Toys with flashing lights

Buying gifts for children can be hard sometimes. There is so much choice out there now, and so many gadgets and games, knowing what a child will want is often difficult, especially if you don't know them so well, or haven't seen them in a while. Toys with flashing lights are always a safe bet. Whether you're buying for a little boy or girl, light-up toys are fun, simple and provide hours of fun.

Even better, if you know the boy or girl is fond of dressing up as a particular character or has a specific hobby, you can tailor the toys to suit their personality. Below, we've put a few ideas together to help you choose the perfect gift.

Character Pieces

If the little boy or girl likes to dress up as a cowboy, a space cop, or a ghost, there's a great selection of toys out there to help make their outfits really stand out. Flashing toy guns, for example, can really bring a cowboy (or cowgirl) or soldier outfit to life, while flashing laser swords can make them feel more like a space cop than ever. If you're buying them a fancy dress outfit, giving them flashing toys to match could be a fantastic idea. Many of these toys also feature multiple colors, and are affordable enough to build a nice collection of accessories.

Group Play

Does the child like to play games with groups of their friends? There are many flashing toys perfect for this, including light-up bubble guns, flying umbrellas and bouncing balls. Imagine playing catch with glowing balls in a dark room or in the backyard on a crisp twilit Autumn evening – terrific fun! You could also buy them glowing golf gear if their parents let them play, or set up a little course in the back yard – glowing balls and yardage markers put a great new spin on the game.

Festive Gifts

Buying a gift for a child around a particular time, such as Halloween or Christmas, does give you more choice – you can buy them flashing pieces associated with the season. For example, why not buy them a light-up snowman lanyard necklace, Christmas fiber optic wands or even flashing reindeer headbands? For Halloween, you could buy them a flashing fang mouthpiece for them to bring their vampire costume to life.

For Easter, you could try giving them flashing bunny ears or light-up rabbit rings – a great choice for little girls, especially when combined with a chocolate egg or two!

Of course, flashing toys can make brilliant gifts for adults too – at Premier Glow, we have over 500 products for you to choose from, all at competitive prices. We only stock the highest-quality pieces, and offer great delivery. Whether you want to buy a set of glow sticks for your friend who loves going to gigs or a set of night golf gear for your dad who loves to hit the green at any time, we're here to help.


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