Night Golf Supplies - What You’ll Need

The Enduring Popularity Of Night Golf

You can look at the creation of night golf in two ways. You could say that it was created to indulge golfers’ fixation and obsession with golf by allowing them to play into the night, when ordinarily they’d have to grumpily call it a day and wait until the morning before resuming their putting. The invention of night golf allowed players to extend their game time and play on through the evening. But you could also look at it another way, and say that it was created by people who wanted to create a visual spectacle, and who wanted golfers - as well as people who perhaps had never tried the sport - to simply have a bit of fun.

Indeed, the truth might be somewhere in the middle. What is certainly true is that, over the years, as night golf has grown in popularity around the world, the sport has been refined so much that it is now such a visual spectacle that people play it simply for its so-called pyrotechnics. When the night glow golf balls, which can be purchased at very low prices despite their technological advancements, are struck, they light up, creating a cascade of light through the air, with a tail of bright, searing lights following the ball as it makes its way through the darkened sky. It is simply an extraordinary picture.

Night golf is popular inAmerica, particularly in the hotter climate of the west coast, where courses stay open until close to midnight; but it is also becoming increasingly popular throughout the world, particularly in the warmer climes, such asAbu Dhabi. Indeed, it is most definitely a summer sport. One of the reasons its popularity is continuing - and improving - is because it offers the golfers in hotter countries, such as those in the middle east, the chance to play at night rather than at day, therefore satisfying their thirst for the sport without having to wilt in the baking sun.

But night golf appeals to much more than just the enthusiasts who want as many hours as possible to practice their putting. Night golf is not just for the would-be pros, or the hacks, or those who are looking to get away from their wives for a few hours. Night golf has, over the years, been viewed as a source of fun and light entertainment that can be enjoyed by all the family. It can, for example, be played by all ages, and it is an activity increasingly being used for celebratory events, such as birthday parties, stag do’s and wedding parties. This is because night golf is different to golf in many ways. For those who might find golf a little staid and boring, there is something about playing after dark, in a beautiful setting, that brings out the party atmosphere.

Night Golf Supplies 

One of the main differences between night golf and ordinary golf lies with the equipment. Night golf requires the same kind of equipment as ordinary golf, but, naturally, it requires more. It requires light sources. But to make it more fun, and to create an arresting visual setup that heightens the senses, there are also colorful, flavorsome embellishments that can be added to your course setup that improve the overall experience.

Night golf equipment includes:

•  Night golf glow balls

•  Glow sticks

•  LED Yardage Markers

•  Light up necklaces

•  Glowing tee markers

Night golf glow balls are one of the major reasons why some people prefer to play night golf to ordinary golf. Although the night golf glow balls are known to have a little less quality than the average ordinary golf ball - they produce a lower hit rate which is one of the reasons why night golf courses are shorter than ordinary golf courses - they make up for it in their aesthetics. Night golf glow balls, inexpensive to buy, are nowadays powered by LED technology, and the visuals they produce when struck (the night golf ball lights up when hit), as well as the sheer advancement of the technology that has allowed for LED to be implemented, more than makes up for the slight discrepancy in the quality of the balls compared to ordinary golf balls.

When a golfer strikes a night golf ball, it lights up, and the electrifying spectacle it creates as it zooms through the night sky, leaving a tail of color in its wake, is one of the reasons people are increasingly drawn to night golf. With a few players participating, the lights that can be created via a through strokes can be likened to a firework display. Night golf glow balls, as mentioned, are inexpensive to buy and are often purchased in bulk.


Night golf tournament supplies can be found from many online retailers across the Internet, including Premier Glow. Night golf tournaments are becoming increasingly popular, particularly among people who live in sweltering countries that make playing the sport during the day almost unbearable. But a night golf tournament becomes pure theatrics, and with the advanced equipment now available, it is often the case that a player performs better than they would during the day because they can see more clearly, owing to the lights of the balls.

Because a tournament is likely to include a few players, the quantity of the equipment needed can be quite hefty. Each player will need at least few balls, and there will need to be adequate sources of light to help the players out and guide them around the courses. Although a night golf tournament is likely to be far more serious than, for example, a birthday party taking place on a night golf course, the equipment needed by the golfers will need to be similar. For example, night golf glow balls glow sticks, glow necklaces, etcetera will help to give the tournament a professional look and feel because it helps to create light sources for the players. Moreover, equipment such as glow sticks can also be used to help provide a carnival atmosphere, if such an atmosphere is required.

LED Yardage Markers, with their recent and innovative design, are provided by outlets such as Premier Glow, and they assist with providing marker points that help the participants to delineate exactly where the outline of the fairway starts and ends. These yardage markers have been competently designed and contain the very latest cutting-edge quality that makes them affordable, as well as providing amazing sources of light that can alter color. These markers, indeed, bring with them hypnotizing colors that light up the fairway to create theatrical effects that makes any night golf tournament look professional.

Best Places To Play

Night golf has traditionally been played in hotter climates, such as the western coast ofAmerica, and it is now enjoying increased popularity in the wealthier far east nations, such asAbu Dhabiand theUnited Arab Emirates. Because the temperatures in these places can be unbearable during the day, so unbearable that playing golf becomes difficult, golfers have taken to enjoying the sport in the evening, when the sun has set and the atmosphere has cooled without ever getting cold. One of the reasons, for example, that night golf has never really taken off in theUKis because it simply isn’t warm enough the whole year round to sustain the business.

Las Vegas, renowned affectionately the world round as the city that always sleeps in, and which is the entertainment capital of the world, is also well known as the spiritual home of gambling. But because Las Vegasis known for  its exuberance and extravagance, and basically for never doing anything by halves, it has now become known as one of the best places to play night golf. Las Vegas night golf, indeed, is experiencing something of a boom. It is home to several courses, the best of which can be picked out via online review sites,; the weather is always warm and welcoming, and tourists and locals alike participate, indulging their fondness for a slice of entertainment that is beginning to rivalLV’s casino’s and bars. You only need to picture the city’s’ famous strip, with all its bright lights, to imagine what kind of spectacle they will put on for their night golf exhibitions.

The truth is that, owing to varying climates, there still simply aren’t that many places in the USwhere night golf is popular. Because such a sport thrives on hot weather, the best courses are located around the west coast of America. Besides the glamor and the glitter, Las Vegasalso offers night golf courses that are located against a desert backdrop, thus providing a scintillating panorama that few other places can rival. Like most night golf courses, the courses here are open until around 11PM, and they offer fully lit courses. But to enhance your night golf experience, it is always advisable that you take some equipment of your own, such as glow sticks and yardage markers. To find out which Las Vegas golf courses are best suited for you, you can conduct a bit of online research.

For those who are not too fond of Las Vegas, California offers a mouthwatering combination of sandy, well populated beaches and night golf courses that are professional to a tee.Californiahas a strict city ordinance that means their lights have to go out at 10PM, but this doesn’t meant that participants don’t have ample time to enjoy themselves beforehand. By visiting California for night golf, you are giving yourself the chance to combine a relaxing holiday with a fun time on the fairway.

Who Can Play

Night golf is growing in popularity. We at Premier Glow provide night golf products to anyone who is looking to enjoy this growing sport, but we particularly tailor our brand to people who are looking to have an evening's worth of fun and entertainment. Just a quick browse of our products on offer, from glow sticks to glow necklaces, showcase that, for a lot of people, night golf is now becoming widely known for its entertainment value. This is why more and more events, such as birthdays and wedding parties, take place at night golf courses. On offer is a whole evening of entertainment that the whole family, as well as friends - in fact, any large group, can enjoy.

Night golf has grown to establish itself as a very niche product that gets people talking, and when people try it, they simply can't stop. But night golf can also be enjoyed by true golf enthusiasts who are looking to work on their game after sun down. This sport gives them the chance to continue working and refining their techniques well after ordinary golf would have finished for the day. Yet all the different kinds of people who play night golf, from those looking for some fun, to those looking to unwind, and to those serious semi-pros looking to knock a few hits off their game will readily admit that the number one reason they play night golf is because of the entertainment and the dazzling visual spectacle it provides. For this reason, the equipment they buy will, essentially, be the same.

Premier Glow is one of a number professional online retailers who specialize in night golf equipment. We cater our equipment to those who want to get the best out of their evening on the golf course. Because, whilst night golf can be played with minimal equipment - some would argue that all you need is a few golf balls and you're away - by utilizing minimal equipment, the consumer simply isn't getting their moneys worth. We at Premier Glow provide a veritable treasure trove of night golf supplies that enhances your experience out on the fairway when the sun is down. We firmly believe that night golf isn't what it could be without a fine array of glowing lights, including tee markers, yardage markers and, of course, glow sticks. We provide free shipping on any orders placed online over $99, and we offer great discount prices on all our stock. Visit our website today to find out how you can make the most of your night golf experience.


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