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Browse our selection of battery operated light up wands in different styles including fiber optic, spinning balls, orbiting lights, and various lengths from 8 inches to 30 inches.

Our variety of LED wands include snowflakes, unicorns, tiaras, pink princess wands, butterflies, fairies, mermaids, cats, stars, skulls, hearts, pirates and more.

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  1. LED Glow Stick
    LED Glow Stick
    SKU : FN354
  2. Flashing Foam Wand
    Flashing Foam Wand
    SKU : FN462
  3. Light up Mini Star Sword
    Light up Mini Star Sword
    SKU : FN526
  4. Blinking Rose Stem
    Blinking Rose Stem
    SKU : FN589
  5. Light Up Spike Ball Wand
    Light Up Spike Ball Wand
    SKU : FN634
  6. LED Orbiting Wand
    LED Orbiting Wand
    SKU : FN665
    Special Price $1.25 Regular Price $3.36
  7. Flashing red blue green star wand
    Light up Star Wand
    SKU : FN452
    Out of stock
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Premier Glow has a wide selection of glowing novelty accessories perfect for all ages and all events. Whether you’re looking for light up party favors, toys and bubbles for your next birthday party, or are in need of jewelry items like bracelets, batons, and tiaras to fill your bachelorette party with glowing effects, you’ll find plenty of great novelties and inspiration at our online store. Find the right accessories to take your party or event to the next level. At Premier Glow, you’ll have access to plenty of glow sticks and light-up toys in an assortment of fun colors. Our catalog is updated regularly, so always start with our new arrivals to be the first of your friends to fill your party with the latest trends and novelties. When you include items that glow in your party decor, you’re sure to create a fun, memorable experience for everyone who is invited.
When you buy your toys from Premier Glow, you get quality, variety, and fun. Say you’re throwing an engagement party for a friend that includes a night out on the town. Why should you let the bride-to-be be the only guest with some bling to draw attention? Our party supplies also include wearable glowing jewelry like flashing tiaras or a necklace that changes colors. These flashing fashions add excitement and fun to parties of all shapes and sizes and go way beyond the traditional glow stick. Plus, with the ability to offer everything from glowing bracelets to a glow necklace big enough to fit around your neck, you’re sure to have something for everyone to rock out on their night out.
For kids’ parties, nothing says fun quite like the ability to wave glowing toys around when nighttime falls and the party’s still going on. Our dark toys are perfect for these types of scenarios, allowing your child’s friends to ditch the flashlight in favor of a wand or sword. Batons and sabers that are equipped with fiber optics can light up any backyard, transforming games of tag or capture the flag to glow-in-the-dark events that will delight and excite every guest. You can host contests with yo-yos and even give out a glow crown as a gift.
We always have plenty of new arrivals, so no matter if it’s your first time throwing a party with our toys or your tenth, your guests will always be surprised to experience glow that goes far beyond the favored glow stick.
Of course, sometimes parties and events are thrown during the day or outside where having glowing toys might not make the most sense. In these situations, we’ve still got some great light-up toys that fare well in day or night. Buy each guest a bubble gun and see how quickly your venue can be transformed by millions of floating bubbles of all sizes. Light-up yo-yos are fun in day or night, too, as is a light-up beach ball for your guests to hit around in the sun. Any of these toys make a great addition to your next barbecue or beach day, taking your gathering to the next level with minimal effort. We even have dark toys fit for smaller children. While a baby might not be able to hold a bubble gun, giving them a glowing mouthpiece is one way to ensure that they don’t feel left out. We also sell light-up pacifiers so that everyone can have a great time and feel like they’re a part of the party.
We provide some of the best deals of any online store for party supplies and toys. That’s because unlike other businesses, we exclusively focuses on glowing products and toys. Whether you’re on the hunt for light-up lanyards, swords, bubbles, flashlights, or glow stick necklaces, you’ll find a great selection and great pricing when you shop with us. Have you ever been disappointed to see that the party favors or accessories you purchased for your child’s birthday party were well over the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (or MSRP)? You’ll never have that kind of disappointment when you purchase from Premiere Glow, as we offer a lower, different selling price than our competitors. This translates to actual sales that save you money, and also makes us quite popular with our wholesale partners. In addition to pricing our products below MSRP, we even offer free shipping on all orders, helping our customers save money on their purchase no matter how many items they are buying! Explore all of our light up toys and see just how much you can save when you start adding items to your cart.

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