LED Christmas Toys

Christmas themed light up toys that add an extra touch for holiday parades & parties

Huge selection of holiday themed Xmas flashing toys, everything from light up reindeer headbands, Christmas bulb necklaces, trees, & Santa Claus hats. Christmas themed wands, necklaces, angel halo's and more!

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  1. Light up Ice Princess Spinner - Blue
    Light up Ice Princess Spinner
    SKU : FN793
  2. Snowflake Wand /w Ball
    Flashing Snowflake Wand /w Ball
    SKU : FN656
  3. LED Snowflake Hat
    LED Snowflake Hat
    SKU : FN735
  4. LED Christmas Beanie
    LED Christmas Bulb Beanie
    SKU : FN759
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