Golf Supplies

Our extensive selection of course supplies for night golf will light up your golf course safely for tournaments large or small. We carry one-time use, and reuse able course supplies for tournaments of any budget. Browse our entire selection of glow and led items

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  1. Glow Marker Lights (Rechargeable Series)
    Glow Marker Lights (Rechargeable Series)
    SKU : CDR-10-MRKR-LT
  2. Glow Necklaces Assorted
    Glow Necklaces Assorted
    SKU : 2GNM
  3. Glow Necklaces Green (50/pcs)
    Glow Necklaces Green
    SKU : 2GNG
  4. Glow Necklaces Blue (50/pcs)
    Glow Necklaces Blue
    SKU : 2GNB
  5. Glow Necklaces Orange (50/pcs)
    Glow Necklaces Orange
    SKU : 2GNO
  6. Glow Necklaces Pink (50/pcs)
    Glow Necklaces Pink
    SKU : 2GNPi
  7. Glow Necklaces Purple (50/pcs)
    Glow Necklaces Purple
    SKU : 2GNPu
  8. Glow Necklaces Red (50/pcs)
    Glow Necklaces Red
    SKU : 2GNR
  9. Glow Necklaces Yellow (50/pcs)
    Glow Necklaces Yellow
    SKU : 2GNY
  10. Mardi Gras Glow Necklaces (50/pcs)
    Mardi Gras Glow Necklaces
    SKU : 2GNGPY
  11. Red White Blue Glow Necklaces  (50/pcs)
    Red White Blue Glow Necklaces
    SKU : 2GNRWB
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Items 25-36 of 40

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Of course, a lot of the fun involved in a round of golf is spending time with friends, and Premier Glow’s night golf products help enhance the fun of hitting the links with a group of your closest friends. Help your foursome stand out even more from the rest of the field with some fun blinking golf ball necklaces or glowing Viking horn hats. Maybe hats are not your thing, then enjoy whatever beverage wets your whistle in a flashing multi-colored LED glass. Whether you want to play night golf straight or silly, Premier Glow has everything you need to set the mood.


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