Cosmic Miniature Golf Putting Kit

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Take miniature golf to a whole new level with our glow-in-the-dark miniature golf kit!  This 1 hole cosmic miniature golf package includes everything you need to create your own hole of glowing fun.  Each kit includes:

- 34 Pieces UV Glow Track - 2 UV Lights & Stands - 1 LED Miniature Flag Stick* - 6 LED Golf Balls - 2 Tee Box Markers* - Tons of Fun -

This unique putting kit works on any standard putting green with regulation golf cups or indoors*.  Utilizing the 34 pieces of UV glow track you can create an unlimted number of designs.  Assembling is easy, just snap the pieces together, just like legos.  You can even create bank & trick shots by simply stacking the pieces together for the ultimate glow mini golf hole!

- Durable ABS Construction - Water Proof - Glows under UV Light - Multiple Kits Receive Assorted Color Track - Unlimited Designs -

Why wait? Order your cosmic putting experience today. *Indoor putting kit comes with a different flag stick and no tee box markers.

Country of OriginChina
PackagingBulk Packaged

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