LED Heroes Toys

Heroes vs. Villains has never been more fun than with light up toys!

Premier Glow has the flashing masks and light sabers for when your little one wants to do their best impersonation of their favorite hero - whether it is Captain America, Spiderman, the Hulk or a crafty ninja. Don't miss out on hero LED novelties for your next party!

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  1. FN559
    Flashing Ninja Sword
    SKU : FN559
  2. LED RWB American Sword
    LED RWB American Sword
    SKU : FN740
  3. Light up Hulk Mask
    Light up Hulk Mask
    SKU : FN674-H
  4. LED Pixel AK47
    LED Pixel AK47
    SKU : FN774
  5. Light up Pixel Bubble Sword
    Light up Pixel Bubble Sword
    SKU : FN811
  6. Flashing Ninja Knife Sword
    Flashing Ninja Knife Sword
    SKU : FN832
  7. LED Double Blade Ninja Sword (45 Inches)
    LED Double Blade Ninja Sword (45 Inches)
    SKU : FN861
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