Spinning Light Up Toys

Spinning Light Up Toys – Why These Are the Coolest Toys You Can Give Your Children

A toy that lights up sounds very exciting for a child to have, doesn’t it?  You’ll get a lot of ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ from your little ones if you present them with a few light up toys, that’s for sure!  Who can resist the attraction of lights that either glow or are flashing on and off? After all, isn’t that why the theaters on Broadway are all lit up and blinking—to attract people in groves? 

It’s hard for a child (or even an adult) to take their eyes off something that’s brightly lit up, especially when it’s a toy they can play with.  Now add some spinning to those lights and you’ve got most kids and even some adults hooked now! 

Spinning light up toys are mesmerizing and attractive to just about everyone, from newborns to adults. Think of those spinning lights on whirling tops for toddlers. The colors go round and round as the top is also spinning. It’s difficult to look away from and intriguing to children. They want to spin it and watch it over and over again.

Now take that spinning, lighting top a few steps further and imagine a two-headed fan that spins around, but not with blades to cool you off; instead LED lights amaze and thrill everyone. You can even speed up or slow down the rotating lights for the coolest effects.  These light up toys will keep your children fascinated for hours on end and their coolness factor will have their friends envious enough to go out and buy their own supply of lighted toys of all types.

Guns are not always ‘cool’ toys to own in some households; but guns that shoot out bubbles and that light up with spinning, glowing arrays of color are the coolest toys around. No one can resist bubbles; they’re fun to look at and lots of fun to pop. Add spinning lights to the bubble gun and you’ve got a hit on your hands, sure to please.

A ball spinner is a crazy cool toy that is the hottest thing on the market right now.  Imagine a ball attached to a handle. Now, you or your child flicks a switch and that ball becomes a spinning, flashing bright set of lights, up to ten of them!  Green, blue, yellow and red spinning LED lights go crazy doing their light dances inside the ball, letting that toy be seen very clearly in the dark, or in the daytime, too. Its best illumination can be seen in the dark, though. You would not believe the thrill this spinning light ball will bring to the eyes of children everywhere.

Get your light toys that spin and flash and add them to your party favor bags or just for plain old fun in the backyard. Go to www.premierglow.com and give us a call at 866-661-0145 to place your order today. 


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