New Light Up Toys

With containers arriving weekly, our newest light up toys are listed here.

We travel 3 months a year throughout the orient to bring you the latest in LED novelty toys from around the globe. Be the first to try out the latest in light up novelties. Don't be shy, you'll never know what will become the latest fidget spinner!

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  1. Light up Kitty Bubble Sword
    Light up Kitty Bubble Sword
    SKU : FN864
  2. Flashing Dinosaur Bubble Sword
    Flashing Dinosaur Bubble Sword
    SKU : FN865
  3. LED Snowflake Bubble Sword
    LED Snowflake Bubble Sword
    SKU : FN870
  4. LED Golf Hole Light
    LED Golf Hole Light (AAA)
    SKU : FN872
  5. LED Copper Wire Devil Horns
    LED Copper Wire Devil Horns
    SKU : FN873
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