovely flashing candy cane lanyard necklace – why not let them combine a few different items? They'll glow like a Christmas tree, and look even more adorable than ever.

Space Heroes

For the little boy or girl who loves science-fiction and space adventures, why not let them dress as a futuristic cowboy or cop? You can dress them up however they like, and add the finishing pieces for some real futuristic flare. Light up laser swords, flashing guns and even light-up punk Mohawk headpieces can all make your child look as if they've just stepped back from the future. Their friends will all want to try them!

Cowboys and Cowgirls


 The cowboy or cowgirl is a great costume boys and girls love to wear. We all know such staples as hats, plastic guns, sheriff badges and boots are essential, but adding flashing toys can really make them stand out. Why not try adding a light up cowboy hat lanyard necklace, or a flashing light gun? If the event will be in a dimly-lit function room or indoor play centre, the costume will stand out from all the other cowboys and cowgirls there, and make your child feel really special.

So, as you can see, almost any costume you can think of will be boosted by flashing toys [link to FA, “Flashing Toys”] or glowing accessories. At Premier Glow, we have more than 500 products available at competitive prices, with fast delivery – no matter what ideas you and your child have for fancy dress, we'll help you create an outfit you'll never forget! Just check out our range or give us a call to learn more. 


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