Batteries for Light Up Toys – What You’ll Need to Keep Those Toys Going: They’re Cheaper Than You Think!

Toys that light up, toys that glow, spin, flash, blink or move in ways that mesmerize and fascinate us are lots of fun. Eventually, though, the fun seems to end when the batteries for light up toys finally run out of power.  There are ways to keep those toys from running down in power a little bit longer by keeping the switch turned to “off” for instance, but sooner or later, you’ll need to replace the batteries. 

Any child’s toy that has lights, sound, vibration or spinning will require batteries to make it run. Batteries for light up toys can last for quite a while, but because children love these toys so much, they use them for hours on end, wearing down the batteries quicker than most other toys that may need batteries to make them move. Radio-controlled cars or large ride-on toys take different types of more expensive batteries than light up toys do.

One of the great things about exciting toys that light up and glow or flash is that the batteries needed to make them work are typically pretty inexpensive if you buy them at the right place, in bulk. After all, if you have kids, you’re going to need a lot of batteries! Most of them are about the size of a simple wristwatch battery. They come in different models and have different numbered models, but the batteries for light up toys are small and don’t cost much to replace.

For example, if your children have magnetic body lights and the lights die down and eventually don’t work anymore, don’t throw them away! Chance are good that you can just replace the batteries and use them over and over again. You can twist off the cap and put in a new battery! And these batteries for magnetic body lights are most likely the CR927 batteries that can cost just twelve cents apiece! 

Those toys and flashing, glowing light up wands or toys will also eventually stop lighting up. There are different types of batteries you can purchase that will get these popular and fun items going once more. Depending upon the product, you can purchase replacement batteries, most often the AG13 batteries which will set you back only eight cents each. These AG13 batteries can also replace LR44-357 or SR44-A76 batteries.  If your light up toy takes an AG10 battery, these will also only cost you eight cents each.

Light up swords are a big favorite, especially with boys who love pretend fighting or Star Wars’ games. You can replace those batteries, too, so don’t throw out the beloved light wands when the lights die down. Most triple A batteries can be used to get them glowing or flashing once again and they’re only nine cents apiece when you buy in bulk, saving you up to 25% off some stores’ prices.

You do have to know which battery goes with which light up toy before you make your purchase. There are CR2032 batteries, a 3-volt lithium battery, which can replace certain flashing toys, wands or other items. Just check with the product’s manufacturer before you buy.

If you’re looking for double A batteries for a toy or item that lights up, you can soon even buy these in bulk at a low cost at, your one-stop shop for all things that light up. Buy your AA batteries here in bulk at eight cents each!  Give us a call at 866-661-0145, tell us about your product that is losing its light or movement, and we will find the right battery for you at a very low cost.


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