10 FT Interactive Night Golf Tower Target

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Take golf entertainment to a whole new level, with our GEN2 wireless tower target system. Our 10FT interactive tower targets are designed to react with light when hit using a golf ball or any other sports ball. For the ultimate interactive range, pair our 10ft tower with our 12ft version. Each tower comes with a SmartCore Power Puck that is super bright and makes the targets visible from up to 300 yards away:

- Flashes when hit - Water Resistant - Rechargeable Lithium Powered - 8 hr Run Time - Multiple Color modes - Super Bright -

Smart targets are the way to supercharge your next golf outing and turn it into GOLF ENTERTAINMENT! With our GEN2 wireless targets you can now create your own Top Golf Experience at your establishment. Our tower target is made with the highest grade of materials:

- Durable Vinyl Construction - Water Proof Design - Can be Floated - Brandable for sponsors - 10ft x 10ft x 8ft Design -

You can purchase our tower targets in three distinct colors: red/white, blue/white, and green/white. Each of the colors are specifically designed to complement each other and create a visibly stunning course.

Download Setup Guide for 12 ft Inflatable Target structure

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Country of OriginChina
Batteries ReplaceableRechargeable Lithium
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