2014 Light Up Eye Glasses - The Perfect Celebratory Accessory

Whenever we have something to celebrate, we want to make a statement. But the kind of statement we make is dependent on the context. For example, at a christening, it is normal to give a grand, eloquent speech about how the kid is going to grow up to be a success in life, and that they couldn’t have asked for better parents. At a funeral wake, we all like to gather around to celebrate someone’s life by giving a toast, showing unity as a family, which is one of the biggest statements we can make. But when it comes to a celebration such as New Years Eve, we should be prepared to loosen up a little. The kind of statement we make should be vibrant, energetic, fun and uninhibited. What better way than to celebrate the dawn of a New Year than with Premier Glow’s 2014 Light Up Eye Glasses?!

Although a New Years celebration rarely needs a reason for the party to get started, these light up eye glasses will definitely be the talk of the night, and once others have seen them everyone will want to have a go. Not only are they excellent for fun-filled shenanigans, but they are also a great conversation starter - people will be asking you where you got them from in no time at all! They perfectly and vibrantly embody what celebrating a new year should be all about - they look the part, with their fun shapes and their trailblazing lights, and they instantly scream socialisation, fun, party and laughter - all words we should be associating with a new years’ celebration!

These light up eye glasses are for those of us are not afraid to let ourselves go in celebration. They are for those of us who know that a new year means a time to forget the old and loudly welcome in the new. These glasses are perfect for any parties taking place on the final day of the year, and buying them in bulk means that the whole party can join in the fun atmosphere, memorably heralding in the new year. Just think of the photo’s! It will definitely be a new years eve to remember.

Our 2014 Light Up Eye Glasses come in a range of different colour setups, including blue, green and multi-colour, and they each have three flashing modes that are user selectable, which means you and your friends have a different choice of how your lights are set up, adding to a wonderfully colourful variation. To find out more about our glasses, visit our site today.


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