Flashing Patriotic Toys

From Memorial Day to 4th of July and Labor day - there is always time to flash your patriotism!

Our selection of red, white and blue light up toys and novelties will have you seeing stars this holiday season. With a selection of flashing bubble blowers, hats, shades and necklaces, each with their own twist of patriotism, we have the right choice for any event.

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  1. Light Up Necklaces (R/W/B)
    Light Up Necklaces (R/W/B)
    SKU : FN431
  2. flashing red white blue star wand
    Star Wand (R/W/B)
    SKU : FN432
  3. Light up American Flag
    Light up American Flag
    SKU : FN447
  4. LED Patriotic Space Sword
    LED Patriotic Space Sword
    SKU : FN598
  5. RWB Emoji Poop Hat
    RWB LED Emoji Poop Hat
    SKU : FN716-RWB
    Special Price $2.50 Regular Price $6.29
  6. RWB LED Pixel Gun
    RWB LED Pixel Gun
    SKU : FN744-RWB
  7. Light up American Flag Tube Wand
    Light up American Flag Tube Wand
    SKU : FN747-RWB
  8. Patriotic LED Flower Headband
    Patriotic LED Flower Headband
    SKU : FN706-RWB
  9. RWB LED Pixel Axe
    RWB LED Pixel Axe
    SKU : FN743-RWB
  10. LED RWB Pixel Sun Glasses
    LED RWB Pixel Sun Glasses
    SKU : FN729-RWB